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Having the right behavior at an interview can go a long way in ensuring that there is a positive first impression made. Some important tips on how to shake hands, introducing oneself and taking leave can help one in making a good connection with the interviewer. Dressing right for an interview is very important to send the right signals.

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Mindqjobs.com : Interview etiquette

  1. 1. Interview Etiquettewww.mindqjobs.com
  2. 2. Importance of Etiquette?• Differentiates you from others in a competitive job market• Enables you to be confident in a variety of settings with a variety of people• Honors commitment to excellence and quality• Modifies distracting behaviors and develops admired conduct www.mindqjobs.com
  3. 3. Professional Etiquette• Who you are speaks so loudly I do not hear what you say—Emerson• People begin to evaluate us before any words are ever spoken – by appearance, gestures, de meanour, mannerisms www.mindqjobs.com
  4. 4. ETIQUETTE• Behavior • Exchange of pleasantries and greetings • Meeting People • Shaking Hands • Introducing People • Taking leave • Professional Appearance • Grooming • Dress www.mindqjobs.com
  5. 5. Creating a positive image• Behaviour: • Exhibit a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor • Use a firm handshake • Maintain good eye contact • Make appropriate introductions – introduce someone by their title and last name (Ms. Mrs. Mr. Dr. Smith), unless otherwise specified • Rise when you are introducing someone or you are being introduced • Show common respect and consideration for others eg. Opening doors, don’t laugh or talk loudly • Nonverbal communication is important www.mindqjobs.com
  6. 6. Meeting People• Make your first words count • Greet politely • Good morning, good evening, hello • Use appropriate language – no slang • Pleased to meet you, how are you • Don’t make personal remarks • you have put on weight!• Smile and maintain eye contact• Don’t ask personal questions especially if you are meeting someone for the first time • Talk on general subjects • Avoid subjects that could spark a debate or a controversy eg. Politics, religion• In a group setting, network around the room • Try and say hello to every person • Don’t confine yourself to any one group www.mindqjobs.com
  7. 7. Shaking Hands The Vise Grip - This style of handshaking is the most common and most widely accepted way to shake hands. Water Pump – More than the required shakes Cold Fish - This is a cold, sometimes wet, unemotional shaking of hands. It is the definition of apathy. Bone Crusher – Crushes the hand to show domination Two handed – Usually used by those who are trying to sell you something www.mindqjobs.com
  8. 8. IntroductionsIntroducing yourself …. Hi, I’m Srinivas (vs. Mr, Ms, or Dr)Introducing yourself to a Receptionist… Hello. My name is Srinivas. I am here for a 1 o’clock interview. www.mindqjobs.com
  9. 9. Taking Leave• Acknowledge each person before taking leave• Shaking hands is optional www.mindqjobs.com
  10. 10. Professional Appearance―The way you dress affects the way you are perceived, and the way you are perceived, is the way you are treated.‖ - Buck Rodgers Former VP of Marketing, IBM Author of The IBM Way www.mindqjobs.com
  11. 11. GroomingGrooming is fundamental Neatly trimmed hair. If long hair, neatly tied back Light perfume or cologne Clean and trimmed fingernails Limited jewelry Concealed tattoos; no visible body jewelry www.mindqjobs.com
  12. 12. Professional Appearance• Wardrobe Professional Business Wardrobe • For women: Indian or western wear • Salwar Kurta • Simple and smart in any fabric – cotton, silk, synthetic • No heavy embroidery or gold borders • No low cut styles • skirt/pant suit, blouse or dress shirt • clean well maintained sandals or shoes • For men: In most corporates especially MNCs, western wear is the norm • Business trousers, shirt, tie • Well maintained and polished shoes www.mindqjobs.com
  13. 13. Professional AppearanceWardrobe..• Clothes should be neatly pressed• Torn, dirty or frayed clothes are unacceptable• Clothes with words or pictures are unacceptable www.mindqjobs.com
  14. 14. www.mindqjobs.com