Get over your sugar addiction


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If that white powdery substance seems to be calling your name and you can't get it out of your mind, you might keep going back to get more of it.

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Get over your sugar addiction

  1. 1. Get Over Your Sugar AddictionIf that white powdery substance seems to be calling your name and you cant get it out of yourmind, you might keep going back to get more of it. The more you have of that white powderysubstance, the more it takes control of your life and the more you will crave it in your everydaylife. While it may sound like a love letter to some illicit and illegal drug, it just so happens thatthe powdery white substance in question is actually sugar. You might think that sugar isharmless, but when taken in excess it can actually bring quite a lot of damage. Sugar is foundin so many forms, and not just the white powder you are familiar with. So while you may bemeasuring the white sugar in your diet, sugar may be finding other ways to get in your food.So just how do you know when you have a sugar addiction? You see, any type of addiction isbound to have some symptoms that sufferers may not be aware of. But when it comes to sugaraddiction, the symptoms can easily be mistaken for dieting, tiredness, or even depression. Thisis what makes it so hard for people to get over their sugar craving addiction. If you get tounderstand the symptoms of this type of addiction, you are not only able to determine thesymptoms you are experiencing but you can check your loved ones for the same symptoms aswell.One of the very first symptoms you want to watch out for is obsessing. Having an obsessionwith sugar is a sign that you or your loved ones may be hooked on the white stuff. Normally,people can go through several hours or even a day without consuming sugar, but if you findthat you think of sugar throughout the day, this may be a signal that sugar is taking over yourlife. If you find that you think about sugar whether you are in school, at home or even whileyou are working out, then getting off the white stuff may do you some good. The next symptomyou have to watch out for is depression eating. If you do not suffer from clinical depression and
  2. 2. you find that you turn to food in general and sugar in particular on days when you feelespecially stressed then you may just be suffering from a sugar addiction. Another thing thatsugar addicts will suffer from is defensiveness. As with most addictions, individuals wont wanttheir addiction to be noticed, let alone criticized by other people. So when other people somuch as point out their fondness for sugar, they are sure to get their hackles up. If you have aproblem abstaining from sugar even for a day, then you may have low-grade sugar addictionbut being unable to abstain from sugar for more than an hour is usually a clear sign that yes,you are hooked on sugar and your sugar cravings may be out of control. So in a nutshell,symptoms of addiction to sugar will include some mental highs and lows as well as physicalhighs and lows on person. People who have this addiction may feel both euphoria anddepression while physical manifestations of the addiction will include high energy levelsfollowed by exhaustion. People who are addicted to sugar may have some trouble with beingaggressive, hyperactive and anti-social.If you believe that you may be suffering from this type of addiction, one thing you can do is tryto seek some help. There are many sources you can go to online to look for more informationthat can help you purge your life of sugar and try to be healthier. One website you can visit is where you will find a woman talking about herexperience in dealing with the addiction and how she managed to conquer her addiction,relapse, and conquer it for the second time. If you are serious about getting rid of youraddiction, there are many resources you can check out that will teach you on how to cut backand finally get rid of sugar in your diet. You will also need to know about how to deal with thewithdrawal symptoms so you dont relapse.