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Ecommerce marketing for this Christmas is ready – SubmitINme launches fully                                      loaded eC...
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Ecommerce marketing for this Christmas is ready – SubmitINme launches fully loaded eCommerce SEO


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It’s the right time for the eCommerce stores out there to start their marketing efforts for the big holiday sales. Like every year, SubmitINme has a proven eCommerce marketing strategy ready for this Christmas

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Transcript of "Ecommerce marketing for this Christmas is ready – SubmitINme launches fully loaded eCommerce SEO"

  1. 1. Ecommerce marketing for this Christmas is ready – SubmitINme launches fully loaded eCommerce SEOWe are just 2 months behind another wonderful winter holiday season. However, it’s Christmas alreadyfor the eCommerce stores. The holiday season is when people spend the most in eCommerce shoppingand so it’s high time that effective marketing is done to highlight the stores in the search results and socialmedia. “Ecommerce shopping trend is skyrocketing. Along with the rising trend, the number ofeCommerce shopping sites has seen a catalyst growth. Statistics indicate that eCommerce spending is torise by 16% compared to the previous year. Now we have the trend so, all we need to do is to highlightthe eCommerce stores to the potential customers. This is where our all new eCommerce SEO packagecomes in” says Elwinston, the Market Analyst of SubmitINmeAccording to Geno Thampi who strategized the new eCommerce SEO package for 2012, putting togethera successful eCommerce marketing strategy for this season was challenging than ever before. Hesaid“We had to take several factors into consideration, such as the series of Google panda and the mostrecent Google penguin updates. Content marketing is the backbone of eCommerce SEO. With the seriesof panda updates we needed to completely redefine the conventional content marketing strategies usedfor eCommerce promotion. All the strategies used within this turnkey package are exclusively framed forpromoting eCommerce websites which helps to get organic links from relevant websites. The relevancy ofthe links obtained along with the organic nature of promotion makes sure that this SEO package isGoogle penguin safe.”He added that, “This eCommerce marketing strategy is not just for the Christmas. We have made surethat anyone spending on this SEO package would get a wise investment. Onpage SEO, page speed,integration of shcema and all the necessary setups needed for effective and continuous SEO and socialmedia marketing is included in this package. The onetime tasks done in the first month is indispensablefor any eCommerce website that needs to highlight online.”This fully loaded eCommerce SEO package is aimed at a continuous promotion for 3 months making itthe ideal choice for Christmas marketing, continuous search engine visibility and increased sales for 2013as well. The promised results are increased organic traffic, search engine rankings and social mediavisibility. SubmitINMe has a proven track record in eCommerce marketing during 2011 with theirexclusive eCommerce SEO package. This year, they have completely revamped the package an simplymade it the bestAbout SubmitINmeSubmitinme is a professional SEO company based in India, operating since 2012. They are specialists ineCommerce marketing and local business SEO. For more information about the newly launchedeCommerce SEO package, visit