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Want to improve your selection and assessment process? This document outlines how our assessment process works along with detailing our range of psychometric tools.

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Psychometric Tools

  1. 1. Objective Assessment:The formula for makingsuccessful recruitment decisions
  2. 2. If 80% of successful business performance can be attributedto the best 20% of employees,how can you ensure you get the best? Selecting the right candidate is crucial to the success of your business, but the traditional CV-and- interview-based selection process yields very limited information about the candidates, and can therefore seriously limit your chances of making a successful recruitment decision. Using structured assessment techniques can establish more clearly what a person is like, what they’re like to work with, how they might fit into your existing team and potentially lead your business in the future. This provides more certainty to decision makers, helps prevent costly mistakes and increases the chances of employees being successful in their jobs. By using a range of fair and objective assessment techniques that include psychometric tests, profiling tools and targeted interviews we can delve beyond the CV to establish capability and potential, thereby: - enabling you to select the right candidate for the position - finding untapped potential - helping with effective succession planning within the organisation “The chances are good that up to - identifying real and specific 66% of your company’s hiring development needs among your staff decisions will prove, in the first twelve - planning for change months, to be mistakes.” Peter Drucker, Management Selection & Assessment Consultant Process Review We can review your recruitment process and make recommendations for improvements to ensure it represents value for money and is fair and effective. This includes addressing diversity related issues and ensuring that your process communicates your organisation’s values. Both qualitative and quantitative techniques can be used as part of the review
  3. 3. How does our assessment process work? As business psychology professionals working with organisations of all sizes, we understand that your organisation is unique; our approach will be flexible and driven by your specific needs. We tailor each assessment process to your needs for that particular role, whatever level the job is at. We firstly focus on analysing the job role and identifying the competencies that your organisation prizes; setting a framework of statements that describes the behavioural of people who are successful in the role, so that candidates can be measured against these. We then select the most appropriate tools to see how your candidates match up against these criteria. Our approaches can help you understand a candidates: - personality and values - motivation - reasoning ability Delivering the Assessment - creativity and problem solving abilities - managerial judgment capacity e can draw upon our pool of highly experienced psychologists and Assessment tools used could include assessors to carry out projects whether the psychometrics, targeted interviews, requirement is for the on line role- play exercises, group administration of tests, the profiling of a discussions, case studies and senior executive, or the assessment of a presentation tasks. number of candidates at an assessment We offer thoroughly detailed and insightful centre. Alternatively, we can work in feedback on each candidate that answers the partnership with your team to provide any questions you need to have answered. Our up-skilling necessary. approach allows us to give you a more complete picture of each candidate and how they might actually perform in the role, together with any “It’s not experience that counts or developmental needs they may have. college degrees or other accepted Throughout our processes we welcome diversity factors; success hinges on fit with the job.” and aim to treat all candidates with equal respect and dignity. The candidate experience is at the Harvard Business Review forefront of our thinking. Armed with this fuller picture, you can make your selection of candidate with confidence.
  4. 4. Taking it further? We believe in sharing expertise and working in partnership with our clients. We are able to train you in using specialised selection and assessment techniques, to enable you to design and deliver objective and effective assessments. For more details on this, and how we can help you become qualified to deliver psychometric tests, please refer to our website page.Further information: Psychometric tools available These are a selection of the range of validated tests. As independent practioners, whilst we have views of the merits of various products, we are able to make recommendations for the tool that best suits your needs rather than selling a particular product: - 16PF - Dimensions (Talent Q) - EQ-I (Emotional Quotient-Inventory) - Firo-B - Hogan Development Survey - Hogan Personality Inventory - MBTI - NEO PI-R - OPQ (SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire) - Wave (Saville Consulting)How To Contact Us :Website: By phone:By email: tony@fjwilson.comContact details: FJWilson LtdSuite 7 Lyndon House, c/o Fletcher Thompson, 8 Kings Court, Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket. Suffolk. CB8 7SG