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G324 Advanced Portfolio, Research, planning and evaluation.

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9245 matthew

  1. 1. My Proposal 24.06.2009 My Proposal Matthew Whiteley For my A2 project, I propose to do a music video based on the song “My Last Day” by Castleford- based pop-punk/punk-rock band Girl Kills Boy. I intend to work to produce the video footage which will last in total around 3:30. In addition to this I intend to produce a website homepage for the band and a DVD cover for the music video's release. I aim to produce a good piece of work by studying other music videos with a similar theme to mine. It will also be beneficial for me to look into music videos of other pop-punk and punk-rock bands. I will also research conventions of music videos, band home pages and DVD covers in order to create suitable products. I intend to have two primary locations for my filming, one being at a venue where the band are performing and the second being the location that the narrative is taking place. I intend to show clips of both whilst having the track dubbed over. I plan for the narrative aspect of my video to be a sequence where a soldier has been taken hostage in a foreign country. The idea is that the soldier will be forced by his captors to create a hostage video in which he demands that all armed forces leave the country else he will be executed. This footage will be filmed with Aaron Knowles and Ryan Dooler who are using similar footage for their project. My intention is to create a video that, whilst has a political message and implicit violence, would still be able to be shown on a music channel throughout the day. To do this, I will ensure that there is no serious violence shown and the only mention of the violence will be the threat of execution, all other violence will be implicit, i.e. cuts and bruises. My target audience is reflected by the primary audience of the band which is young adults from the age of around 16 through to around 25 years old. Primarily the audience is male but there is a fairly large female audience as well to accommodate.
  2. 2. History of the music video  According to the Internet Accuracy Project, the first person to coin the phrase "music video" was J.P. Richardson in 1959.  "The house of the rising sun" by The Animals is one of the first music videos to feature live performances  The Beatles helped popularise music videos in the form of feature films and promotional clips for their songs. They had feature films such as Hard Day's Night and Let It Be as well as recording promotion clips for their singles Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane.  Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody was the first video to be shown on Top Of The Pops rather than the artist appearing live. It was this video that affected how popular and pivotal music videos would become.  Michael Jackson's videos also helped popularise music videos in the mainstream and the launch of the Thriller video is perceived as being instrumental to the early success of MTV.  The launch of Youtube in 2005 has helped popularise music videos further and it has also encouraged an increase in homemade music videos for smaller bands and album tracks.
  3. 3. Styles of music video Illustration Either a straightforward performance video or narrative video that illustrates the meaning of the song and it‟s lyrics. Essentially visualising the music in a straightforward manner. It could almost be referred to as music video denotation. Amplification The video will “amplify” or “exaggerate” the creative interpretation of the music video with unusual ideas or approaches. There will still be a direct link to the song whether it be through a connotation of the lyrics or song title. Disjuncture The videos are abstract and have no obvious link to the music, lyrics, song or artist.
  4. 4. Codes and conventions A common feature of music videos is jumping directly between long shots, close ups and extreme close ups. Extreme close up of lips are often used for lip synching. Quick camera movements such as “whip pans” and fast track shots and sudden crane shots are used to follow the artists‟ movements. Pans and tilts are often done relatively quick. The beat or rhythm of recording often determines the editing movement. For the most part “MTV editing” or montage editing is used as the footage will jump from person to person or instrument to instrument without any real continuity. Performance strands of a music video are used to help promote the artist and make them more recognisable so that if you were to see them on a chat show, for example, you would immediately associate them with their music. Narrative strands of a music video are used to illustrate the lyrics and help convey the message behind the song. It is often the narrative aspects of a video that help make the video memorable which can, in turn, increase the popularity of the song.
  5. 5. Analysis of Smells Like Teen Spirit The video is of the band acting a live performance of the song inside a high school gym with rows of people sat on benches whilst cheerleaders stand at the side. In the video, which has low key and lots of smoke effects, Kurt Cobain portrays himself as the devil. This video is similar to mine because it falls under the genre of rock and appeals to a similar target audience. The cheerleaders have black clothing with dark red pom-poms. This connotes that the cheerleaders aren‟t stereotypical cheerleaders and shows the darkness and evil, which the band is trying to show through this video, as it appeals to their target audience of teenagers/young adults. The colours in this video – primarily brown, orange, yellow and grey – are used to show that the band are singing a song that is sad and gloomy. This is a representation of the life of the band, who are known for their "depressing" and "emotive" songs. The colours are chosen because they are the colours associated with the “grunge rock”, they are not happy colours and they set the gloomy tone. The red and orange also connotes the fire, which is associated with the devil. In the video, lighting and camera angles have been specifically used to not show Kurt Cobain‟s face as much as possible. This is to create suspense and make Cobain seem more mysterious and isolated from the rest of the world – once again showing the connection with the devil, who is supposed to be isolated from the rest of the world by being in hell. When there are close-ups and extreme close-ups of Kurt Cobain, the lighting is intensely bright, and his face is still hard to see through the blinding lights. This song is very energetic and there is a lot of jumping up and down from the „live‟ audience. This shows that the song is addictive and makes everyone want to make everyone join in and the excitement the song creates makes the entire audience want to scream and shout. The head banging from the crowd also shows that the band are creating immense amount of excitement, even from the very beginning with the crowd tapping their feet with just the first few notes of the song.
  6. 6. Analysis of Smells Like Teen Spirit Continued Also featured in the song is an old man, seemingly in a different room dancing along with a broom. This part of the video shows 2 different concepts, the first being that he is excluded from the rest of the audience and is therefore not considered „cool‟ enough to be in the presence of the band. This is meant to show that only young people are considered „cool‟ enough to be at the live show. However, it also shows that no matter who you are – and how old you are – you will enjoy this song. Those 2 points combined also show Nirvana‟s cockiness and ego, in that they are, in their own minds, more important than anyone else and that they don‟t care who likes them, only the younger people are allowed to like them. The „Anarchy‟ logos on the cheerleaders‟ uniforms show that Nirvana are rebellious and that they like to cause anarchy. They specifically picked the cheerleader‟s uniform to have the „Anarchy‟ logo, because anarchism and rebellion is symbolic of the „Rock‟ industry. The band following the stereotype of the industry helps influence their popularity among the target audience, because they act in the manner the fans want them to. When the crowd join in on the head banging, they get out of their seats to be that little bit closer to their band, although the „fire‟ supposedly surrounding the band shows that Nirvana feel they are too important to associate with the rest of the crowd. The crowd joining their seats shows that the band are so popular that everyone wants to get as close as they possibly can get to the band. There are a variety of shots, including long shots of the band, close-ups of Dave Grohl on the drums and Cobain on the vocals – as well as some extreme close-ups. There were also many long-shots and mid-shots of the crowd featured throughout the video, as well as similar shots featuring the old man dancing with the broom in the separate room. There were also, occasionally, several panoramic shots, which featured views of the band, the crowd and the space in between the two where smoke was rising – creating an obstruction between the crowd and the band. The shots also helped show the demonic possession of Kurt Cobain, with his very sharp yet passionate movements and facial expressions.
  7. 7. Analysis of Smells Like Teen Spirit Continued The lighting in the video is very limited, showing that the band would rather let their music do the talking rather than the video. The darkness also symbolises the evil image the band are trying to create for themselves. The colours of orange and yellow – for the lighting – have been selected, primarily because of their association with fire, and fire is an object connotation with the devil, a connection the video is trying to generate. The only real shot of Kurt Cobain‟s face is at the very end where he is in a pose looking as if he is screaming, full of passion, fury and rage. This has been done to show the devil within him, making Kurt seem possessed and keeping the theme with the devil running throughout the video. There is also a heavy use of sweat being used as a connotation for energy in this video. The sweat is pouring down the face of all the band members, which shows they are putting a lot of energy and vigour into the performance. However, it also helps contribute to the effect of there being fire in the gym, because the sweat would be being generated from the heat from the blazing fire. In turn, the sweat is an indirect object connotation of the devil, because it adds to the effect of fire, which, as stated before is associated with Satan. Kurt Cobain wears a green and black shirt with denim blue jeans. This casual look appeals to the fans of the rock genre of music, because it has ties to organic music, as opposed to manufactured bands that dress far more formally and smartly. The crowd too are wearing similar clothes to Cobain; this shows that they see Kurt as a trend and fashion-setter and see him as their idol, meaning they want to follow his ways.The members of the audience start to become more excited throughout the song, to the point where at the end, they are out of their seats, running around and even doing back-flips. This shows the excitement that the song creates, and means everyone wants to join in with the madness that the music is creating. Everyone wants to be part of the action, because the video is intending to prove that the song is a great song, and something no one wants to miss out on. Further proof of this would be the crowd member stealing one of Dave Grohl‟s symbols, this illustrates that the performance is once in a lifetime and everyone wants a souvenir to remember it by. It also represents the rebellious attitudes of rock audiences in general, which is a common theme running throughout the music video.
