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Usability Evaluation Report : Pharmacy application
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Usability Evaluation Report : Pharmacy application


My role in this engagement was : …

My role in this engagement was :
Conduct research to understand challenges with the existing application and workflow challenges
Review existing application
Recommend new workflow and design to meet the needs of the Pharmacy consultant

Published in Technology , Design
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  • 1. UX EVALUATION: PHARMACYAPPLICATION •  Email : subhasish.karmakar@gmail.com •  LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/subhasishkSubhasish Karmakar Independent UX Consultant Portfolio Download PDF : It's a Four-Screen World View Online : It's a Four-Screen World
  • 3. Goal for the exercise Talk to the key stakeholder in the organization to understand : •  Business •  Users and their workflows •  Business Challenges •  Pinpoints with the existing Application •  Review Existing application and articulate user experience, usability issues •  Propose an alternate workflow for one of the key workflow of the application •  Suggested wireframe sketches for the proposed workflow
  • 4. PRODUCTS REVIEWED & PEOPLE INTERVIEWED Understanding the existing system
  • 5. Products Reviewed 1.  Apios 2.  Modules •  Select Facility •  Search Patient •  Make Recommendations •  Reports
  • 6. YOUR & YOUR EMPLOYEES BIGGEST PINPOINTS As gathered from various interviews & reviewing the application
  • 7. Golden Living Stakeholders •  We spend huge amount of time and money in training our consultants, even after that they aren’t able to use the application effectively” ( Jason) •  On an average Golden Living spends 3 full days per consultat •  Our consultants are not able to make effective recommendations ( Jason) •  As a business leader I am not able to show value( $ Savings) effectively to our clients. •  Although this application is used by only 40 people in the organization it generates more IT support tickets than any other application used by Golden Living ( Mike) •  The workflow of the application is too complex, and our consultants don’t understand the workflow clearly •  It takes •  “Our UI is not at all intuitive” Excerpts from the interviews
  • 8. Key Business Challenges with respect toApios •  Time taken to complete a recommendation is very high : impacting efficiency of the consultants on the ground •  Managers unable to show value to the customers : Reports generated by the application is misleading •  Very high training time •  Very high volume of IT support tickets
  • 10. Business Challenges vs UX Goals Business Challenges Usability Goals It takes too much time to complete a task for the consultant : Efficiency •  Design new workflow to reduce number of clicks, and task completion time. •  Increase efficiency by 50% Very High training time •  Application should be designed in such a way that it provides necessary assistance to the users, and minimize in person training time : Goal reduce training time by 20% Unable to show business value to clients •  Optimized workflow for business leaders and managers •  More control on report generation
  • 12. User Profiles •  Pharmacy Consultant •  Age group 35-50 •  Highly educated, and proficient with computer •  Regularly uses web applications for other day to day work ( emails, booking reservations, buying online etc) •  Key Task •  Assigned 10 facilities mostly in one region/state. Each facility has 100 patients in an average •  Mandate is to review all the patients in each facility every month. i.e. in an average 50 patients a day •  Key Task in Apios •  Select Facility > Search for a patient > Make recommendation, suggest Medication > Move to next patient> •  Generate report for the facility •  Management Team •  Age group 35-50 •  Highly educated, and proficient with computer •  Regularly uses web applications for other day to day work ( emails, booking reservations, buying online etc) •  Key Task •  Review the status of the recommendations of the direct reports •  Generate reports as and when necessary for clients and business stakeholders •  Key Task in Apios •  Review recommendation status •  Generate report
  • 14. Existing UI Evaluation : Selecting a Facility 1 2 3 1.The tab based navigation, doesn’t match the workflow of the consultant. The multi modal navigation is only helpful when user needs to frequently jump around between two different sets of task or information The workflow of a Pharmacy consultant is very linear, and the navigation model needs to support that task flow 2. Why do we need a search when in reality a Pharmacy consultant is assigned 10-15 facilities? The search here is unnecessarily adding load to the system, making it slow. Increasing the number of clicks for the consultant to find a facility 3. Display ONLY the list of Facilities that are relevant to the consultant
  • 15. Existing UI Evaluation : Selecting/Searching a Patient 1 2 1& 2. Just to go to patient list user needs to : 1.  Select the checkbox (1 click) 2.  Click on the patient Drop down ( 2 click) 3.  Click on patient search ( 3 click) Note : User can also directly click on Facility code and go to the first patient in that facility ( sorted in alphabetical order) But that doesn’t serve any purpose. Because the Printed Census that the consultant receives in the facility doesn’t match that order. So this navigation is meaningless 3
  • 16. Existing UI Evaluation : Suggestions 1 2 1.  Remove the Top Navigation. This is not needed for the consultant. Design a sequential ( modal) navigation that matches the workflow of the consultant 2.  Remove search Facility function from the Pharmacy Consultant’s view. 3.  Show only the facilities assigned to the consultant 4.  The entire pagination can be removed 3 4
  • 17. Existing UI Evaluation : Patient Recommendation 1 2 1.  Information duplicated in multiple places. Lot of real- estate wasted. Resulting in scroll 2.  This grid is filled with irrelevant information which can be easily removed 3.  Quite a few of these buttons can also be removed 4.  This page is cluttered with too much information 5.  Key information “Order Grid” that is needed by the pharmacist to make a recommendation is hidden below the scroll. 6.  The user have to scroll at least 2-3 times to review order grid and then make a recommendation for a patient3 4
  • 18. 1.  Order Grid is the most critical information that the Pharmacy consultant needs to make a recommendation. However this is placed below the fold. 2.  Which means a consultant needs to scroll down to review the order grid and scroll up again to review the recommendations before making any new recommendation.
