Problem statement - Prison Break


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Problem Statement for the event "Prison Break" under Robomania (Avishkar 2k12)

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Problem statement - Prison Break

  1. 1. Prison BreakINTRODUCTION: Michael Scofield has a habit of attracting danger. This time he has taken the task to break into"The Company Headquarters". He wants to steal "The Black Book" of The Company. The Black Book canbe accessed only by using a Special Device known as "Scylla". Scylla was a monster in Greek mythologywhich had six hands. Similarly the device works on six cards which are the keys to Scylla which whenplugged in their respective slots will reveal the secret of The Black Book. With the help of his teammembers Scofield has collected two out of four Scyllas from two different cities. Fortunately, the otherfour Scyllas are kept in a highly impregnable chamber. This is the first time Michael is breaking into aprison rather than breaking out of it. He is nervous about the plan and does not want any causality duringthe mission. So he has asked you for help. He wants you to design a fully autonomous robot for themission which can safely get The Black Book out of the prison and deliver it to Scofield. He has providedyou with the blueprints of the chamber. So, pull up your socks and accomplish the mission “Scylla”. Gameplay Pre-Game Setup The participants will get 20 minutes of setup time for calibration and testing prior to the competition according to a schedule that will be made available at the start of the event. Game Procedure  A total of three trials will be given to each team where each trial is of 5 minutes  There will be a total of 5 blocks consisting of 3 different colored blocks and 2 same colored blocks  The color of two same colored block will be decided by the coordinators on the spot.  Color of the blocks and the corners will be RED,BLUE,YELLOW and BLACK  The Starting position of the robot will be decided by the coordinators.  The initial position of the blocks is not fixed. Qualifiers:  Teams are expected to pot at least one block in the same colored corners within 2 minutes.
  2. 2. Finals:  Each Team has to place all the colored blocks into their corresponding corners, it may be anti-clockwise/clockwise or random  One of the two same colored block has to be placed at the starting position of the Robot.  The robot should come to halt after completing all the task Points System Placing blocks in their respective colored corners will earn you +100 points, while placing blocks in different colored corner will earn you just +50 points Placing one of the two same colored block at the initial position of the robot gives +200 points, while placing any other colored block at initial position gives +100 points Placing blocks in their respective colored corners in anticlockwise/clockwise direction will give you bonus in following manner o 2 consecutive pot: +100 point o 3 consecutive pot: +200 point o 4 consecutive pot: +300 point Restart from the last position of the robot and blocks will cost -50 points in the same trial and maximum of 2 restart in each trial is allowed Placing more than one block in a pot will earn you +25 point for each pots after the first block in the pot irrespective of the color of both block and pot If robot collides with a block while it is dragging/holding another block will lead to deduction of 10 points for each collision Robot colliding with the side walls will lead to deduction of 10 point for each collision The total points scored by the team will be determined by the following formula is S-T where, S= total points scored T= total time taken in seconds
  3. 3. Rules A team may consist of a maximum of 4 members. Students from different colleges can also form a team. All students are required to have their respective College-ID cards at the time of event. Only one robot is allowed per team. The robot should not damage the arena in any case, or else it can lead to disqualification. Any robot not conforming to the specifications provided will be instantly disqualified. On any circumstance judges decision is final and rules may be subject to change in case of situations uncalled for. The participants cannot be in two teams in the same event. ALL DECISION BY THE JURY WILL BE FINAL AND BINDING. RULES CAN BE MODIFIED FURTHER. PLEASE DO VISIT THE SITE FOR UPDATES. Robot Specification The robot should be fully Autonomous The robot should fit in a box of 25cm x25cm x25 cm(LxBxH). TEAMS USING READY MADE PCB BOARDS SHOULD GIVE A VIVA . There is no as such weight limitation but damage to the arena will lead to direct disqualification All necessary parts/equipment required for the functioning of the bot must be brought by the participants themselves. (INCLUDING LAPTOPS AND PROGRAMMER). An overhead camera would be provided but no onboard camera will be provided NO harsh Coding will be tolerated and the team will be disqualified immediately Power Supply  Teams are allowed to use internal onboard power supply as well as external power supply.  Each team shall bring its own power supply (internal as well as external) for its robot.  The teams will be provided with the 230 V, 50 Hz power socket.
  4. 4. Arena  The arena’s dimension is 2500mm x 2500mm  Each colored block’s dimension is 80mm x 80mm x 80mm (l x b x h).  Each Corner’s dimension is 300mm x 300mm (l x b)  Initial position of the robot is any point within 20cm of the starting point of the robot for placing the same colored block  NO lego kits are allowed failing to do will result in disqualification from the event.Top view of arena
  5. 5. ABSTRACT SUBMISSION 1. Register on the Avishkar-site first. It is compulsory for all participants to register there to participate in any event in Avishkar. 2. All the willing participants are required to send an abstract with team details at before “24th October 2012” 3. Team Details include:-  Name (Highlight team leader’s name)  E-mail ID’s  Contact Number  College Name with contact details  Branch, Year  CityNOTE: The abstract is meant to assess the efforts put in by participants. Thus even if you are not able tomeet the requirements, please send us the abstract based on the current state of your bot before thedeadline. That means even if your bot is incomplete, please send the bot anyway, instead of not sendingthem or sending them late. CERTIFICATE POLICY : 1.Certificate of Excellence will be given to all the winners. 2. Certificates of Participation will be given to all the teams who qualify first round of the competition. 3.The teams which get disqualified due to disobeying any of the competition rules will not be considered for the certificate. 4.There will be also certificates for best bot design and innovations. Contacts: Shubham Sharma Mithlesh Gupta Sachin Gupta +91-92361632273 +91-9565307721 +91-9026766349