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What you can do to avoid these words like plague

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The Five Most Expnsive Words | Is Success Resources Scam

  1. 1. THE FIVE MOST EXPENSIVE WORDS There are certain words which should be deleted from the vocabulary of each person interested in success. These words should never be uttered by the person who wishes to win in a big way. The goal of every achievement-orientated person is to avoid these words like the plague. How do you act around a plague? You stay clear from the areas without even wanting to think about the areas. You will avoid people who have just come from the plague-stricken area for fear that the plague will infect you. If you are somehow exposed to a plague you take a million precautions to avoid contaminations. You wash with special anti-septic soap, you visit a doctor, you take anti-biotic medicine as prevention. You do whatever you have to to make sure the plague does not take hold in your body. So, what are these words and what can we do to avoid them? 1. Can’t If you honestly believe that your current results are the best you can expect, then, you are probably right. Why is it though, that a relatively newcomer can occupy a desk right next to yours, sell exactly the same product or service as you and break all the office sales records? Why do some people earn $22,000 in sales and someone just a few desks away earns $222,000? Much of it has to do with whether or not they accept the weak-minded philosophy of “Can’t.” Success Resources:
  2. 2. Why not look at challenging situations with the view to solving the problem rather than being swamped by it. When I face challenges and I face some huge problems, I never permit my mind to accept the “Can’t” option. There is ALWAYS a solution. I’m always only one idea away from solving whatever obstacle is in my path. No, CAN is my motto. I might not know “how,” but I believe that something can be done. My job is to believe that solutions come to those who refuse to be the victim of circumstances. 2. Blame First of all understand that no-one can make you mad. You do that all by yourself. If you choose to get involved in blame you might as well give up right now. There is no way to succeed if you are constantly pointing your fingers to others as the cause of what is going on in your life. No, understand that if you are to win, you must accept responsibility for your life. The sales you make, the attitude you have, the emotional state you find yourself in is in one form or another due to some choices you have made. Your sales result has little to do with how your company is managed. Your sales sheets are not low because the economy or the government or your wife, it has to do with you and with you only. Are you using some strategies which are ineffective? Perhaps, but whose responsibility is that? Who needs to discover new and more effective methods of selling? Remember, nothing will change unless you do. Success Resources:
  3. 3. 3. Passive I have been working with high achievers for the past decade. I’ve heard and seen enough of them to know, without a doubt, that they leave so much of their business to chance and luck. I call it the “Hope & Pray” technique of success. They hope and pray for sales but wait passively for the phone to ring. They hope and pray for referrals but do nothing to get them. They hope and pray people that they will earn more than they did last year but they don’t improve their selling skills. They hope and pray that the manager will get off their back but they refuse to move into action, hoping instead things will get better all on their own. Why do retail establishments wait passively for customers to go to their store? Why wouldn’t they create effective marketing campaigns to attract people? Why wouldn’t they do a cross-marketing campaign with the next door shop and sell each other’s services? Why wouldn’t they create some compelling reason for people to move into action? If they offered some special deal, put a deadline on it and created some life around their establishment wouldn’t they be better off than sitting in their store waiting for business to come to them? Move into action, provide irresistible offers, compelling reasons to call you, and provide awesome service. 4. Conformity The problem for so many people as far as I can see, has to do with a reluctance to try different things. Success Resources:
  4. 4. In sales for example, most methods of prospecting were developed in the 1950′s and little has changed since then for most people. So much today is based on the dangerous word “conformity.” People follow the crowd. I call it the herd mentality. If the masses are doing something, I recommend doing the exact opposite. If no-one in your industry has a marketing package, you be the first. Break the norm! Let’s face it, the masses are traditionally wrong, especially about the earning of money. What the world needs are success-minded individuals who are willing to challenge the “status-quo.” If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. 5. Quit So many people believe that they will do better only working for another company, selling some other product, working in a different market but there is only one problem with that: You take YOU with you wherever you go! Success Resources:
  5. 5. You never know when you are just around the corner from winning in a big way. So the next time you think about packing it in and making a move think about staying put and working through your current problems. The grass is not greener on the other side! If a light came on in your car which indicated there were problems with your engine, you would think a person insane if they took out a hammer and smashed the light. Sure, the light would go “off” but that would not do anything to relieve the problem with the engine. The same applies to sales people. The real problem is your poor performance. Taking a hammer to the red light (your company, your boss) will not solve your basic problem. Solve that and you will enjoy a life of prosperity in selling. We need to take every precaution when it comes to our success because believe it or not, your life depends on it. Success Resources: