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Are you ready to recession proof your business and get more potential & profits in the next 12 months than the last 12 years.
Is it possible to increase your sales, revenues and profits 25% to 100% or more within 90 days with Business Development Training and Coaching.
Yes you can says The legendary business growth expert , Marketing Wizard, Author, Trainer and CEO of Success Point, Ramachandra Bandekar. Contact 09946660299

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Business Development Training & Coaching

  1. 1. How to Get The Most Potential& Profit From Your Business -Ramachandra Bandekar -Latha Das
  2. 2. A corporation fails every 3 minutes.
  3. 3. A Directorshipchanges every32 seconds
  4. 4. A companychanges control every 15 minutes.
  5. 5. 26,000 newproducts and brands are introduced every year.
  6. 6. 16%to 30% ofconsumerschange brandloyalty in oneevening ofwatchingcommercials.
  7. 7. 74 percent ofconsumers buyoutside theirfavorite brands
  8. 8. 50% of the newbusinesses failwithin two years
  9. 9. 80% of all the business that survive for 2years fail within five years
  10. 10. 96 percent ofall companies fail within 10 years
  11. 11. Most business owners spendmost of their time & efforts on everything Except the only two things that drives allbusiness success and wealthcreation and that‟s the cause of all the problems.
  12. 12. A Great Productdoesn‟t guarantee Success but the Great Strategy does.
  13. 13. How to Grow MY Business?Lots of business ownersknow how to run theirbusiness very well butwhat they really don‟tknow is how to grow theirbusiness exponentially.
  14. 14. Starting a restaurant because you are a good cook doesn‟t guarantee business success.The skills required for business owners to Succeed are very different because the game is completely different.
  15. 15. If you don‟t startworking onDeveloping yourbusiness, theproblem is „yourcompetition will.‟
  16. 16. If You Keep DoingThe Same ThingYou Have AlwaysDone, You willKeep Getting TheSame Results Youhave always got.
  17. 17. The Same Business strategy that has worked for you might not be enough to take yourbusiness to the next level.
  18. 18. How to Take YourBusiness To The Next Level?
  19. 19. Is ExplosiveBusiness Growth Possible?
  20. 20. Are there any businesssecrets that 99% of thebusiness owners don‟tknow and never learn?
  21. 21. How to beat the Competition?
  22. 22. How to Double or Triple Your Income with the Same Efforts?
  23. 23. How to Achieve More In The Next 12 monthsThan The Last 12 Years?
  24. 24. Wouldn‟t it be Great If we show you step by stepprocess of turning your business into money making machine?
  25. 25. Are You Ready To Learn The Revolutionary Methods forBusiness Success.
  26. 26. Business Growth Coaching @ Success Point by Business Growth Expert Ramachandra Bandekar & Latha Das NLP & Mind Power Expert.
  27. 27. Mr. Ramachandra Bandekar is the author of the book Ultimate Marketing Strategies. He is also a Business Growth Expert, Marketing Wizard, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer. He can help any business to increase their sales, revenues & profits 25% to 100% or more in just 90 days without spending any additional money on advertisement.
  28. 28. Ms. Latha Das is Renowned NLP Trainer in Kerala. She has been conducting NLP programs, personal and professional development programs, Mind Power Program, Parenting Programs, Ultimate Relationship Program for Years. She has appeared on Various TV & Radio Shows.She started Success Point in 2004 to provide life coaching, helping Individual achieve their personal and professional Goal.She is also an expert on EFT & Silva Method.
  29. 29. If you are ready totake your business to the next level then we are ready for you.
  30. 30. All YourQuestions Will beanswered
  31. 31. Setting up SystemsIn Your Business: Edward Deming says Most business failure is :Are You Ready ToMaximize TheResults of all YourEfforts?
  32. 32. Are You ready ToLearn BillionaireBusiness Strategies
  33. 33. Do You want to LearnThe 4 Crore Rupeesworth Marketing andSales Strategies?
  34. 34. How toTurn YourIdeas intoFortune?
