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    Unur1 Unur1 Presentation Transcript

    • For 5 grade English 1
    • AimStudents know new words related tofree time activities. They will studypresent simple + WH questions. Theydevelop theirlistening, writing, speaking andreading skills.
    • Let’s study lesson our friends. Ok
    • I go to school
    • always ихэвчлэн usually дандааoften заримдааsometimes хэзээ ч never байнга
    • Snail always smile
    • I often washcup and plate.
    • I never ride a horse.
    • What do I study inyou usually do after the school class? library.
    • I …………………read a book.
    • I …………….sleep at 9pm .
    • We ………….go to school on Saturday.
    • Hello. Bataa. What do you usually eat every morning.Hello, Saraa. I eat an apple.
    • Write 5 sentences about you. Usealways, usually, often, sometimes andnever
    • Good bye
    • Students know new words related to freeactivities. They will study present simple / 3rdperson singular/. And Yes/ no questions. Theydevelop their listening, speaking, writing andreading skills. They will do exercise andpractice.
    • Grammar : /+ /Bold plays football on Sunday. /? /Does Bold play football on Sunday? Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t
    • Bold always plays footballon Saturday .
    • Does she skate at the weekend? Yes, she doesShe sometimes skates on Sunday.
    • Does he cook on Tuesday ? No, he doesn’t
    • Bird often plays tennis on Wednesday. Does bird play on Friday ? No , bird doesn’t
    • Saraa usually watches TV on Monday. Does Saraa watch TV on Sunday ? No, she doesn’t
    • Dondog usually skies at the weekend.Does Dondog ski at the weekend ? Yes, he does
    • Find 5 different .
    • Unjumble these words and make sentences. 1. Bolor on Monday / go to/ does/ on Sunday/ school. Does Bolor go to school on Sunday? 2. doesn’t /My friend /play/on/ chess/ Friday. My friend doesn’t play chess on Friday. 3. cooks/ my sister/ at /weekend/ the/ usually. My sister usually cooks at the weekend.
    • I can swim. My mother doesn’t swim.
    • Unit 6Homes
    • Lesson 3Furniture
    • Aim Students will know new words related to furniture. They will know present simple : be/ have got / live. Students develop their reading , listening , writing and speaking skills.
    • Living room
    • Kitchen
    • This is her house. This is singer Ariunaa.
    • This is my bedroom. My bedroom is big.There are 2 beds. I sleep, studies and plays in her room.He hasn’t got much furniture.
    • This is my kitchenThere are two chairs, a desk.My kitchen is small. Shecooks , drink tea andjuice. And she eat meal.
    • How many chairs are there in Anu’s kitchen? Has Anu got a big room? What is in Anu’s room? What does she do in her room?
    • a TV
    • a cupboard
    • an armchair
    • bedroom
    • RememberKelly lives house. in a I live flat
    • Unit 6Lesson 4
    • AimStudents know new words related toGer furniture. They study Where +prepositions A vs the. Studentsdevelop their listening , reading ,writing and speaking skills.
    • This is a Ger
    • This is a house.
    • a chesta bed a table a mirrora stool
    • a pot a kettlea stove A chest
    • This is a mirror.
    • behind under
    • in front of
    • next to
    • on
    • between
    • Where is the mirror?The mirror is on the bed.
    • Where is the kettle?The kettle is under the desk.
    • Where’s the pot? The pot is on the bed.
    • Where’s the stool?The stool is the next to the stove.
    • Where’s the kettle?The kettle is between chairs.
    • RememberWhere’s = Where is