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Stylus Systems provides custom software development, web development, IT consulting services and offshore development center (ODC) solutions from India

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Stylus Systems - IWD corporate brochure

  1. 1. boost your bottom line without adding a single $ to your IT budget We believe you found this promotional material as helpful and informative; for further information about Stylus Systems and how to get started with your offshore software development endeavors please feel free to contact our customer care representative or visit our office in Bangalore. Mail Us: Call Us: +91 80 25455083 Visit Us: Stylus Systems Pvt. Ltd. 924, 5 A Cross I Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore - 560043
  2. 2. Fight Talent Shortage Get your software product into the market within and Programmer Attrition your budget and deadlines with Stylus Systems' low-risk software development lifecycle Get higher productivity and output without adding a single $ to your IT budget! Tap into the world’s fastest growing .NET talent pool! Hire Stylus Systems’ .NET programmers on monthly contracts to work for you on telecommuting arrangement Based out of Bangalore, the world's outsourcing destination of choice for the past several years exceptional talent at your disposal Reduce overhead spend and cut costs on employee benefits and incentive budget by hiring .NET programmers to work for you at Stylus Inc
  3. 3. Guaranteed Low-Risk Software/Web App Development professionalism rooted in strong values About Stylus Systems Beginning operations in a 2 bedroom In 1999, the connection that IT outsourcing house is also probably the reason why buyers felt towards offshore IT service our employees, clients and vendors providers was iffy at the best. The IT feel at home when they visit us in our outsourcing horror stories and first hand current 3 storey office today. We experience of outsourcing buyers added have maintained the same integrity, more fuel to the already raging unhappiness candor, honesty and warmth of a over offshore providers' performance. happy home even 7 years and 350 clients later. At this juncture, our founder Ralph Budelman observed that the unhappiness With a portfolio of over 350 past and was caused largely due to skewed present clients, we have worked in expectations on either side. Cost reduction almost all major industries from was at that time the driver for IT Pharma to Education, Finance to outsourcing and non-realization of cost Health Care, Tourism to Social reductions due to several factors caused Networking. Our pool of employees, many an outsourcing deal veer towards our infrastructure and our domain “failure”. expertise is best suited for SMEs and mid-cap companies across the globe. Thus was launched Stylus Systems from a 2 bedroom house in 1999 with a deep focus on Therefore, it's no wonder that some expectation management, skilled people of our clients have stayed with us for and NOT 'high' cost reduction. “The focus over 4 years and are still happy over was on quality and not quantity,” said our services. Stylus Systems believes Ralph. in providing the same quality service to all our customers and help them This strategy has worked well for both our achieve their business goals within clients and our organization. The proof of their specified budget and deadlines. this is the ever increasing number of global Stylus Inc actively identifies and clients, premium work and quality talent pool in the past 7 years. manages risks specific to your project.
  4. 4. Success Story satisfied clients across Web Application the globe Development Client: Fred Fishback, a premier Applied Behavioral Scientist is an interface between industrial psychology and engineering. He has worked 4 years down the line: How we started: with some of the top fortune 500 companies including ALCOA, Glaxo-SmithKline, We have been serving this customer Initially we took 6 odd months for the American Express, Matsushita and others. for the past 4 years and we have first phase; from then on the web build expertise in HR assessment application has been evolving and Product: domain. It is also a strategic growing. project in terms of the new tools Online HR assessment web application Technology used: and technology we use which is initially developed to use for Fred's services challenging to us. for one of America's leading organizations. ASP/ SQL Server (initial platform), .NET (for some modules like tablet PC), The future looks good for Fred- Dundas (for reporting and graphs), Initial Scenario: Stylus partnership. Currently, Stylus Kayako (ticketing tool), EasyAsk NLQ team is working on making the Fred had the idea in his mind. He contacted tool. assessment app more user-friendly. Stylus to develop the application from the We're working on converting the scratch with him being the master designer. What Fred liked in us: entire app from ASP to .NET This was four years back. platform. Also included in this Fred was impressed by the different module are features that will allow levels of communication medium Stylus Services Provided: thousands to take assessments from offered especially the programmers anywhere in world (currently they talking to the client directly and our Custom web application development with a have to report to a local test center team's ability to efficiently handle mix of T&M and FTE (full time engagement) for assessments) different technology. Also he liked our model. Processes involved include creating live support during his working timings modules for tablet PC, creating dashboards, in the US and the regular involvement of graphical reporting facilities, live support, Stylus top management in the project. and long term maintenance.