  35. 35. CreatingEffectiveBusiness Planthat works.
  36. 36. Business andstaff managementsecrets of Fortune500 companies.
  37. 37. Time ManagementSecrets Of Billionaires:Learn how to get moredone in less time.
  38. 38. Finding the hiddenassets andOverlookedOpportunities inYour Business.
  39. 39. Making Your Business Work Harder For YouInstead Of You WorkingHarder For Your Business
  40. 40. SolvingPersonal, Professional &BusinessProblems.
  42. 42. What your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is, why it is critical to your business success.The single most powerful marketing concept that can propel your business past your competition. How to “systematize” your marketing for explosive, yet consistent, manageable and profitable growth.
  43. 43. How to create the eight marketing pillars that turn your business into a marketing machine that is more profitable than you ever dreamed possible.How to increase revenue and profits from current sales and transactions.The latest marketing strategies that will help your business thrive, even in slow times.
  44. 44. What Do You Want? Six Sessions ofIndividual Coaching or Three Days of Complete Training
  45. 45. By the way, there‟s no theory in this program. Only hard hitting, real world, result guaranteedstrategies & tactics proven to grow any business through the roof.
  46. 46. If after attending the first Session of Business? Growth Coaching you do not feel that you‟ve received tools and strategies that will earn or save your company at least 1,00,00,000, we will give you a full refund for the event.
  47. 47. What Business Owners are Saying about us:First I thought what do these people know about ourbusiness, We are already number one in Kerala that was myfirst thought. But when I attended the first session, I knew itwas different and as I continued and did all six sessions, Imust say your program has made huge difference, whether itis systemization or non traditional marketing strategies.Especially the marketing strategies were more beneficial as Itis difficult to get good marketing people. Your System isproducing results and I would recommend your course to anySerious business owner who wants to take their business tothe next level. -Mr. Suhas, Managing Partner Bhima Jewelers Trivandrum
  48. 48. I have been coached by some of the big names, I have attended various entrepreneurial programs in IIMA but I have to say you are teaching what they don‟t teach and can‟t teach. The insights I get from Ramachandra Bandekar are more practical and helpful to me. I am amazed by the kind of strategies he provides. If you want to take your business to the next level contact him. - Mr. Kishore George Director Aishwarya Granites
  49. 49. Systemization itself was worth what I paid and everythingelse was bonus. Marketing strategies are very practicaland producing good results, staff managementStrategies helped me to hire and keep great people. Youhave delivered more than what you promised and that‟sthe reason why I am recommending your coaching to myfriends. - Mr. Sajeev, CEO Sun Projects Pvt Ltd Construction Company
  50. 50. “ This is the best training I got in my entire life. I wish I could have learnt these things 29 years ago when I started my business. It would have saved my time, energy, and money. Thank youfor changing my paradigm of life and business. ” - Mr. Suresh Babu Owner of a chain of Restaurants & also a Resort
  51. 51. When I started a super market I thought I kneweverything but I was running it under loss. Then when Ispoke to you people, initially It was hard to believe thatsomebody could help that‟s the reason it took me threemonths to decide whether to come or not and I felt it wascostly too but finally when I attended I have to say youhave solved my business problems completely I am notbothered about the competition anymore and as youpromised my sales, revenues and profits have increased. -Ms. Shanta Owner of a Super Market
  52. 52. Our Sales doubled in just 35 days as a result of using thebusiness growth system. It was a treat as the programwas completely customized for our business. We hadCollection issues with lot of our customers and yourstrategies have helped us a lot. We have alreadyrecommended your training and coaching to lot people. - Mr. Padmanabhan & Mr. Neelakantan P N Associates Electrical Shop, Authorized Dealer HAVELLS
  53. 53. Are you ready to increase yoursales, revenues and profits 25% to 100% within 90 days then contact Success Point NOW. 9946660299
  54. 54. TAKE ACTION TODAY! Register for Complete BusinessDevelopment Coaching Program & Get 30 Days Billionaire Mindset Coaching Free or 0471-2310796