Power point Speaking


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Power point Speaking

  1. 1. 041 042 044
  2. 2. Ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkxfMJ50BOw
  3. 3. inesfst trncee Fitness center ________________
  4. 4. mooetwnh hometown ________________
  5. 5. Singular Example Affirmative: There is a bank in my hometown. Affirmative: There are two department stores. Negative: There isn’t a movie theater. Negative: There aren’t any coffee shop. Question: Is there a library? Question: Are there any restaurants? Short answer: Yes, there is. No, there isn’t. Short answer: Yes, there are. No, there aren’t.
  6. 6. 1. Make a sentence begin with “Let’s go to my hometown there is/are……………” Follow by places in your hometown. 2. Every student has to make a sentence in each round. 3. If you cannot make a sentence or it is the same as student before, you will not get the point.
  7. 7. Conversation Mandy: So, Diane, do you like Atlanta? Diane: I think it’s great! I really like it. How about you? Mandy: Well, I don’t know. There are a lot of people and cars, and there’s a lot of noise. It’s a big city. Diane: That’s why I like it! Mandy: Yeah, but I prefer my hometown. It’s small and the people are friend.
  8. 8. and there ‘s nothing to do the evening. I mean, is there a fitness center in your hometown? Mandy: No, there isn’t. There’s a swimming pool and there that’s all. Diane: See? There are a lot of things you can do here. Mandy: Yeah, I guess… Hey, wait a minute. Who’s the guy? Diane: The basketball player? Wow.
  9. 9. Snakes and Ladders While - Speaking
  10. 10. Direction 1. Make a group of three. 2. Teacher give students Game board and a dice. 3. In each group, student will have 3 player. You have to decide that who will go first, second and the third. 4. Each student roles the decide and answer the question that you got in each blank in the game board. 5. Continue the game until there is a winner in your group.
  11. 11. 6. The first player who can go to the finish point have to answer the special question. 7. If the player cannot answer the question you have to go back for one step and answer that question. And the chance will be for the other. 8. The winner of each group has to come front of the class and tell the special question and answer which you got. 9. The winner of each group will get the reward.
  12. 12. PostSpeaking
  13. 13. Direction 1. Work in pair. 2. Part A - complete the questionnaire. - interview your partner with the same question. 3. Part B - make a list of three things you like and you don’t like about your neighborhood - Tell you partner 4. Each pair compare and talk about advantages and disadvantages of your neighborhood. 5. Each pair presents about your comparison and advantages and disadvantages about your neighborhood.
  14. 14. Neighborhood comparison and advantage, disadvantage The similar thing of our hometown. It is located in downtown and ___________________. The different thing of our hometown is there is a park in my hometown but her hometown There isn’t and ________________.