Re-defining School Health Programs in India


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AllizHealth partner with schools in India to take up the complete responsibility of conducting health check-ups in schools for their students. We have partnered with some of the eminent group of child specialists to conduct these programs. We also handle the digitization of health records of students - a step towards the introduction of Electronic Health Record system in India. For more details, kindly contact us at and do visit our Facebook page:

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Re-defining School Health Programs in India

  1. 1. School Health Program Prepared by: Chinmoy Mishra & Dhairya Gupta 19th August, 2013
  2. 2. About AllizHealth (AIH) AllizHealth (AIH) • Simplify process of storing, accessing and sharing of health data • Focus on preventive rather than curative approach to health Founded: 2012 Headquartered: Bangalore with offices in Pune and New Delhi Team • Rich experience in Healthcare(EHR/PMS/Patient Portal) • Assisted by panel of eminent Medical experts Service Offerings: AIH enables users to: • Store/maintain/access health records, 24/7 • Search health care givers (Doctors/Hospitals/Labs/Pharmacies/Blood donors) • Read reviews and book appointments • Compare and purchase health check-up packages AIH Confidential 2
  3. 3. AIH Confidential 3 School Health Program - Objectives Promote positive health Spread health awareness Prevent diseases Diagnose early and treat Ensure Continuity of care Exchange of health information Healthy Students Learn Better
  4. 4. AIH Confidential 4 Health Camp - How it works Check-up program to Include*: Session by Paediatrician and Child Psychologist Physical Check-up • ENT, Dental, Vision, Hands, Chest, Cardiovascular Checks for Iron, Vitamin A & D Deficiencies Biometrics (BP, height, weight) Checks for growth and development Q&A session with health experts Referrals to special services, if needed *All check-ups will be conducted by child specialists Pre-camp preparation: Finalize date for camp Sign school & parent consent forms Update system with student details
  5. 5. AIH Confidential 5 Post Camp - Activities Web Access: Email to parents/teachers on how to view results online: • Login Id & password for web access Details shared with school – number of screenings, referral cases, special cases etc. Additional Features: Vaccination tracker: • Auto generated based on Child’s DOB • Review status with regard to recommended immunization schedules • Set reminders on immunization schedule Child growth chart application: • Track child’s growth and compare it to WHO & CDC guidelines Nutritional Programs/Assessment: • Online child nutritional assessment form • Assessment shared with nutritionists for feedback Assessment of Historical Health information: • Data stored in Structured format • Information analysed to flag health risks
  6. 6. AIH Confidential 6 Behavioural & Nutritional Assessments Step 1 - Online questionnaire: Determine child psychological/developmental issues Step 2 - Follow-up Questions: Use follow-up questionnaire to indicate if specialist recommendation has reduced problems? Has it helped in other ways, e.g. making the problems more bearable? Step 3 - Create positive behavioural & health plans: Connect with AIH specialists/nutritionists to design specific behavioural and health plans Behavioural Assessment Psychological attributes: Emotional symptoms Conduct problems Hyperactivity/inattention Peer relationship problems Pro-social behaviour Health/Nutritional Assessment Capture details on child: Immunizations Allergies & Symptoms Hereditary diseases Dietary Habits Family History Nutrition
  7. 7. AIH Confidential 7 BMI Report Age Vs. Height Chart Age Vs. Weight chart Vaccination Tracker Behavioural & Nutritional Assessment Complete Health Check up Report Certified reports on health condition of all students Details on students requiring special medical attention (Obese, reading disability etc.) Overall health status Referral cases by type Reports Available Students School
  8. 8. Click to edit Master title style AIH Confidential 8 All Results are provided online, which allows Parents to view a trend line over the years Benefits - Parent/Guardian Effective Tracking: Experienced doctors/child specialists Ability to book appointments online Timely alerts on cases requiring attention SMS reminders on vaccination, de worming etc. Preventive rather that curative approach Ease health data maintenance: Access child health data over the web, 24/7 Single repository for health data Reduced stress of maintaining hard copy reports Transfer records to different schools Easy to use vaccination tracker Ensure continuity of care
  9. 9. Click to edit Master title style AIH Confidential 9 Benefits - School Easy to use system: Uniformity in check-ups across all students & centres Single online repository of health information of all students Web access to information No hassle of storing hard copy reports Easy report generation Design comprehensive school health programs: Track vaccination of students & follow up with parents Design targeted & interesting health education campaigns & programs (nutrition, hygiene etc.) Organize various health awareness session for parents Improve child productivity and build a healthy school
  10. 10. As part of the solution, AIH would provide Schools: Administrator Id and Password to school authorities. With this, school would be able to: • Access Health records/reports of students along with historical data • Modify (add/delete/edit) school related Information at any point of time • Modify (add/delete/edit) student health data at any point of time: For students entering school post check-up camp, school (nurse) can add their data to the system directly • Follow-up on referrals : Ability to view all cases with referral recommendation. School authorities can then follow up with parents till closure and update the system with details • SMS/Email reminders: Automatic email reminders sent to parents as follow up on referrals, vaccination, deworming etc. AIH Confidential 10 Product Offerings - Schools
  11. 11. Pricing for this Program is based on the following: • Total Number of Students to be screened • Using AIH network of Doctors Fees: • Fee/Student/check up - AIH would charge a per student/check up fee . This would include: • Complete health check up as outlined in this proposal • Fee for using Online system • Features and Functionalities as mentioned in previous slides • Annual Maintenance and Support Notes: • For any customization to existing reports and/or additional data to be captured- Separate Fee will be applicable for the same • The term of engagement should ideally be for 5-years AIH Confidential 11 Pricing
  12. 12. Customers/Partners Schools: AIH Confidential 12 Pune, Bangalore, Delhi Healthcare Partners:
  13. 13. AIH Confidential 13 For More Details Team AllizHealth Tel: 0-97405-60710 | 080-25504196 Email: Thank You