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Sucesu mg  encontro de ci os  (nexus das forças) em 18 jun 2013 -  v6 sent to sucesu-mg

Sucesu mg encontro de ci os (nexus das forças) em 18 jun 2013 - v6 sent to sucesu-mg






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    Sucesu mg  encontro de ci os  (nexus das forças) em 18 jun 2013 -  v6 sent to sucesu-mg Sucesu mg encontro de ci os (nexus das forças) em 18 jun 2013 - v6 sent to sucesu-mg Presentation Transcript

    • Celso ChapinotteGARTNER - Diretor Regional MGcelso.chapinotte@gartner.com0The Nexus of Disruptive Forces
    • PervasiveAccessThe New Nexus That Will Drive the Businessin the Coming YearsCloud service deliverytransforms howenterprises buytechnologyMobility demandsradical redesign ofbusiness processesNew technologiesdrive totally newapproaches toinformationmanagementSocial tools andcomputing createextended dynamicnetworks1
    • 5% 8% 6%12% 8% 9%16%8% 11%36%36%46% 49%46% 54%56% 52%63%71%57%59%46% 45% 42% 38% 35% 33% 29%17%7%MobileEnterpriseStrategySocialComputing&CollaborationStrategyCloudComputingBig Data&ExtremeInfo MgmtBPM InnovationMgmtPredictiveAnalytics/Pattern-BasedStrategyERP Pace-LayeredApplicationStrategyGamification6-7 rating3-5 rating1-2 ratingThe Nexus of Forces Will Drive Changes in IT toSupport the Shift in Business Priorities1=Notat all7=Significantimpact orchange5.65.2 5.14.9 4.94.7 score(out of 7)Source: 2011 IT Workforce Management Survey, Gartner Symposiums (Global), N= 184TheNexus ofForces
    • More About Social, Less About MediaIf you gethung up onthe "media"part of socialmedia, youwill miss themegachangeof socialbusiness.WhereattentiongoesWhat isreallyimportantStrategic goalsPolicyGuidelines TrainingInteraction analysisProcess integrationProject objectivesMeasurementValueROIContentParticipant need3
    • The Opportunity of Social MediaCollective intelligence– Pooling contributionsExpertise location– Finding the one in a millionInterest cultivation– Sharing interestsRelationship leverage– Cultivating weak tiesFlash coordination– Organizing the massesEmergent structures– Unearthing reality4
    • Who Is Leading Your SocialMedia Initiatives?Source: Gartner webinar28 October 2010N = 15645% — Line of business23% — Multiple groups leadingseparate initiatives16% — IT14% — Social mediasteering committee2% — HR5
    • The Nexus of Disruptive Forces6
    • The Nexus of Disruptive ForcesColaboração: Ademir Piccoli – TJ-RS7
    • The Nexus of Disruptive ForcesColaboração: Ademir Piccoli – TJ-RS8
    • MOBILIDADE em MG via…Colaboração: Gilmar Guimarães – via Facebook 9
    • Business Perspective: Q1 2012The Race For Mobility is On.N = 1,339Wholesale Trade70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0%Percent of respondents who identify as a market leader.Manufacturing & ResourcesCommunications & MediaGovernmentEducationCurrent see themselvesas a mobility marketleader in 2011Planning to be a mobilitymarket leader by 2015RetailBanking & SecuritiesProperty & Casualty InsuranceHealthcare ProvidersHealthcare Insurance & PayersTransportationUtilities
    • Top 10 Mobile Trendsand Technologies to WatchHTML5NFC and "touch to act" applications, such as paymentPlatform-independent AD toolsLocation and context — indoor and outdoorBluetooth 4802.11acM2M — cellular and Wi-FiAugmented realityMultiplatform MDMLTEMore-effective application deliveryNew business opportunitiesInnovative apps and experiencesManagement and controlBetter infrastructure
    • Mobile Context Heat Map by IndustryCustomer-FacingImpactPotentialTransportationRetailSoftware Developers/PublishersHealthcareUtilitiesAgriculture/Mining/ConstructionEducationMediaGovernmentServicesManufacturingFinancial ServicesBusiness/Consumer ServicesEnergyWholesaleTelecommunicationsEmployee-Facing Impact PotentialLowLow PotentialHighPotentialHighEntertainmentModerateLowHighActivity LevelTravel/Leisure
    • Tipping Points for Enterprise NetworksTraffic from things is50% of the traffic frompeople50% of serverworkloads are virtual2013201220112010 2014Businessvideo trafficsurpassesvoiceMobileVirtualizationVideoVoice"Things"More mobileOS devicesthan PCs20% of endpointsare bring your own (BYO)50% of endpointsare mobile50% of serverdeploymentsare virtual50% of business voice is mobile50% of users use video inworkMore connectedthings than peopleSoftware-based VCpasses hardwareVC = videoconferencing13