  8. 8. Analysis of Smells Like Teen Spirit Continued Throughout the verses there is a lot of smoke and lighting – designed to look like fire – which is again a connotation with the devil. It also makes Cobain seem mysterious because the smoke and mist is surrounding his face, making it impossible to see his entire face. The mystery surrounding Cobain makes the video more addictive, as you want to keep watching – and, in turn, listening to the song – to see why his face isn‟t shown and what is so mystifying about him. The bright orange glow, as well as the rising cloud of smoke, around the arena give the effect that there is a fire burning within the gym. With the fire being an object connotation with the devil, it once again shows the idea that Cobain is the devil, as he is surrounded by the fire. However, the fire never comes close to the band, it only surrounds them – this is shown in long camera shots of the band – this shows that they have a somewhat immunity to the fire. The invulnerability to the fire gives the impression, once more, that Cobain is the devil. This is because the devil is also unaffected by fire, as Cobain – and the rest of the band – seem to be in this video, showing similarities between the two. The video is set up to appear like a live performance, this shows that the band are not worried about having to perform on their videos, which is an attribute of an organic band. They show that they like to play instruments and are not worried about performing in their videos. During the performance, the crowd begin bowing towards the band; this shows the respect the band feel they deserve. The bowing is a connotation of admiration for the band from the live audience; this is an important part of the video because it shows that they are a great band and that the crowd are honoured to be in the presence of the band. To someone watching the video, that symbolises that the band are something special and immense, a band who‟s music is definitely worth listening to. The performance begins like a regular high school band playing with a simple intro and the crowd sat on the bleachers. Slowly but surely, the performance turns into something resembling a major band‟s performance in a huge concert. This denotes Nirvana‟s rise to fame, as they started off as a small time band performing in tiny venues before becoming a huge, global band performing in some of the biggest arenas in music history.
  9. 9. DVD Case Research Part of my project involves designing a DVD cover for the music video‟s release. For this cover I intend to create a design similar to the Digipak designs. The DVD case will most likely be designed with 6 sides (3 on each side), with a consistent design running across all 6. 2 of the inside designs will have to be fairly basic as they are designed to have discs placed over them. The central design on the same side will most likely have information about CD Info CD the DVD. On the reverse side, one will act as Inside a front cover, one as a back cover and the other will be tucked inside. Front Back Tucked Outside Cover Cover inside
  10. 10. Website Research Band websites typically have a banner at the top of the page with the band‟s logo on it. They also have a menu bar either below the banner or down the side of the page that links to tour dates, news, an online store, pictures. The websites tend to have a consistent colour scheme (blue and black for Oasis, orange/red and black for Green Day). The colours have been selected because of their connotations with the band‟s genre of music. Typically, the homepage will have limited amounts of information on. Usually there is a “Latest News” section which would have a brief summary of a couple of articles with a link to further information.
  11. 11. Planning The two above plans were for the designs of the The above plan is the designs for my website, DVD covers. The top image is the first disc, the it details what everything is and where it will inlay, the back cover and the front cover. The be situated. bottom image is of the second disc, and the inside of the DVD cover when it is opened out.
  12. 12. Planning The above are photographs of my storyboards for my music video. They show sketches of a still from the shot, details of the type of shot and type of angle, any camera movement, a brief description of the narrative and any edits that would need to be made to the shot.
  13. 13. Use/Develop/Challenge Conventions My music video uses the convention of a typical music video by using both a narrative strand and a performance strand. Typically a music video will depict the artist performing the track as well as a narrative to accompany the performance, I have opted to imitate this style of music video in my product. It also uses the convention of having a close-up of the lead singer when singing, this allows the audience to be focused on the lyrics as they have the visual image to reinforce what they're hearing. This also promotes the artist and makes them familiar to the audience as the music video is a form of advertisement for the band. Furthermore, fast pace editing is also used in the video as this is also conventional of a video for a fast paced song. Another convention I have included is the use of titles in the bottom corner at the beginning of the music video to introduce the band, the song and the album it's taken from. This is commonly used so that if the audience has no prior knowledge of the song or artist, they can go and purchase the song or seek further information on the band if they like the music video. Additionally, my video challenges the convention of a typical music video by having the dialogue from the narrative transcribed in a fashion similar to subtitles in order to help carry the political message conveyed in the video. Typically a music video would have no text other than the titles at the beginning of the video and possibly a handful of credits at the end of the video, however I felt it was necessary to help reinforce the political message within the video and felt it more appropriate than temporarily fading the music out to add the dialogue in.
