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Bharat Badal is a vision for a national cloud for India which will digitally connect the citizen and the government.

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Lss interop2012-bharat badal-11oct2012

  1. 1. Bharat BadalHow the Cloud Can Transform India LS Subramanian Cloud Evangelist & Senior Advisor Power Exchange of India
  2. 2. Cloud is a Disruptive Technology• Impacting technologies are disruptive Disruptive innovations are products and services that initially arent as good as those that historically have been used by customers in mainstream markets, and therefore can take root only in new or less- demanding applications, amongst non- traditional customers Stuart Hart and Clayton Christensen
  3. 3. Bottom of the Pyramid - C. K. PrahaladAttack the bottom of thepyramid.Likely to creategreater disruption bottom of the pyramid
  4. 4. Pyramid for India Population in millionPurchasing Power > 5 lakhs T1 10 mil 3 to 5 lakhs T2 50 mil 1 to 3 lakhs T3 150 mil 50K to 1 lakh 200 mil T4 550 mil less than 50K T5
  5. 5. Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid• Nearly ½ billion in India at the bottom of the pyramid• Need to develop new technologies for Tier T4 and T5• New business models are needed
  6. 6. Examples of Attacking theBottom of the Pyramid• New Business Models • Technologies – PCO-STD-ISD booths – N-Logue (Pitroda) (Village Internet Kiosk – Khushiyon Ki Doli using Wireless Tech.) Hindustan Lever – TVS 25 Mil. rural consumers. (Kirana Shop Computers) – Organic Milk Production – Mobile Telephony (Stellapps Technologies) – Janalakshmi (Microfinance poor women)
  7. 7. Change of Mindset …C. K. Prahalad Information Access will be a great asset• Poor as a Problem • Poor as an opportunity A drag on the economy! Global Market of 4.5 B?• Poor as Wards of State • Poor as Active Market• Old Technologies do not • Innovation & fix the problems of the development of new poor. technologies for the Poor• Resource Constraints • Imagination Constraint ―Poverty is the worst form of Violence‖ M.K.Gandhi
  8. 8. Change of Mindset …(CK Prahalad) The Poor of The Poor of The Poor of India is an India is a India can be Intractable Potential A Source of Problem Market Innovation Poverty Creating a New Market, Alleviation, Innovation, Growth Subsidies
  9. 9. The Power of Information―Information brings about• openness,• accessibility• transparency• Accountability• Networking• Decentralization• & as a result democratization.‖ , - Sam Pitroda (Chairman National Knowledge Commission)
  10. 10. India & Bharat – Census 2011Total Population : 1.21 BRural - 0.83Billion/68.84%Urban - 0.38B/31.16%Urbanization increased 27.81% to 31.16%Rural population declined 72.19% to 68.84%
  11. 11. India & Bharat – Census 2011• 47.2% of households - TV.• 63.2% of homes - telephone.• 53.2% of population - mobile phone.• Cloud Computing/Mobility/ Wireless Internet Access/ will be the Game Changer for India.• The Mobile will harness the power of the cloud Pan India• We need our National Cloud – Bharat Badal.
  12. 12. The Real India Lives in its Villages The cloud will allow information to be infused into the smallest hamlet of India & make access to information available to the poorest of the poor to give them a better life by empowering them with knowledge derived Through any device connected to the cloud by internet.
  13. 13. Rural India Opportunities• Economical • Agriculture & animal husbandry • Cottage industries • Jobs & landless laborers • Rural Indebtedness & Suicides• Social • Population & family planning • Health Care & Nutrition & Women • Housing & Sanitation • Education
  14. 14. Rural India Computing Services• E-Governance services • Providing land records, submitting user complaints to officials & electoral rolls.• Informational services • Agricultural practices, weather forecasts.• Transactional services • e-commerce and email.• Community Services • Healthcare & Education
  15. 15. Health Care - India Issues☻India spends 5.2 percent of GDP against 7 -10 % of GDP in developed countries with less population.☻World average of 3.96 hospitals per 1000 population, Brazil has 2.5, china has 2.2 and India has just 0.7.☻Availability of trained medical personnel, India has 0.6 physicians per 1000 population as against global average 1.5.
  16. 16. Health Care - India Issues☻The number of nurses available per 1000 population in India is 0.8 as opposed to 7.5 in the developed countries and a global average of 3.3.☻The government spending for services provided free of cost to patients account for just 18% of the overall health spending or 0.9 percent of the GDP.
  17. 17. Healthcare - Solutions• Telemedicine• Remote Patient Monitoring• Remote Patient Management• Alerting Systems• Multichannel Medical Consultation
  18. 18. Healthcare & Cloud• Clinical operations –pharmacy & laboratory, computerized physician order entry and electronic health records.• Strategic operations –systems used for managed care, nurse staffing and executive information.• Data Collection –for Research and Advancement in Medical Diagnostics & Treatment• Administrative operations –used in billing, payroll and supply chain management.• Archival of Digital Images of Patients.
  19. 19. Bharat Badal Chandigarh KolkataDelhi Patna Mumbai Hyderabad Chennai Bengalooru
  20. 20. Bharat Badal Leap-frogging with Technology• Avoid Cost of Technology Evolution.• Capacity to Absorb latest technology• Economic Development based on technology infrastructure.• Cloud computing will ensure common standards for deployment of computing initiatives.
  21. 21. Bharat Broadband• This is a Rs 20,000 crore project of Bharat Broadband.• Its target: by December 2013, lay down fibre to all 2,50,000 gram panchayats so that all villages can be Internet-connected.
  22. 22. Bharat BroadbandA 10% increase in broadband penetration Indiaseconomic output increases by 1.38%.Today, broadband is accessed by just 1% ofIndia. Bharat Broadband will change that.Besides DoT, Bharat Broadband has threePSUs— RailTel , BSNL and Power GridCorporation holding one share each in it.Source :
  23. 23. Bharat Badal – Benefits of CloudThe cloud allows for an equal fieldirrespective of location and net worth.If one has an idea and the skills, everycitizen will have the same opportunity tocontribute to our great nationIt will galvanize the 1 billion Indians whoare open to learning and informationdelivered from the cloud!
  24. 24. Bharat Badal - A Strategic Enabler• Information Dissemination / Knowledge• Citizen Government Interface• e-Commerce• Banking• Tele Medicine• Agriculture Support• Big Data• Electronic Money/ Mobile Wallet ?
  25. 25. Bharat Badal Nigam Ltd.• What can be done ? – Float a new entity Bharat Badal Nigam Ltd. –Public Private Partnership (PPP) ? – Migrate all government public computing applications into Bharat Badal – Central & State Govts. – Build New applications for rural India.
  26. 26. Future of Computing is the Cloud ! Logos, pictures and other digital assets which are owned by their respective owners and we thank them for their use in this presentation..