Work Hard For Your Money - richard tan success resources
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Work Hard For Your Money - richard tan success resources



Learn some of the ways to accumulate passive income and build your wealth.

Learn some of the ways to accumulate passive income and build your wealth.



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Work Hard For Your Money - richard tan success resources Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY Most of us were raised with the belief that you “have to work hard for your money.” Chances are good that you didn’t grow up with the conditioning that it’s just as important to make your money “work hard for you.” Don’t get us wrong, hard work is important. But hard work alone won’t make you rich. Millions, no — billions — of people around the world work hard every day just to survive. Most people are trained to be employees and self-employed business owners. Are they all rich? Are most rich? No. Most are broke or close to it . The problem with that is if you’re an employee or are self-employed, you’re exchanging your time for money. It’s not that having a job is bad; the bad part is the moment you decide to stop working, your income stops flowing. Employees work hard and spend all their money, or keep it in a savings account that gets slowly eroded by inflation. Employers work hard to accumulate money and then invest their money so they never have to work hard again. Success Resources:
  • 2. Your goal has to be different. To “never have to work again unless you choose to.” In other words, the goal is to become “financially free” as quickly as possible. A lot of people think being financially free means you have to make over a million a year or something like that. What most people aren’t trained to understand is, as long as the money you make when you’re NOT working covers your expenses, you’re financially free. You could be financially free with just $50,000 a year in passive income – if that’s how much your desired lifestyle costs you. There’s many ways to accumulate passive income and build your wealth. You could be a Business Owner and focus on systematizing what you do; creating sales and marketing funnels that automatically generate profits or using the Internet as your platform. Or you could be an investor owning paper assets like stocks, bonds, shares, commodities, real estate or property. Just knowing how doesn’t guarantee you’ll move from being an employee to investor and business owner. So how do you get out of it? Success Resources:
  • 3. Action #1 Get educated. Read at least one investment book a month. Read magazines such as Money, Forbes, Barron’s and the Wall Street Journal. Not necessarily for their advice. But to get familiar with what financial options are out there. Then choose an arena to become an expert and begin investing in that area. Go to investment seminars like the Wealth Summit. Action #2 Change your focus from “active” to “passive” income. List at least three specific strategies you could use to create income without working, in either the business or investment field. Begin researching and take action on those strategies. Success Resources:
  • 4. Action #3 Don’t wait to invest. Invest and wait. Success Resources: