Substance151: LInkedIn and Pinterest, presented to the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council


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According to the Experian’s The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the 3rd and the 4th largest social networks in the U.S.

While LinkedIn is still a premier social networking platform for professionals, Pinterest is quickly gaining momentum. Whether you like it or hate it, social media’s ability to help companies reach a broader audience and do it relatively cost effectively has put it at the center of today’s marketing discussions.

We see more and more companies shifting from “What is social media and why do we need to jump on the bandwagon?” to “How do we use these new tools strategically and effectively to strengthen our brand, deepen customer engagement and grow the bottom line?”

In this presentation, Ida Cheinman covers the strategies and tactics for building a brand, expanding a network, reaching new clients and enhancing credibility, reputation and visibility.

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Substance151: LInkedIn and Pinterest, presented to the Chesapeake Regional Tech Council

  1. 1. What is Pinterest? Virtual Pinboard.– Organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web– See pinboards created by other people– Get inspired, inspire others– Promote your business, expertise, connect with audiences
  2. 2. No. 3 Social Network in the U.S. 1.  Facebook: 7 billion 2.  Twitter: 182 million 3.  Pinterest: 104 million 4.  LinkedIn: 86 million 5.  Tagged: 72 million 6.  Google+: 61 millionSource: Experian, The 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report
  3. 3. Pinterest is Open for Business
  4. 4. Pinterest is Open for Business
  5. 5. Pinterest for Business– Set up a profile– Start creating boards, add descriptions– Plan strategically: think of your audiences– Mix it up: expertise, brand, culture– Follow, repin and like
  6. 6. ToolsGoodies:– Pinterest App for Mobile– “Follow” and “Pin It” buttons to add to your website
  7. 7. What to Pin– Visually engaging images that showcase well– Your products and projects– Life in the office, volunteering/community– Articles, e-guides, e-books, white papers– Audience-specific targeted boards– Expertise-related boards
  8. 8. How to Pin: “Pin It” Browser Button
  9. 9. How to Pin: “Pin It” Browser Button
  10. 10. How to Pin: Repin
  11. 11. How to Pin: Upload
  12. 12. How to Pin: Edit Pin
  13. 13. Pinning Best Practices– Give credit where credit is due– Check all pins and repins to makes sure they click-through to the original source– Use the description section and put the URL in the description – boosts SEO
  14. 14. Pinning Best Practices
  15. 15. Happy Pinning!!
  16. 16. Ida Cheinman, Substance151 Benefit @substance151 ../substance151 ../substance151 ../company/substance151 ../in/idacheinman