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7 Faq

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions Our company has never purchased through an intermediary. We have always purchased directly. How easy is it to buy through you ? It makes lot of sense for you to buy through us. We provide all the value added services. We have an extensive designing and sampling department which can offer you a uni-collection to choose from and research and development department which constantly investing time and efforts in finding new fashions and factories it can work with. We offer you world class products at competitive price. How do you claim that your prices are more competitive than Direct Buying? As we are continuously working with all types of manufacturers from different places, it is easily possible for us to give you competitive price by match you right supplier as per your requirements. Also we assist the manufacturers to source the raw materials and accessories cheaply and qualitely from around the world. Further, it is because of a simple philosophy build into our corporate culture - "avoid waste and maximize productivity" through our value added services. At most care is taken to make sure that mistakes are avoided before they can occur. Each and every process will be allowed for bulk production only after our prior approvals. Hence we claim to be the most competitive. How can you assure us for the time delivery? It is very simple. Before confirm the order to a supplier, StyleWiz-inc assesses the factories in terms of product range, quality of the products made, production capacity, technology orientations, working condition, financial capacity, man power, managerial efficiency and their overall facilities. After selection of a vendor, our continuos value added services from sampling to shipment makes us easy to keep-up the delivery schedule. How do you assure that the quality of our consignment will be as per our specifications? Every stage of the production processes are monitored thoroughly by us in systematic way. Finally the final inspection perform according to your required AQL level. The detailed final inspection is based on the specification of the principle and cover the criteria such as design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing, etc. The reports on the multi-stage inspections are transmitted to the buyers by fax / e.mail. Only after the buyers approval StyleWiz-inc will allow the suppliers to ship the consignment. How long has StyleWiz-inc been in business? StyleWiz-inc was founded in 2008. Production in the name of BOSS International have been done in India since 1999 to serve European Textile Market. What are typical order volumes? Purchase orders range from $40,000 to $4 million (F.O.B.) Who are your customers? Publicly and privately held companies (50 million to 2 billion in annual revenues) purchasing a minimum of $1 million (F.O.B.) from India annually. We would like to explore business opportunities? Contact us with your inquiries. We can meet you in your office in your country at your convenience to discuss in detail and can give you a presentation of our latest collections.
  2. 2. What skills do your employees possess? StyleWiz-inc employees hold a wide range of expertise. At a minimum, all have a bachelor’s degree while many hold masters. Experience range from engineering and logistics to project management and design. How many Indian suppliers do you have in your network? StyleWiz-inc maintains its own database of hundreds of Indian suppliers all of whom we conducted our own due diligence on. How to pay your commission? While opening the L/C by adding our commission along with the garment price and that can be mentioned in the L/C itself which will come to our account at the time of the bill payment. Otherwise you can pay us directly through wire transfer after the shipment. How do you charge for your services? Our Charges Most importers have found it cheaper to work with us because we are able to source products much cheaper than their direct buying from the manufacturers and without any risk. Our charges are generally a small percentage of the FOB value of the shipment. We generally source goods at a lower cost than most other buying offices in India. So, our commission tends to pay for itself. We reduce the cost of buying, cost of managing quality and cost of assuring deliveries. And, our customers get to know new developments, new products and new supply base from this part of the world. » EXAMPLE If you were to place an order for 10,000 T-shirts: Buying DIRECT: The supplier quote is $ 4.00 per T-shirt Total cost FOB: 4.00 x 10,000 = $ 40,000 . 00 Buying through STYLEWIZ-INC: We source the same product at $ 3.50 per T-shirt Total Cost FOB: 3.50 x 10,000 = $ 35,000 . 00 Your total Cost: 35,000 + 1,750 = $ 36,750 . 00 Your savings = 40,000 - 36,750 = $ 3,250 . 00 You save $ 3,250 on your FOB import cost, in addition you will get guarantee for your imports and our services including Quality Inspections, Production Monitoring, Updates and most important Timely Delivery. All this at a cost which is actually a savings for our buyers! Yes, we reduce the cost of buying, cost of
  3. 3. managing quality and cost of assuring deliveries. And, our customers get to know new developments, new products and new supply base from this part of the world. GIVE US A TRY You may have heard about the difficulties faced by importers in sourcing High Quality Garments from India on consistent basis. It is easily possible by using an experienced, quality conscious, dedicated buying office like STYLEWIZ-INC, Global Apparel Sourcing. GIVE US A TRY! Get us to sample a product for you. You will get an idea of our resources and the quality of our vendor base and services. We promise your value for money and trouble free sourcing from one of the growing and competitive economies in the world. How do I obtain more information? Simply contact us by clicking here.