Crafting a killer résumé


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After you've learned the basics, here's what you need to do to write a resume that will land you interviews. These are the principal things you should focus on to make a killer resume. Learn more resume-writing tips at

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Crafting a killer résumé

  1. 1. Crafting a Killer Résumé Indispensible resume-writing tips that will catch their attention and land you an interview
  2. 2. Resumes are your personal advertisement think about it like this…
  3. 3. You only have seconds to grab your future employer’s attentionThey’re onlygoing to look at your resume for3—5 minutes
  4. 4. You have even less time to showthem you’re worth their 3 minutes
  5. 5. Think billboard…Make maximum impact in the first 10seconds with crisp, succinct formatting
  6. 6. This slideshow assumes: 1. You’ve already read a few tips on résumé-writing on the internet or in some books 2. You’re interested in separating yourself from the crowd 3. You know how to read and write in the English language 4. You have access to a computer and know how to use word processing software
  7. 7. Tip Think about how the English language is read1 From top to bottom And left to right
  8. 8. Get the most important stuff out of the way in your headerPut your name in the upper lefthand corner. Make it the first thinganyone sees. Use your full legalname to avoid any confusion.Right below your name, put the Put your contact information in theposition you’ve had in the past that upper right corner. That way it’smost closely matches the job you’re separated from your name. Maketrying to get. sure you can be contacted anytime, anywhere using this information.
  9. 9. Tip2 Write a Personal Summary Statement Write 2—3 explosive sentences specifically for the job you’re trying to get
  10. 10. Here’s an exampleDon’t waste time on an objective or personalstatement. The objective is to land an interview andnobody cares about your personal history. The peoplelooking to hire you just want to know what you’ve doneand how that can help them solve their problems
  11. 11. Tip Select3 Accomplishments section Here’s where you creatively tell your future boss exactly what you’ve done and how it can solve their problems
  12. 12. Here’s an example for a job as an archaeological technician •Start each accomplishment with a powerful word •Fill the rest of the phrase with keywords from the job post •Write 3—5 accomplishments (An odd number is more pleasing to the eye. It’s an advertising thing)
  13. 13. Tip Be the king of4 keywordsLoad your resume withkeywords directly fromthe job post to help youslip past any computer filtration programs
  14. 14. you’re not just trying to catch the boss’ eye You’ve also gotta make it past the applicant tracking software (ATS)
  15. 15. Looks like they want someone with field inventory experience!Focus on keywords, but particularly those that arespecific to the job position. Pay attention to weird onesthat don’t show up in other similar job posts or ones thatare repeated more than once.
  16. 16. Tip Use the footer to tell5 them where they can learn more
  17. 17. Use the footer to provide a backlink to your preferred social media site or personal webpageBTW: you should have a plan to manage youronline persona in a manner that emphasizes yourskills, associates, and accomplishments somewhereon the internet
  18. 18. Let’s Review1. Remember how English is read and put the most important stuff in the header2. Write a personal statement that makes says exactly what you’re capable of3. Spell out exactly how you’re the right person for the job in your accomplishments section4. Beat the computers by being the King of Keywords5. Use the footer to tell them where they can easily learn more about you
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  20. 20. Find out what we can do for you