Real time paddy crop field monitoring using zigbee network


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Real time paddy crop field monitoring using zigbee network

  1. 1. REAL TIME PADDY CROP FIELD MONITORING USING ZIGBEE NETWORK Abstract: Sensors are the essential device for precision agricultural applications. WSN can eliminate the cost of installation, maintenance and eliminates connectors. Potential benefits includes fewer catastrophic failures, conservation of natural resources, improved manufacturing productivity, improved emergency response, and enhanced homeland security. The ideal WSN is networked and scalable, consumes very little power, is smart and software programmable, capable of fast data acquisition ,reliable and accurate over the long term, costs little to purchase and install, and requires no real maintenance. Selecting the optimum sensors and wireless communications link requires knowledge of the application and problem definition. Battery life, sensor update rates, and size are all major design considerations. Existing system: In the traditional system, there is no alerting system, to alert the farmer about the abnormalities in the important parameter for agriculture field. For each and every time the farmer has to go to the field and monitor the agricultural parameters. This makes the farmer inconvenience. We are in need of effective system to monitor the paddy crop. Proposed system: In this project we discussing about updating agriculture parameter from paddy crop, here we implement ARM7 Microprocessor, multiple sensor are like temperature, humidity and water level sensor, Zigbee wireless and GSM modem. We update the parameter result from the sensor node with the inbuilt ADC in ARM controller and then data is transferred to the zigbee to another end to monitor in PC. From the PC, the sensor values are updated in the Internet. So the farmer may their sites to know the status of their agricultural field. If the sensor values have reached the threshold value means ARM processor indicates alarm and intimated to the Farmer with the help of GSM Modem. Through this kind of automation we can acquire the Real time field Monitoring system.
  2. 2. Block diagram: Paddy Crop Field Section: Power Supply Temperature Sensor UART0 ARM7 Humidity Sensor LPC2129 UART1 Alarm Water sensor LCD Monitoring Section: GSM Modules
  3. 3. Power Supply Internet 100 80 ZigBee Transceiver MAX 60 232 40 PC East West North 20 0 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr Hardware Requirements 1. ARM7 2. Zigbee 3. MAX232 4. Humidity Sensor 5. Water level Sensor 6. Temperature sensor 7. GSM Modem Software Requirements 1. Embedded C 2. Keil compiler. Advantages: 1. A long-time and continuous observation 2. Good reliability 3. High stability 4. High precision