  • 19. Existing UI Evaluation : Patient Recommendation : Suggestion1 2 1.  Remove unnecessary information from the page and the grid. 2.  Use maximum real estate to display most critical information 3.  Reduce scroll by removing irrelevant information 4.  Redesign the Recommendation grid with clear segregation and focus on key call to action 3 4
  • 20. 1.  The interaction here is very confusing. 2.  The differentiation between For review, and reviewed is not explicit. 3.  What we understood from Jason is : 1.  For review : is for auto generated recommendations 2.  Reviewed meas : Recommendations reviewed but doesn’t need to be submitted 3.  Submitted: is for submit to doctors 4.  This needs to be clearly communicated in the UI
  • 21. 1.  According to Rick and Jason no one uses this dashboard as it doesn’t help them in doing their work faster. 2.  The dashboard is not categories as per priority 3.  The links doesn’t directly take them to the list of patients under high risk. It only allows them to view a list.
  • 22. Log In Land on Last visited Facility Continue with Last visited Facility Select Another Facility Search Patient Make Recommendati on Select a new Facility Workflow Model to be explored : Option1
  • 23. Log In Facility selection Patient Search Select Another Facility Search Patient Make Recommendati on Workflow Model to be explored : Option 2
  • 24. PROPOSED WORKFLOWAND DESIGN View interactive wireframe here : http://te3z5m.axshare.com
  • 25. Design Consideration The New work flow is designed with following considerations : 1.  The interface should match ( as much as possible) the actual workflow of the consultants on the ground 2.  The interface should aid/assists the consultants to complete his immediate tasks while they are in a facility 3.  The interface should provide what they need and only when they need it ( just in time information). 4.  Reduce unnecessary clutter from the screen and allow consultants to focus on the task
  • 26. Log In Land on Last visited Facility Continue with Last visited Facility Select Another Facility Search Patient Make Recommendati on Select a new Facility Recommended Workflow : Axure wireframe : http://gb0r4c.axshare.com/
  • 27. 2 1 3 4 •  Role Based access to Facility List. •  Finding a facility is now just one click. This would almost reduce the time by 80% •  All time access to your facilities. Switching between facilities is also one click. •  Show the facility List only when you need it. Hide by clicking on the arrow. 2 •  All time access to your dashboard. •  A dashboard from where you can quickly jump to taking action 3 •  Patient Search Always available. •  Search by first name/Last name/ward number and quickly jump to the patient. •  No need to go to another screen for search 4 •  List of all patients in one page •  Patient summary allows you to quickly jump to patients on high alert Proposed Wireframes : Facility List + Patient List Axurewireframe:http://gb0r4c.axshare.com/
  • 28. 1 1 2 •  Hide the Facility Tab once you are in a facility. •  To switch back to another facility just open the panel and click on another facility. Simple! •  In the current application it may take you 10 minutes or 10 clicks. 2 •  Patient summary Panel allows you to quickly jump to patients who are on high alert, with just one click! •  Imagine doing this with the existing application? Can you ? J Pain points Resolved Finding a facility is a pain You see only what you need. Yes I am not able to review patients who are on high alert and quickly take action on them first Patient Summary. Yes We should have an option to switch between facilities Facility List Left Navigation Yes Most efficient way to find a patient is by searching by last name Search always available Yes Proposed Wireframes : Facility List + Patient List (2)
