Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology


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Monitoring and alarming system based on zigbee technology

  1. 1. MONITORING AND ALARMING SYSTEM BASED ON ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGY Introduction: We live in a very insecure world, dominated by robbery and crime. Due to the pronounced differences between the classes of society, cultural conflicts and various other factors, worldwide crime rates have known an exacerbated increase in the last decades, rendering modern society a very unstable and unsafe environment. Every day we hear about all sorts of crimes, robberies and thefts, making us doubt the safety of our homes, possessions and even our lives! People are feeling more and more insecure inside their homes these days and they reinforce their doors and windows, install extra door locks, and even buy guard dogs to provide them protection. However, it is very important to note that experienced robbers can easily break through to a wide range of home defenses, the previously mentioned precautions only providing a false sense of security. In addition, recently conducted research has revealed that most burglaries and robberies take place while the owners are at home, exposing the home owners and their families to a serious risk! In present, the only effective means to protect your home against robbers is to install a reliable home security system. Existing System: The traditional monitoring and alarming nets are based on sundry wired net technologies such as field bus, CAN bus and RS422. The security state data from smoking sensors, infrared sensors and panic buttons will be detected and transferred to monitoring center. The existing equipments on the basis of wired nets are automatic wired itinerant monitoring nets, in which the data from detecting nodes are linked to all the transmitting modules via wires. In such a signal transmitting plan, the long transmission lines will generate high cost, long project time and difficult repair work. So we are in need of an effective system. Proposed System: In the proposed system WSN are present. The wireless sensor network (WSN) based on Zigbee technology is developed to solve the defects of existing monitoring and alarming system. In the wireless system, all the data will be transmit in wireless method. Since the real-time measuring data could be transmit to monitoring center via wireless network and GPRS network, the operation staff will only sit in the office to check up the system running state.
  2. 2. Here we have three sensors to detect the abnormality of the system. That will be transmitted through zigbee to the other end to display it and also to upload it in the GPRS. Panic button is also placed to intimate the need of emergency help, which has the highest priority. IR key control is used to make the controller to detect the presence of intruder in the night time. The sensor values are transmitted from the transmitting section through Zigbee. In the receiver end, these values are received by the controller and up dated in the internet through GPRS. The Abnormalities will be alerted through the internet. Block diagram: Transmitting section: Power supply Gas Sensor PIC Temperature Sensor 16F877A Micro IR Transmitter Receiving section: IR Receiver IR control Key Panic Button Controller LCD
  3. 3. Power supply 8051 GPRS Modem Micro Controller LCD Hardware Requirements:  PIC 16F877A, 8051 microcontroller unit.  Zigbee  GSM/GPRS modem  LCD.  Temperature sensor, Gas sensor Software Requirements:  Embedded C  Keil C Compiler  CCS or MP Lab compiler. Advantages:  Easy to implement  Effectively method that provide monitoring and alerting through GPRS.
  4. 4. Hardware Requirements:  PIC 16F877A, 8051 Microcontroller unit  Zigbee, GSM modem  IR transmitter, Receiver  Temperature, Gas sensor.  Max 232  LCD Software Requirements:  Embedded C  Keil C Compiler  MP Lab or CCS Compiler