Retail operation in Reliance Trends and its impact on customer satisfaction


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Retail operation in Reliance Trends and its impact on customer satisfaction

  1. 1. Retail Operation of Reliance Trends and it’s Impact on Consumer Satisfaction. By-Subhajit Sar Reg-PGDM/13-15/41
  2. 2. Introduction  Retail is the “sale of goods and services from a individuals or a businesses to the end user.” Retailers are part of an integrated system called supply chain. A retailer purchases goods or products in a large quantities from manufacturers directly or through a wholesale ,and then sells smaller quantities to the customer for a profit.
  3. 3. Literature Review  Cristina Calvo, Jean-Pierre –Mangin, (2014), Determination of Brand’s success: A cross-store format competitive analysis.” This study based on how store brands have grown exponentially in the past decade worldwide, Future increase is expected due to the economic downturn, which makes up an increasingly competitive market with great research interest.  M. Divya, Dr K M chinnadorai, (2007) “A study on operations, merchandising and marketing of retail stores”. This study includes how a retail industry chooses a right vendor for the goods, and management of the control, holding, handling and planning the merchandise.
  4. 4. Company Profile  Company Name: Reliance Retail  Subsidiary Company: Reliance Trends  Founded: 2007  Head Quarter: Mumbai  Chairman and Managing Director: Shri Mukesh Ambani  Number of Stores: 168 till 2014  Stores at Kolkata: Axis Mall, Thakurpukur Diamond Pllaza Avani Riverside Mall,
  5. 5. Functions performed by Retailers:  Providing an assessment of the product and services.  Breaking Bulk.  Holding Inventory.  Providing Services.
  6. 6. Significance of Retail Operation of Reliance Trends and Its Impact on customer satisfaction  A retail operation is very important aspect in any retail store, a good and fluent retail operation influence the customer and it helps to drive the customer to the retail store. So my study based on the Retail operation which will clarify all the aspect regarding the store and merchandise management and this study will connect the retail operation with the customer satisfaction.
  7. 7. Research Objective:  1. To measure the satisfaction level of customers with regard of reliance trends.  2. To gain a good idea about the retail operation.  3. To study different types of promotional activities done by Reliance trends for driving more customers.  4. To find out the direct link between
  8. 8. Relationship Between Retail Operation and Customer Satisfaction Store Management Merchandise Management Customer Satisfaction
  9. 9. Research Methodology  Research design:  For this project descriptive method is used and also used Statistical Analysis method.  Sources of Data:  Primary Data  Secondary Data  Sample Size:  Sample Size is 60.  Data Collection Method:  By using questionnaire, phone calls and internet.  Research Limitations:  The study is only for the Reliance trends confined to a particular location and a very small sample of respondents. Hence the findings cannot be treated as representative of the entire retail industry.  In this study I have included 60 customer because of time limit.
  10. 10. Data Analysis  Data Analysis covered age, income level, gender, frequency of shopping, quality of private level brands, pricing of the product, offers, perception on Reliance Trends, buying preference.  Most of the aspect connected with the customer satisfaction.
  11. 11. Distribution with respect to the quality of Service(Q10,i)(p-46) 62.00 % 14.00 % 16.00 % 8.00 % 0% Quality of service Very much satisfied Satisfied Neither satisfied or not dissatisfie dDissatisfie d  Analysis:  From the pie chart it is clear that 62% people are very satisfied with the service  provided by Reliance Trends.14% people are satisfied with the service,16% people are nether satisfied or not dissatisfied and 8% people are dissatisfied  Interpretation:  From the data it is clear that most of the people are satisfied with the service that is providing by Reliance Trends, After sale service is one of the important part in
  12. 12. Distribution with respect to the best part at Reliance Trends.(q4,p-39) 26.67 % 31.67 % 36.67 % 10% Best part Store Atmospher e Customer Service Product Quality Merchandi se  Analysis:  From the pie chart it is clear that most of the people like the Product Quality in Reliance  Trends, Store atmosphere also liked by the 26.67 percent people, Customer Service is  liked by 31.67 percent people and the way Reliance Trends represent their merchandise is  liked by 10 percent people.  Interpretation:  In this, people choose product quality because the customers are getting quality product. within reasonable price. Customer Service also satisfy the customers because trends have good return policy.
  13. 13. Analysis: From the pie chart it is clear that 26.67 percent people said Reliance trends is the best,48.33% percent people said Reliance trends is among the good once,13.33% people said it is not up to the mark and 11.67 percent people said not at all good. Interpretation: From this data it is clear that according to the customers, Reliance positioned them self with the good once. Some of the customers are not satisfied with the Trends because of the lack of external brands. 26.67% 48.33% 13.33% 11.67% Perception on Reliance Trends It is the best Among the good onces Not up to the mark Not at all good Distribution with respect to the perception on Reliance Trends.(q13,p-53)
  14. 14. Findings  Lack of external brand.  Lack of quality in private level brands.  Employees needs proper training.  Less Promotional Activity.  Doesn’t have attractive marketing strategy  Lack of new technology.  Customers are not asked to fill up Ril card.  Visual Merchandising
  15. 15. Suggestions  Suggestion related to in house operation.  Suggestion related to business model.  Suggestion related to customer relations.  Suggestion related to store management.  Suggestion related to promotion.  Suggestion related to new technology.
  16. 16. Conclusion  From the study we conclude that all the customers are not fully satisfied with not only Reliance Trends but also with the remaining competitors of reliance trends, customers are finding some faults with every apparel stores.  The customers entering into the store are happy with the offers available in the store that the offers are good value for their money. But from my observation I can conclude that Reliance trends is spending lot of money for different types of marketing and promotional activities for driving more customers into the stores, but Reliance is not concentrating on converting the people who entered the store into a final customers.
  17. 17. THANK YOU……