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Fast food
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  • 1. FAST FOOD
  • 2. OVERVIEW• Introduction• Objectives• Analysis and findings• Conclusion
  • 3. INTRODUCTION• What is fast food? Fast food is where the food are prepared quickly and also easy tobe taken out.• Examples of Fast Food restaurants in Brunei: McDonald’s, KFC, Sugarbun, Ayamkuand
  • 4. OBJECTIVES• To find which Fast Food restaurant is the most popular among the students in the Unibridge• Sample size: 100 people
  • 5. ANALYSIS1) AGE GROUP• The majority of the people surveyed are teenagers, age between 17-21.
  • 6. 2) FAVOURITE FAST FOOD RESTAURANT IN BRUNEI Fast food restaurants• KFC Restaurant is theAyamku top favorite among Sugarbun the student of KFC No. of people UniBridge. Jollibee McDonalds 0 20 40
  • 7. 3) WHY DO YOU LIKE THE PLACE YOU CHOSEN? • The surveyed Others student mostly Easy take away picked others No. of people category because Good service most of the Cheap students said that the foods are great. Speedy 0 20 40 60
  • 8. 4)WHAT DO YOU USUALLY ORDER WHEN YOU GET FAST FOOD?706050 • Most UniBridge4030 No. of people students prefer20 burgers.10 0 BurgersChicken places French fries Others
  • 9. 5) HOW OFTEN DO YOU EAT FAST FOOD? 2% Everyday • They seldom 12% Three or more consume 35% a week 17% Twice a week fast food, most Once a week students would have 34% Others fast food at least once a month.
  • 10. Conclusion• From the results, we can conclude that the biggest consumers of fast food are students aged from 17 to 21.• The most favorable fast food restaurant in Brunei among UniBridge students is KFC and most of them prefer burgers.
  • 11. Recommendation• Brunei needs to have a few• ‘Drive-thru’ stations.• Set up a few fast food restaurants that Brunei does not have yet, for example: Burger King.