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Unit 5
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Unit 5


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Headway Book

Headway Book

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  • 1. UNIT 5: WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Ahsan Qazi University of Ha’il Level 02
  • 2. Unit Focus 1. There is/are 2. Prepositions (location): under, on, next to/ besides, near, in front of, behind, over, below. 3. Some/any •
  • 3. There is/are • We use there is and there are to say that something exists.
  • 4. Positive Sentences • We use there is for singular (one) and there are for plural (2 or • • • • more). There is one projector in the classroom. There are thirty chairs in the classroom. There is a tiger in the zoo. There are many people at the airport. Example: Count the number of the chairs. • We must use there are to tell how many chairs are in the classroom.
  • 5. Negative Form • The negative is formed by putting not after is or are: 1. There is not a Ferrari in the parking lot. 2. There are not four hundred airplanes at the Ha’il airport. 3. There is not a camel at the university. 4. There are not two televisions in the living room.
  • 6. Contractions • The contraction of there is: there's. • There's a green apple in the basket. • There's only one Kit Kat left in the box. •BE CAREFUL! •You cannot contract there are.
  • 7. Practice Quiz: There is/are 1.There___________ many animals in the zoo. 2. There_________ a snake in the window. 3. There_________ a zebra in the grass. 4. There___________ lions in the zoo, too. 5. There___________ many baby lions near their parents. 6. There __________a bird next to the tree. 7. There __________ many monkeys in the trees. 8. There__________ an elephant in the zoo. 9. There __________ some water in the lake near the elephants. 10. There __________ birds in the zoo. 11. There___________ many people visiting the animals today. 12. There________ many children, too. 13. There_________ a gorilla in the tree. 14. There _________ some grass under the tree. 15. There________ bananas in the tree with the gorilla. Exercise Source:
  • 8. Prepositions for Location • What are prepositions? • The name "preposition" (pre + position) means "place before". Prepositions usually come before another word, usually a noun or noun phrase.
  • 9. Exercise: Prepositi ons
  • 10. Some or Any • The words some and any are used when the speaker cannot specify(tell) or does not need/want to (tell) specify a number or an exact amount. • Usually SOME is used in positive sentences, and ANY is generally used in negative sentences. • Examples for Some: • I got some nice presents for my brother this year. • This homework is going to take some time. • Look! There are some birds on the tree. • You have some ice-cream on your face.
  • 11. Examples for Any • Examples for Any: • I didn't buy any expensive gifts for my brother. • I looked in the bag but I couldn't find any pens. • I don't need any help. • He doesn’t have any new cars. • I don’t have any books. • I don’t have any cell videogames.
  • 12. You Try 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Did you catch any fish? Have you seen any good films? Are there any big mosques in Ha’il? Is there any library in the university? Are there any Lamborghinis in Ha’il? Do have any new pens? Does he have any camels? Are there any students absent? Are there students who like football?