Substance abuse counselor certification for undergraduates


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Alcohol and drugs dependency is classified in America over 20 million each year. Seeking for treatment and counselling for substance abuse are more than 9% of its population. That’s why the demand for qualified substance abuse counselor certification is still high today.

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Substance abuse counselor certification for undergraduates

  1. 1. Alcohol and drugs dependency is classified inAmerica over 20 million each year. Seeking fortreatment and counselling for substance abuseare more than 9% of its population. That’s whythe demand for qualified substance abusecounselor certification is still high today.
  2. 2. Behavioural disorder is also called substanceabuse counselling, for mental health counselorthis career is the most challenging choice of all.Problems like drugs and alcohol may haveother mental issues, and during a person’s lifelong treatment the likelihood of relapse is aharsh reality. Substance abuse counselor canbe rewarding that’s why the demand for this jobis still available in many areas like homelessshelter, hospitals, jails, social welfare agenciesand many more.
  3. 3. That is why there are undergraduates in this area of substanceabuse counselling. To get information’s of the requirements,courses, salary, career prospects so that you can make decisionsabout taking substance abuse counselor certification.
  4. 4. Substance abuse counsellingundergraduate’s certificate is a program toprepare students in this chosen career.Substance abuse counselling will be teachingthem about dependency evaluation,counseling method, addictions and the latestresearch about alcohol and drugs. Thiscertificate program is offered in many publicand private colleges.
  5. 5. The education prerequisites of eachprogram sets own admissionrequirements. Applicant must possesshigh school diploma or equivalent to takethe programs. It is requires to have collegecredits or concurrently for some programsin a bachelor’s degree.
  6. 6. The course topics for students are to learn how totreat, asses and advice individuals or groups dealingwith substance abuse. They are also educated abouteating disorders, communicable diseases and evendomestic is also required for some certificateprograms to take internships or clinical experience. Theclasses offered are individualcounselling, psychology, counselling method, groupand family counselling, psychopharmacology, addictionstudies, procedure used in counseling and employmentoutlook.
  7. 7. It is predicted by the U.S Bureau of LaborStatistic that abuse and behavioural disordercounselor job will increase by 21% in 2008-2018. People convicted of drugs and alcoholis sent to substance abuse facilities that iswhy this job is growing faster. A medianannual income of $38,120 is earned bysubstance abuse counsellors in May 2010according to the U.S Bureau of LaborStatistics.
  8. 8. It is requires for substance abuse counselor tovary for states to states for certification andlicensure. It includes professional and meetingeducational experience and passing theexamination. There are multiple levels ofcertification available in most states. Anexample of this is a level one substanceabuse counselor certification, it indicates thatit has a low educational and workingexperience requirements. To maintain adrequire some certification continuingeducation is needed.
  9. 9. For those students that wish to study further insubstance abuse counselling you can enrol ina substance abuse counselling degreeprogram. The undergraduate certificateprogram in substance abuse counselling isallowed in some schools to transfer toward arelevant degree.Read More : Visit Here