A wearable inertial sensor node for body motion analysis
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  • 1. A Wearable Inertial Sensor Node for Body Motion Analysis Abstract: The life expectancy of a human has increased significantly over the past decade. A wearable wireless inertial sensor node for body motion analysis is designed and implemented. A triaxial accelerometer, a biaxial gyroscope, and a yaw rate gyroscope are employed to sense the accelerations and angular rates of the object attached. These three ICs, a wireless mote, the power circuit, and a modified printed inverted-F antenna are integrated on a four-layer printed circuit board. To achieve the compact size for comfortable wearing, the printed antenna is deliberately designed as small as possible, while maintaining a reasonable antenna performance. The proposed inertial sensor node is also easily adaptable to applications with different power requirements because of the consideration of the periodic and moving-event wakeup in the software design. There are many people in our community, who because of age, infirmity, memory loss or impaired judgment can no longer be totally relied upon, are having pressure put on them to leave their home to stay in monitored environment and give up their precious independence. Existing System: Some of the studies have demonstrated the feasibility of remotely monitoring activities at home. It is not convenient to keep on monitoring them through the wired surveillance. So we need an efficient method to get constant monitoring. Proposed System: In this paper, we report the design and development of a sensor network. The physical status of a person while standing, sitting and jogging is measure through accelerometer and Gyroscope. We are placing the accelerometer in the chest of a person to measure the acceleration while moving. This method is to measure the several body motions and those behaviors are observed apparently. The data’s will be sent wirelessly to PC.
  • 2. Block Diagram: Transmitter Section Power supply PIC Accelerometer 16F877A Micro Controller LCD
  • 3. Receiver Section: Power Supply PC Hardware Requirements:       PIC 16F877A Microcontroller unit Accelerometer Zigbee PC with .Net Max 232 LCD Software Requirements:  Embedded C  MP Lab or CCS Compiler