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  • 1. Promoting Sports Teams Through Social Media Bryan Suarez
  • 2. Facebook now has over 500 million users
  • 3.  This means one out of every 13 people has a Facebook!
  • 4. Creating Ways to PromoteTeams Through Facebook
  • 5. Facebook Page It is vitally important to have an established Facebook page to promote your sports team. Being able to share information about the team will help raise awareness toward the team.
  • 6.  The page will contain updates of the upcoming games as well as in game updates throughout the course of the games. These updates will help the team’s fans keep track of how the team is doing
  • 7.  Creating “Events” that show where the next games or matches are will help spread the awareness of the games. This will help the fans because they are informed about the game as well as knowing who is attending these games
  • 8. Facebook Contests A creative and engaging way to help promote the team would be to hold a contest on the Facebook The contest would be to have the fans of the page post pictures of their experience at the games and the picture with the most “likes” in a given time would be the winner
  • 9.  This would help promote the team in two ways:  Boost the amount of fans on the page because in order to like the pictures, the people must be fans of the page  Lets the fans of the page see how fun and exciting the games are with the pictures that are uploaded
  • 10. The number of Twitter users increase by 300,000 every day
  • 11.  Twitter is becoming a very popular social media outlet that allows people to get instant news when it happens It is one of the best sources for staying up to date with everything that happens all over the world
  • 12.  Have and up to date Twitter account for a sports team is the best way to keep fans informed. Twitter can be a fan’s best friend when they are unable to watch the game or match.
  • 13. What To Do Small updates that are quick and concise will help the fan throughout the final seconds of the big game. Make sure to update the account regularly so the fans know exactly how the team is doing whether they are playing or not.
  • 14.  It would be wise to mention the athletes in the tweets about the games. This will help boost the fan base of not only the team but also the individual athlete.
  • 15.  To help promote the team, make sure to reply to as many tweets that are directed to you as possible. This will help engage the fans and make them feel as though what they have to say means something and that their voice is heard. Just like in small businesses, every customer counts.
  • 16. Instagram
  • 17.  Instagram is a unique social media outlet where it is somewhat a combination of Twitter and Facebook but is strictly used for pictures Over 1 Billion pictures have been uploaded and it increases by almost 5 million a day
  • 18.  Having an Instagram account for your team would help promote the club tremendously. By being able to connect the Facebook account and the Twitter account, you can easily gain more followers that way and also post pictures of the team easier.
  • 19. Sharing Pictures A different but innovative way to promote the team through Instagram would be to post pictures of the team that couldn’t be seen from the stands. Being able to see the team when they are not on the field would be a creative way to show the fans how their favorite athletes are when they aren’t on the court or field.
  • 20. Posting 101 The pictures that club posts on Instagram needs to be strategically posted. Too many pictures would clutter the followers news feed and the account would be annoying to follow. But a lack of pictures would not help get the program’s name out there.
  • 21. YouTube
  • 22. YouTube has over 800 million viewers a month
  • 23. 4 Billion videos are viewed daily
  • 24.  Sports teams can create a YouTube channel and upload various types of videos about the team. The videos can consist of:  Highlights of games  Personal handshakes of the players  Superstitions of the players  “Behind the scenes” videos
  • 25. Streaming Live! The games could also be streamed live through YouTube This way people from all over can watch the games when they are unable to make it to the games
  • 26. Online Chat With this live streaming of the games, fans could chat live through the YouTube channel. This will help gain feedback as well as engaging the fans with each other.
  • 27. Thank You