A remote online monitoring system for dam
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A remote online monitoring system for dam






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A remote online monitoring system for dam A remote online monitoring system for dam Document Transcript

  • A REMOTE ONLINE MONITORING SYSTEM FOR DAM Abstract: Because of most dams are locating far away from the city, sparsely populated areas. Many state parameters, such as temperature, displacement, load, acceleration, speed, stress and tension, need to be real-time monitored. With the help of GPRS mobile network, the parameters of the dam will be transferred to the computer server, so we can quickly and accurately grasp the working conditions of the dam and discover hidden trouble timely in central control room. At the same time, we can store all monitored data, analyzing the data, we can gather information in control center. Existing system: At present there is no automated system in existence. Dam maintenance and measurements are done manually. The disadvantage is that the measurements are done periodically. Hence data may not be helpful at all times. Proposed system: In the proposed system, the DAM environment is monitored using various sensors. The sensors include water level sensor, flow sensor and temperature sensor. The sensors are interfaced with the ADC channel of the PIC microcontroller. RTC is also interfaced with the system to make the system more real times. The measured values are stored in the data memory along with the time. If any abnormality is recorded immediately the abnormality is uploaded in Internet using GPRS technology. Once the abnormality is seen by the authorized persons they can approach the system for reading the last recorded set of measured data from data memory using a key.
  • Block Diagram: Dam Environment: Power Supply LCD MAX 232 PIC GSM/GPRS Modem 16F877A Temperature Sensor Micro Level Sensor EEPROM Controller Flow Sensor Receiver Section: MAX 232 GSM/GPRS Modem Hardware requirements:  PIC16F877A Microcontroller with Power Supply  Temperature sensor  Level sensor  Flow sensor  GSM/GPRS Modem  LCD
  •  PC with .net Software requirements  Embedded c  MPLab Compiler or CCS Compiler  VB .NET Advantages  Remote monitoring  Cost efficient