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Diamonds and Tech Are a Girl's Best FriendRead More: Wearable Technology, Martin Katz, June Uv Monit...

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Wearable Technology

  1. 1. Wearable Technology Diamonds and Tech Are a Girl's Best Friend Read More: Wearable Technology, Martin Katz, June Uv Monitor, Justine-Ezarik, Diffus Solar Handbag, Aol Original Series, Sesame Ring, Hardwired, Jewelry Trends, Shine Fitness Monitor, Ijustine, Technology News If diamonds are a girl's best friend then Smart Jewelry is mine! In this week's episode of Hardwired I tested out some high tech smart jewelry that is both chic and functional. Dad 2.0: Father's Day Top Tech Gift Guide Read More: Wearable Technology, Holiday, Gift Guide, Father's Day Gifts 2014, Golf, Dad, Father's Day Gifts, Style, Father's Day 2014, Father's Day, Technology, Gift Ideas, Family, Technology News Give the gift of connection this Father's Day with stylish, cutting-edge tech gifts to compliment quality time with Dad. Here are 7 Dad 2.0 gift picks for 2014. As Fitbits for Feelings Emerge, Whither Empathy? Are we losing touch with one another? Are we sinking towards something like Roman civilization, when bloodthirsty spectators eagerly watched men fight to the death in the name of entertainment, now just on high-def screens? Or could empathy in society actually be enhanced by the capabilities of technology? Breaking a Sweat in the Name of Technology Read More: Wearable Technology, Hi-Fun, Hovding, Wearable Tech, Justine-Ezarik, Surfset, Sensoria, Aol Original Series, Fitness Tech, Smart Mio, Ijustine, Fitness Technology, Sports- Technology, Technology News Hey Hardwired fans! This week we are promoting the second episode of my series Hardwired 2.0. Watch me try out some new workouts while testing out the latest in Performance Tech!
  2. 2. The T-Shirt That Talks Back Read More: Wearable Technology, Style News, Talking T-Shirt, Talking Tees, Smart Fashion, Smart Clothing, Omsignal, Talking Tee, Smart Shirt, Technology, Fashion Technology, Fashion Trends, Style News Did you hear that? Oh, it was just my T-shirt talking. Wait, what? In a recent post in the New York Times blog, Bits, Nick Bilton gives an account ... 3 Wearable Tech Products That Are a Must-Have I've come across my fair share of impractical inventions that are new to the market. But I believe that staying up to date on the up-and-coming tech creations can drastically improve your quality of life. Back for a Second Season: Hardwired 2.0 Hardwired 2.0 is here! Join me for a second season profiling some of the hottest tech trends across the nation. This season I am going beyond wearable technology and showcasing a huge range of new gadgets: everything from beauty tech to 3D printing! 4 Facts That Remind Us Now Is The Time To Go Mobile-First If you haven't yet tackled the issue of how to make your business mobile-first, 2014 is a better time than ever before. Here are three facts to remind you that 2014 is a prime year for honing your mobile strategy. Wear It Well to Wear It Better: Wearable Technology for Social Impact What if wearable technology could mean the difference between life and death in emergency situations where there was no doctor, or could help track vital signs, nutrition and healthcare monitoring for those children who do not have access to regular care?