  14. 14. Use/Develop/Challenge Conventions On my band website I used standard conventional features such as a menu linking to all the other pages on the web page. The web pages included were also typical of those found on a band's website such as discography, fan club, merchandise, etc. I also used the conventional layout of a consistent colour scheme – the overwhelming majority of the colour on the page was black, red and white. This was elected because the dark colour scheme has connotations with rock music and therefore appropriate and also because it is consistent with the band's logo which is red and white. It also gives a consistent masculine style across all 3 products. For my Digipak DVD cover, I have used a conventional format for the inside 3 panels of the DVD cover by having one image taken from the footage spread across the entire cover. This is done to give the audience an idea of the content of the DVD from the image. I have also used conventional logos such as a BBFC certificate, the Dolby Digital logo, the DVD logo and the record company's logo. I have also placed the band's logo in the conventional place, centrally on the front cover. This is because the logo is the image that is associated with the band and their product therefore by having this logo as a focus of the product it instantaneously tells the audience that the product is a Girl Kills Boy product.
  15. 15. How effective is the combination of my main products and ancillary products Both my ancillary products use a consistent dark colour scheme mainly using reds, blacks and whites. These colours have connotations with the pop-punk genre which ties in with my music video as this was the genre of music performed in the music video. The products are all appropriate to an audience of older teenagers and upwards, this is because the teenage and young adult demographics are my intended audience. I have also included screenshots of the film on the band website and the DVD cover, this reinforces that the products are related to one another. Similarly, there is an image of the band that is used on both the website and the DVD cover. The band's logo has also been used on both of the ancillary products, this is because the logo is the recognisable image of the band and it's presence indicates to the fans that it is a Girl Kills Boy product. The band members were also featured in all 3 products as this also indicates that they are all products related to the same band.
  16. 16. What have I learnt from my audience feedback The majority of my audience said that my product was appropriate for the target audience of teenagers and young adults. They also said that it would most likely appeal to fans of rock or emo music, which are genres similar to the band's – pop-punk. This was pleasing as it meant that the content was appropriate for the target audience. One main area for improvement that was pointed out was the poor lip-syncing for the lead singer, this was because I had limited footage to work with – due to needing a live audience – and therefore if the footage from the actual song “My Last Day” was of poor quality, I had to compromise by finding clips of the singer singing a different song where the lip movements looked similar to how they should have. Evidently, in places, this was obvious to the audience and in future I would have to either ask the band to perform the song twice – to increase the amount of high quality footage from the song – or have more footage of the lead singer so I could get a closer match. Another, smaller issue was that the initial shots of the narrative didn't make it entirely clear what was happening. To correct this, in future, I will have to ensure I have an establishing shot of some description to make the narrative clear straight away. Perhaps in my video I could've used a shot of the banner that the terrorists use to set the scene as the unclear shots of someone pacing around a room wasn't appropriate for someone that didn't know the narrative. The audience also commented that there was a variety of shot lengths used in the clip, which was positive as I had wanted to use a variety of different shots. They also remarked that the use of both a narrative and performance strand was effective and that the timings for each clip was appropriate.
  17. 17. How I used new media technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages. In the research stage I used an Apple iMac computer to access the Internet using a web browser, this allowed me to view websites with information on about music videos, music DVDs and band websites. In this stage I also used flash player technology to watch music videos on “Youtube”. In the planning stages, I used a digital still image camera to photograph my storyboards and designs and uploaded them to an iMac computer using a USB cable to be included on my presentation. In the construction stage I used many new media technologies including a video camera for filming my music video, a stills camera to take photographs that could be used on my ancillary products. After filming the footage, I had to use a firewire to upload the clips onto an iMac and into the iMovie software. In the iMovie software I used the software‟s features to add my audio track, cut the clips and, in the case of one clip, alter the brightness and contrast levels to make the clip more visible. Additionally during this stage, I used Adobe Photoshop CS3 on the iMac computer to create my ancillary products - a website for the band and a DVD cover. In Photoshop I had to design a layout, create and position text, use the “Gaussian Blur” filter to improve the sharpness of images and crop images appropriately. Finally, in the evaluation stage I have used a DVD player and a printer to show my finished project to other people to get their feedback on the products. In addition I have also used Microsoft Powerpoint in order to write up my evaluation onto an iMac computer.
  18. 18. My Products This is my front and back cover with the inlay for my digipak DVD cover. It includes all the standard conventions of a dvd cover including the bar codes, copyright information, BBFC and DVD logos. It also includes an image of the band‟s logo so that the audience can immediately relate the product to their music. This is the inside cover for my DVD digipak. It contains information about the band and the DVD which you would typically expect to find on the inside of a DVD.
  19. 19. My Products This is my design for a web page, it includes standard conventions such as images of the band and an advert for their latest release. It also includes the conventional menu which links to the other pages on the website which include pages you‟d typically find on a band‟s website including a fan club, discography, merchandise and tour dates. My film
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