    • Gartner defines cloud computing as "a style of computing where scalable andelastic IT-related capabilities are provided as a service to customers usingInternet Technologies“.Internet TechnologiesServices are delivered through use ofInternet Identifiers, Formats, and Protocols.5Metered By UseServices are tracked with usage metrics toenable multiple payment models.4SharedServices share a pool of resources to buildeconomies of scale.3Scalable & ElasticServices scale on-demand to add or removeresources as needed.2Service BasedConsumer concerns are abstracted fromprovider concerns through service interfaces15AttributesthatsupportoutcomesCLOUD defined—scalable, elastic, as a service,internet technologies14
    • Cloud service types: ___ as a Service15
    • Gartner Data CenterConference Poll, December2010(N = 167)What are your threebiggest challengesin creating a privatecloud computingservice?Cloud: Technology is not the biggest challengeCultureFunding/chargebackmodelManagement andoperations processesBusiness/customerrelationshipService description andself-service interfaceTechnologyPoliticsNot sure 1131364046566280First Choice Second Third16
    • Cloud Services Brokers (CSBs) are emergingas value-added intermediaries to cloudIntegrationProvisioningManagementInsuranceAggregationArbitrageEnhancementGovernanceDefinition: An intermediate third-party that adds value tocloud services on behalf of consumers of those servicesServiceProviderXServiceProviderZServiceProviderYServiceConsumerAServiceConsumerCServiceConsumerBBrokerageRole1717
    • In the cloud, who has control over whatisn’t always clear18
    • 19
    • Cloud Competition Comes in ManyFormsEnablingTechnologyAmazonsalesforce.comGoogleMicrosoftIBMVMwareOracleSAPCiscoHPProvider vs. Enabler IaaSSignificant Not SignificantPaaS SaaSPublic Services** Provider may offer public, community orvirtual private servicesPackagedCloudNoneNoneNoneNonePrivate OfferingsEmphasis in portfolio:IaaS = infrastructure as a service; PaaS = platform as a service; SaaS = software as a service20
    • BIG DATA se tornou popular…21
    • What is ―Big data‖?Classification ContractsTechnologyPervasiveUsePerishability FidelityValidation LinkingVelocity VolumeVariety ComplexityInformation management has a longtrack record of managing 12 differentdimensions without even realizing it.- Qualification of information has always beenimportant.- Access management and control have beenrepresented by security, access privileges andother mechanisms for decades.-Quantitative metrics have stressed our systemsfrom the beginning.―Big data" is high-volume, velocity and variety information assetsthat demand cost-effective, innovative forms of informationprocessing for enhanced insight and decision making. 22
    • Next-Generation Analytics: Pattern Recognition toOptimize, Simulate and PredictTraditionaloffline analyticsIn-line/embeddedanalyticsStructured andsimple dataCombiningandcollaborating/unstructuredPredictive/outcomesExplanatory/historicalFixedRules Data PredictionsDriving/Enabling TrendsMobile and Social and ContextExtreme data — big, fast, diverseIn-memory computingDemocratization of analyticsNew roles (e.g., data strategist)The third wave insupport for decisionsin organizationsKey ActionsBuild a strategy for collaborativedecision makingBuild skills — end users andspecialized roles
    • Ajudando a observar o que vem por aí…24
    • Top 10 Strategic Technologies TrendsResearch G0024745325
    • Trends in Data Center Services26
    • Ajudando a observar o que vem por aí…antecipar situações, promovendo a otimização dos processos edos investimentos.27
    • Ajudando a observar o que vem por aí…28
    • Ajudando a observar o futuro…29
    • What is Missing?30
    • Leadership!Leadership is a disciplineUnderstand the environment around you and use the mostappropriate skills!Research: ―Business Leaders Behaviors CIOs Need to Adopt‖ Ellen Kitzis, October, 200731
    • Final Thought“Creating and communicating the business value ofIT is a journey. It can be done”.“IT today is the single most important lever ofproductivity and there is no better time to be a CIOLeader”32
    • Recomendações de leitura/video…e veja como LIDERAR e INSPIRAR Pessoas33
    • Tema proposto para o mes de Julho…34
    • Tema proposto para o mes de Julho…35
    • Gartner for IT LeadersCelso ChapinotteDiretor Regional MGcelso.chapinotte@gartner.com…e até a próxima.Obrigado!36