  3. 3. This 'Personal Space Dress' Could Help Solve All Your Public Transportation Woes Read More: Wearable Technology, Kathleen McDermott Art, Kathleen McDermott, Personal Space Dress, Sexual Harassment, Urban Armor, Feminist Art, Female Artists, Sexual Assault, On Our Radar, Arts News There are many imperfect aspects of riding public transportation, no matter which city you live in. Too much touching is undoubtably one of them. At t... How Fitness Trackers Are Changing Exercise Research Read More: Wearable Technology, Fitness Technology, Exercise Research, Wearable Fitness Tech, Livescience, Wearable Tech, Fitness Trackers Research, Fitness and Exercise, Fitness Research, Fitness Trackers, Healthy Living News By: Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer Published: 05/16/2014 10:29 AM EDT on LiveScience The technology in fitness trackers is changing the way rese... The World Through Google Glass This video captures my five-week journey through Madrid, Barcelona (the only city not in this video), Paris, London, Berlin, Dubai, Goa and Mumbai t... Mobility Is the New Black Wearable technology is not just the latest fashion statement; it is becoming one of the biggest tech trends of the decade. Google's Glass Explorer Program Was A Social Experiment That Backfired
  4. 4. Read More: Technology News, Wearables, Wearable Technology, Google Glass, Google, Google Glass in Public, Strategy, Fitbit, Glass Privacy, Glass Explorer, Product Launch, Augmented Reality, Glass Social Issues, Cameras, Sensors, Data Analytics, Privacy, Tarun Wadhwa, Analytics, Google Glass Backlash, Robert Scoble, Business News, Forbes, Technology News Google Glass was introduced without a clear explanation of what it was supposed to be used for. When promotional videos started to show people going a... Anticipating Anticipatory Wearables These are early days, but powerful smartphones, high-speed broadband, cloud storage, heads-up displays, anticipatory computing and a practically limitless supply of inexpensive sensors are the right ingredients for a brave new world of wearable technology -- and it will be here in the blink of an eye. SXSW Shingerview: Howard Handler, MLS Read More: Wearable Technology, Aol, sxsw2014, World Cup, Brand Building, Mobile, David Shing, Media, Sxsw, Sxswi, South by Southwest, Sports, Mls, Emerging Technologies, Major League Soccer, Marketing, AOL Advertising, Advertising, Howard Handler, Online Advertising, Technology, Shingerviews, Video, Technology News With the World Cup taking place this summer, I was excited to talk with Howard Handler, CMO of Major League Soccer at SXSW Interactive this year. Howard is a sharp dude with a unique background. Bloomberg Businessweek Has Designs on You
  5. 5. The second annual Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference was trying to simplify everything to its least common denominator, freeing up room in the mental microprocessor for the hard stuff: ideas. Five Weeks On Glass...erhm, Google Glass In the fifth week of my Google Glass adventure, I began to use Glass more creatively and recreationally. I also discovered, or more accurately, red... WATCH: Antarctic Explorers Test New 'Astroskin' Read More: Wearable Technology, Astroskin, Skin Astronauts Health, Canadian Space Agency, Smart Shirt Astronauts, Video, Smarter Ideas, Space, Astronaut Smart Shirt, Astronauts, Smart Shirt, Astronauts Health, What Is Astroskin, Science News Remember that pivotal scene in the movie "Apollo 13" in which crewmembers rip the biomedical sensors off their bodies? In a few years, the same proce... What's New and Cool in the Fitness Sphere? As we enter the third month of 2014, the fitness landscape is booming with innovation, from new cloud, performance, and social apps and technology to ... My First Month With Google Glass While I was working on my first post about the potential of Google Glass, I imagined that if there were a time to apply for Glass Explorer Invite, the... Google's Latest Battle
  6. 6. By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google is lobbying officials in at least three U.S. states to stop proposed restrictions on dri... Watching the World Through Glass There's an old expression that says 'necessity is the mother of invention'. I am sure you have heard it. Nothing could be further from the truth. There was no 'necessity' for Glass. 10 of the Biggest Trends in Technology For 2014 Read More: Social Networks IT Policy Friendly, Online Video Streaming, Neeraj Tewari, Personal Cloud Services, Large Cloud Services, 3D Printing, No Touch Interfaces, Technology, Data Privacy, Wearable Technology, Ultra HD 4K, Web of Things, 2014 Technology, Technology Trends, Technology News I was fortunate to virtually connect with Neeraj Tewari to get an insider's look at the technology which is sure to continue taking the world by storm.