Basic Tasks involved in a Website SEO Audit


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Only a well maintained website can shine in search engines and gain desired traffic. Do you feel that the performance your website is not at its best? Proceed for a Website SEO audit immediately. Read the presentation and find more on website audit.

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Basic Tasks involved in a Website SEO Audit

  1. 1. As search engine’s practices, algorithms and procedures change from time to time, it is important for website owners to conduct regular assessment and optimize their websites to get a good place in search engine results. Have a look at a few basic tasks that are to be performed in an SEO website audit
  2. 2. ON PAGE AUDIT Assessing the on-page performance and making the necessary changes is the first and foremost step for improving a website’s SEO. On-Page audit carries analysis to determine whether the website has … • Title tags with relevant keywords • Quality Meta description tag • Pages containing quality and unique contents optimized with natural keywords • Images optimized with best SEO practices • Internal page links
  3. 3. • Checking the robots.txt file • Reviewing Redirects • Checking internal links pointing to 404. • Checking for penalties • Checking for hacked content, if any. Determination of visibility in Search Engines Pages in websites need to be checked for visibility in search engines. The process for checking the page visibility might involve
  4. 4. As the number of quality link pointing to a site boosts the site’s performance in search results, it is important to check the quality of the link profile. The backlink audit process includes BACKLINK AUDIT • Evaluation of the back links • Finding whether the backlinks are coming from a quality site • Judging whether the links are coming from a relevant website.
  5. 5. • Compressing images • Removing unnecessary java script from pages • Using a page speed service CHECKING PAGE SPEED Page Speed plays are very vital role in improving a website’s SEO and to obtain conversion rates. Page speed can possibly be improved by
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