SIM Re-launched with 20% Discounts on SEO Packages


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SubmitINme, the most trusted and experienced digital marketing service for small & medium businesses has re-launched their website, packed with new services, packages and various other features to suit the latest trends.

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SIM Re-launched with 20% Discounts on SEO Packages

  1. 1. SIM Re-launched with 20% Discounts on SEO PackagesSubmitINme, a member of NASSCOMM has recently undergone a complete revamp of theirexisting site with new services and offers. To celebrate the unveiling of their website,SubmitINme is offering 20% OFF on SEO packages for their outsourcing clients.The new site went live on Wednesday, May 29th sporting a more sophisticated look and a bettersurfing experience. The recently revamped website is a part of the firms strategy to ensurevalued clients get more out of their clicks than ever before. "Were always looking for strategiesto serve our clients better as they are our top priority" said Elwinston, Client Success Managerof SIM. He also added, "In response to the high demand from our outsourcing clients, we arehappy to endow them a discount of 20% on SEO Packages. Earlier we offered discount only forindividual services."Being a member of NASSCOMM, they are experienced in working on a versatile range ofprojects. The SEO Packages offered by the firm includes Must Local SEO that gives provenresults, Googled SEO for promoting website with adherence to Google guidelines, Social mediapackage for maximum brand exposure and getting new age customers for business,Ecommerce marketing solutions with high return on investment and Custom infographic forquality backlinks. While commenting about the service range, Berlin, the Marketing Managermentioned, "Incorporating the expertise of each member of our exclusive team, we wanted todevelop a one stop shop for your SEO needs and thats what weve done".Created with user experience in mind, new and existing clients will be treated to an enhancedvisual design, making them easier to browse and quickly decide which package they want more.Clean layout and right information throughout the site helps clients better understand thecomplete range of service offerings. Users will also benefit from rich on-line content, including anew, frequently updated company blog that covers a range of topics related to Disavow linksand more."We dont rest on our laurels instead ensure that we are keeping up with the latest SEOstrategies and Google updates so that we can harness them for our clients", Elwinston addedfinally.
  2. 2. About SubmitINmeFor over a decade, SubmitINme, a company based in India is offering a variety of digitalmarketing services including website audit, On-Page SEO, analytics, content creation, localbusiness SEO, press release marketing, social networking promotions and much more. SIMhas a wide range of clients across 32 countries and four continents. Their major business isfrom the USA. More information at