Become a Substance Abuse Counselor - How to Become the Best Counselor


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To become a substance abuse counselor is a very demanding process. This is because of the fact that you have to devote your time properly in order for you to render the best and the most competitive service to your customers. Your role being a substance abuse counselor is very important. The reason is that you are the sole individual who can effectively assist your patients towards escaping from drug addiction and living a normal life.

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Become a Substance Abuse Counselor - How to Become the Best Counselor

  1. 1. To become a substance abuse counseloris a very demanding process. This isbecause of the fact that you have todevote your time properly in order for youto render the best and the mostcompetitive service to your customers.Your role being a substance abusecounselor is very important. The reason isthat you are the sole individual who caneffectively assist your patients towardsescaping from drug addiction and livinga normal life.
  2. 2. This premise alone requires you to exertyour best so as to facilitate an easiermeans of attaining your role as aprofessional. There are some simple thingsyou need to know on how to become aCADC that is capable of rendering the bestservice to your customers. Before youmerge in this field of expertise, it isimportant that you know these things.
  3. 3. It is important that you learn the 12 corefunctions of a CADC. Based from theinformation supplied by the University ofIdaho, it is easier for substance abusecounselors to render satisfying services whenthey are aware of their 12 core functions.These functions cover the daily roles that youhave to cover. These are consultation, recordand report keeping, referral, clienteducation, crisis intervention, casemanagement, counseling, treatmentplanning, assessment, orientation, intake, andscreening.
  4. 4. • Under the first six functions, casemanagement of CADC involves thecoordination and the integration of the plansof per patient. On the other hand, the crisisintervention deals mainly in terms ofdeveloping the immediate treatmentneeded in case there is an emergencysituation that will be faced by your patient.The client information responsibility of aCADC involves educating your clients aboutwhat substance abuse is and all the relevantinformation that they have to know about it.
  5. 5. Conversely, referral is the practice of referringyour patients to other professionals if youcannot provide him with all the immediate andfurther treatments he needs. When it comes torecord keeping, this is the process ofdetermining the improvements of the client bymeans of jotting down their improvements in achart. Consultation on the other hand, is theprocess of seeking collaborative informationfrom the other professionals for the welfare ofthe patients.
  6. 6. • Furthermore, patient screening is the ability ofthe CADC to get the right information neededeven if it is just his initial contact with the patient.When a CADC possesses the skill needed ineffective patient screening, he is also capable ofdetermining if the patient is eligible for atreatment or not. In most cases, the patient fillsup a paperwork which is prepared by thecounselor. Moreover, the intake is the extensionof screening process. This is usually performedduring the first time the counselor meets thepatient. Orientation on the other note is thecapacity to inform the patient with the rules andpolicies being implemented by the institutionwhere he or she is confined.
  7. 7. Furthermore, assessment is the process ofdetermining the range of focus of theintervention that will be done. This alsodetermines the nature of treatment. Thetreatment plans on the other hand, providesguidance and goals for the patient so that heunderstands the possible outcomes that willhappen once she received her treatment. Thecounseling can be done either by group or byindividual basis. A CADC can also involve thefamilies and the loved ones of the patient if hewants.
  8. 8. Aside from knowing the 12 core functionsonce you obtained your substance abusecounselor certification, it is also important thatyou will understand some of the other jobresponsibilities that you need to fulfill so thatyou can become the best counselor ever.Being a competent counselor, you must alsoposses mastery in terms of establishing rapportto your patients, educating its familymembers, performing simple routineexaminations such as urinalysis,
  9. 9. posses the skills to appropriately coordinatewith the other m members of the health careteam as well as to the other institutions oragencies and many more. Though these arejust minor duties and responsibilities, showingmastery with these things will make you thebest professional who is able to providesatisfying services to your future clients.
  10. 10. These are the core responsibilities that you need to know oreven master once you have already obtained your substanceabuse certification.
  11. 11. Make sure that you do your best so that youcan develop these skills. Though this may takeyou some time but there is no deadline up towhen you should master these skills. Properapprenticeship will be one of your ways to earnmastery with these skills. See to it that you willapply these in actual practice so that you willbe able to hone such skills. You can spend yourapprenticeship in some accredited facilities inyour place.