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che guevara

che guevara



life beyond a lifetime

life beyond a lifetime



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    che guevara che guevara Presentation Transcript

    • Profile….Name : Ernesto Rafael Guevara De La SernaBorn: 16th June,1928Birth place: Rosario, ArgentinaRace: HispanicReligion: AtheistField: RevolutionaryFamous for: Symbol of revolution
    • Family…. Father: Ernesto Guevara Lynch Mother: Celia De La Serna His family was liberal, anti Nazi, and not very religious.
    • Childhood…. He was the eldest of five children in the family. Around the age of 2, he developed asthma, a condition from which he suffered his entire life. He was an avid rugby union player and earned himself the nickname “Fuser” His schoolmates nicknamed him “Chancho”(pig), because he rarely bathed, and proudly wore a weekly shirt.
    • Snapshots….
    • Earlydays…. He was passionate about poetry, especially that of Pablo Neruda and John Keats. He was an enthusiastic reader, with interests including Carl Marx and William Faulkner. Additionally he enjoyed the works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Vladimir Lenin, Robert Frost and Franz Kafka.
    • Childhood heroes….
    • Education…. Che changes so many schools as his family moved from place to place. In 1948, he entered, the University of Buenos Aires to study medicine. In 1953, he graduated from the university, where he was trained as a doctor.
    • The Motorcycle Diary.. On December 1951 Che and his partner Alberto Granado took a trip to South America by a motorcycle with the final goal of spending a few weeks volunteering at the San Pablo Leper colony in Peru.
    • Before he change the world, theworld change him….
    • The diary of 14000 km..
    • The map of the motorcycle diary..
    • Diary of 8 months….
    • Guatemala On July 7, 1953, the journey continues again to Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. After witnessing American intervention in Guatemala in 1954, Che realigned and become convinced that the only way to bring about change way by violent revolution. On July 1955, he met Fidel Castro.
    • July 26 movement…. On 2nd December, 1956 an organized group of 82 revolutionaries including Che and Castro landed in Cuba and launched a guerilla war against the hated Batista regime. Castro make Che, the commander. On 1-2 January 1959, the fall of the hated Batista regime, who was a US puppet considered by Che.
    • After the revolution… On June 2, Che married Aleida March He travelled Africa, Asia, Yugoslavia On July 15 he flies to Japan and visit Hiroshima. On October 7, he became the head of the industry department of Cuba. On November 26, he is named president of the national bank.
    • Adoption of Che….
    • Guerrilla warfare…. “Guerra de guerrillas” is a book written by Che, about his fighting days. From October 21 to February 1961, he travelled to the socialist countries like China, Czechoslovakia and USSR.
    • Leaving the nationality…. In April 1965, he gave up all his official positions and his Cuban nationality in front of Fidel Castro. In July he secretly travelled to Congo through Cairo. On October 3, Fidel Castro showed the letter Where Che had given up his nationality.
    • Back to Cuba…. In march 1966,he had to leave Congo and went back to Cuba. From March to June he travelled through Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia.
    • The set of the sun…. On March 23,1967 the gorilla defeated the Bolivian army in their first unexpected battle. On October 8, the battle in Quebrada de yoru took place. The following day, the Bolivian government announced that Che had been executed. On October 15, Fidel Castro officially accepted Che’s death.
    • “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot,coward you re only going to kill a man…”
    • Failure in Bolivia…. Working class Bolivians were happy with the capitalism. The hungry eyes of common people made him mad. It was quite impossible to get the victory of socialist revolution in a foreign country. Without food and medicines for a year wandering in jungles, made the guerillas half dead.
    • The sun still shines…. He is the lord of modern revolution. He was god for the common poor people. The icon of anti capitalism & social liberation. Hero of third world socialist nations. The greatest inspiring leader for the youths of all time. His holy sacrifice.
    • A saint or sinner….? Che was always known to be a strict disciplinarian and he was almost known to be tyrannical, but that is how one should be when one is a warrior of a revolution. Somebody describes Che as “the killing machine”, but from my point of view he just followed Gandhijee’s words “do or die”.
    • A man, many qualities A great revolutionary A true politician An awesome author A kind hearted physician A military theorist An inspiring leader of world history
    • Autobiography & biography…. Guerrilla warfare  Che Guevara Manifesto -- David Sanderson The motorcycle diaries  Che Guevara: a revolutionary life -- Jon Lee  I, Che Guevara -- John Blackthorn
    • The motion pictures…
    • Its true….
    • Remembrance….
    • “you may cut the flowers, but it will not stopthe spring”
    • Vision & Motto….
    • Revolutionary, not a rock star….
    • It’s the time to think…. Capitalism has killed650000000 people. Che tried to make us safe from the evil capitalism. The time has come again Its time to stop it…….. I wonder…..how,,,,
    • Its….
    • RemembeRing those woRds… “no sleep in hungry eyes.. green leaves,, fast waves woke up, woke up”
    • “long live Chelong live Revolution….”