  • 29. Proposed Wireframes : Recommendations (2) 1 21 •  No scroll in the recommendations page, still you have all the information you need to make a decision! •  Fields optimized, without missing out key information •  Click on “Recommendation History” to view past recommendation history 2 •  Your order grid is always visible. The pain of scrolling up and down multiple times is gone! •  Adding an order, Discontinuing an order, or sorting orders by status is just a single click 3 •  Search For a Patient, add a new patient, or view the entire patient list without leaving the recommendation page 3 Pain points Resolved I have to scroll everywhere, Recommendations page is unusable! No Scrolls now !Yes A consultant needs to scroll almost 3-4 times to view the order grid. They need to see it always Order grid is always visible. Yes Not sure why some of the fields in the recommendation grid is there Unwanted fields removed. Yes Too many clicks to search another patient once I am done Stay on the same page. Yes
  • 30. Proposed Wireframes : Recommendations (3) 1 1 •  Information grouped to match the workflow •  Tabs organized based on task •  Information revealed as an when it’s needed without crowding the screen with everything 2 3 Pain points Resolved Too many clicks to make a recommendation Yes Very confusing interactions. Not sure why some of these buttons or grids exist Tasks grouped matching the workflow. Yes 2 3
  • 31. Proposed Wireframes : Recommendations (3) 1 •  Show /Hide Order Grid with a single click •  Add a new order •  Search for an order •  Easy access to sorting order in one click •  Click on the checkbox and then click on discontinue button to move the discontinued order. Pain points Resolved Consultants need to see the Order grid always It’s there now! Yes They should be able to easily •  add an order •  Search for an order •  Discontinue an order •  Sort orders All with one click! Don’t you think it’s easier now? Yes 5 3 4 2 5 1 2 3 4 5
  • 32. Proposed Wireframes : Dashboard 1 •  Finally a Dashboard that’s useful to consultants •  Yes now they can •  Directly click on patients on high alert and go to the patient list •  Take immediate action on pending recommendations •  One click access to all their favorite reports from dashboard •  What else do you need? Pain points Resolved No one uses the dashboard. It’s of no use the way it is now What do you think now ! Yes Can’t click on the patients on high alert and go to the list Now you can Yes Lot of information in the dashboard is unnecessary Only contains information that’s relevant Yes 1
  • 33. Proposed Wireframes : Patient Focused Navigation 1 Pain points Resolved Finding a Patient takes too many click Not it’s just a click Yes Mostly consultants use Search functionality to go to a a patient Search is always with the consultant Yes •  Patient Search Always available across the application •  Patient List is just 1 click away •  Add a new Patient from anywhere •  Patient Demographic Data is highlighted 1
  • 34. Proposed Wireframes : Reports 1 •  Reports are now better organized •  Reports are revealed based on your role. 1
  • 35. Proposed Wireframes : Outcome Screen Simplified (1) 1 •  No one is actually clear on what to do and how to go about outcome screen •  It took 30 minutes discussion between Jason and Rick to figure out what each of the buttons “Add New”, “Add Current”, “Change Drug” Does. •  There is no reason why “Save” and Confirm buttons exist. •  We didn’t get sufficient time to get into every details of the outcome screen. But we strongly feel that there is a huge opportunity to simplify this screen where currently most of the consultants struggle. •  NOTE : •  Our recommendation is based on our limited understanding of the Outcome screen. This may not be completely correct. A deeper dive into the business workflow will allow us to further simplify or modify this screen in a way that helps the consultant 1
  • 36. Proposed Wireframes : Outcome Screen (2) 1 •  Better organization of content •  Clear classification between read only, auto populated content and interactive elements on the screen •  Removal of confusing buttons from the screen 1 2 3 2 •  Meaningful grouping of interaction. •  Example : Discontinue Drug and Add current drug is only applicable to Current Dosage •  Similarly add new Drug and Change drug is applicable to Proposed dosage 3 •  Reveal information as and when necessary
  • 37. THANK YOU •  Email : subhasish.karmakar@gmail.com •  LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/subhasishkSubhasish Karmakar Independent UX Consultant Portfolio Download PDF : It's a Four-Screen World View Online : It's a Four-Screen World