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About Mindqjobs.com

  1. 1. MindQJobs.com Strategywww.mindqjobs.com
  2. 2. Vision Provide students a step by stepgamified, incentivized approach to prepare for job applications and competitive exams using online training, practice tests and collaboration. www.mindqjobs.com
  3. 3. Market Openings• Planned preparation through gamification for Placement • Test preparation through E-Learning • Practice tests • Resume preparation and review • Interview Questions + Etiquette Preparation • Job Openings information• Planned preparation for Bank Exams• Planned preparation for other competitive exams www.mindqjobs.com
  4. 4. Future PlanFeature Current Status 1 Year Target 3 Year TargetTest Taking Aptitude tests, Entrance Exam Continue to build the Technical tests, focused tests database with answer Bank Exams descriptionsOnline Material Very limited Focused material for Focused material for Technical topics and other exams such as Bank exams CAT, MAT and so onSpoken English Proof of concept Have the first test for Add accent analysisAnalysis completed spoken English along with Spoken analysis English evaluationJob Information Posted on website Users can specify Direct application criteria to be notified from the website to the about jobs over companies based on email criteria being satisfied www.mindqjobs.com
  5. 5. Future planFeature Current Status 1 Year Target 3 Year TargetDiscussion Board Basic Discussion Enhance features to Include social Board in place make it more networking into the engaging discussion boardCertifications Not available Add certifications Use certifications to for different shortlist technical and non students/professionals technical tests for different jobsGamify Preparation Not available Basic gamification Redemption of points such as points, through an online shop leader board and selling merchandise badges such as books, CDsOnline Marketplace Not available Not available Online marketplace for preparatory material www.mindqjobs.com
  6. 6. Revenue Streams• Advertising • Targeted advertising towards students - Advertisers include Private colleges, Companies wanting to post jobs • Paid job listings with evaluation shortlisting• Planned preparation approach – Rs. 1000 per course• Student Certification – Rs. 500 per certification• Online marketplace to sell preparatory material• Offline Training courses registration done through the website www.mindqjobs.com
  7. 7. Business ModelKey Partners Key Activities Value Proposition Customer Relationship Customer Segments•Inforica (development) •Feature Development •Gamified, exciting and •Personal assistance •Bachelor final year•Mindq Systems •SEO planned approach to •Online chat support degree students(Marketing + Training) •Content Development preparation •Discussion Board •Masters final year•Investor ?? •Marketing •Incentivized by cashing •Mail based support degree students •Training in the points earned to •Users applying for bank •Test Development buy things from the jobs online store •Targeted job Key Resources notifications based on Channels •Developers the profile and the score •Online Blogs, Directories •Operations staff in the tests (SEO) •SMEs •Referrals •Trainers •Leaflets at training •Online Marketing centers Professional •Adwords (SEM)Cost Structure Revenue Streams•Salaries + Rent + Utilities •Advertising – paid job listings + Targetted advertising aimed at•Hosting account (will become applicable after 3 years) – will register students + job seekerson Microsoft BizSpark •Planned preparation approach -> Tests + Material•Marketing www.mindqjobs.com
  8. 8. The Team• Inforica (India) Private Limited • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner • Vast experience in delivering scalable online solutions based on the Microsoft platform • Team of 50+ with 8 certified professionals • Management team having more than 40+ years of experience• MindQ Systems Private Limited • More than 8 years of experience in training • Trains about 10000 students a year on QA, Testing tools, SQL and .Net • Large team of trainers and well established facilities for training and computer systems. www.mindqjobs.com
  9. 9. Current Traffic• 6000 Page views per day in the first 3 months of operations• 1600+ Online registrations an average of 30 registrations per day• Average visit duration of 7 minutes• 6+ Pages viewed per visit• 65% of the traffic is from Andhra Pradesh, 16% from Karnataka• 35% Direct traffic, 29% from Facebook, 20% from Google, 10% from Newsletters/Mailers www.mindqjobs.com
  10. 10. Market Potential• 1.5 million engineering students • 75% are not fit for hire (source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703515504576142092863219826.html)• 16000 degree colleges with 6 million students passing out each year (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_India) • 85% are not fit for hire (source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703515504576142092863219826.html)• The requirement for this kind of a course is no different in other countries across the world www.mindqjobs.com