British Backgammon Awards 2013
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British Backgammon Awards 2013



The slides from the 2013 British Backgammon Awards

The slides from the 2013 British Backgammon Awards



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British Backgammon Awards 2013 British Backgammon Awards 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Player of the Year: Arthur WrightMost Feared Opponent: Julian FetterleinTournament Director of the Year: Mike MainBoard Designer of the Year: Max ParkerLargest Contributor to the Game: Phil TutchingsMost Courteous Player of the Year: Peter BennetInternational Player of the Year: Mochy
  • • Over 50 nominations received;• Shortlists compiled based on number and quality ofnominations submitted;• Shortlists put out to the backgammon-playing public tovote;• Over 200 votes received;• Votes counted;• Additional category of Friendliest Player sponsored byPAF;• Results here tonight…
  • • Player of the Year;• Most Feared Opponent;• Tournament Director of the Year;• Board Designer of the Year;• Largest Contributor to the Game;• Biggest Contributor to International Backgammon of the Year;• Most Courteous Player of the Year;• International Player of the Year;• Friendliest Player.
  • • Adrian Jones;• Eric McAlpine• Jon Barnes;• Marcus Wrinch;• Yan Kit Chan.
  • “Adrian has consistently beenone of the top ranked playerson the Dailygammon site. Heis a tough competitor and anexcellent backgammonplayer”
  • “Eric has massivelyimproved his game over thepast year and is nowplaying at an extremely lowerror rate. He is top of thetree in the St Albans clubaccording to XG”
  • “Jon is one of the hardestplayers to face in the UK.He is one of the top playersat the St Albans club andwins a lot of matches”
  • “Marcus is a great player.He won the BackgammonLondon Open 2012 andtopped the BIBA rankings”
  • “Yan is an inspiration. Notonly does he play fantasticbackgammon but he doesso without being able to seethe board. He is already areally good player and hekeeps getting better andbetter”
  • • John Hurst;• Julian Fetterlein;• Peter Bennet;• Raj Jansari;• Stuart Mann.
  • “John is one of the UK’sbest players. He nevergives up – even when youare a long way ahead of himyou know that he has theability to come back at you– you never feel you havehim beaten until the verylast shake of the dice”
  • “In my opinion Julian is thebest player in the UK andthat makes him the mostfeared!”
  • “Peter is unfailingly politebut he is also a killercompetitor – you don’t wantto be drawn against Peteras you know that you willhave one of the mostdifficult matches in thedraw”
  • “Raj has been voted a Giantof backgammon for goodreason. He is a super-sharptournament and moneygame player who is verydifficult to beat”
  • “Stuart is always verydeliberate in his play. Youcan tell that he is analysingeach decision deeply. He isa fearsome opponentbecause he doesn’t makemany mistakes”
  • • Irving Czechowicz;• John Wright;• Michael Crane;• Mike Main;• Phil Tutchings.
  • “Irv runs fun, well attendedtournaments. He is reallymoving backgammonforward with added prizemoney and decent venues.”
  • “John organizes both theLiverpool and the Blackpooltournaments, the latteralmost single-handed.These are both among themost well-attendedtournaments in the UKcalendar.”
  • “Michael Crane has beenrunning backgammontournaments in the UK fordecades. Brighton remainsone of the best tournamentson the calendar”
  • “Mike is the exemplar ofhow tournaments should berun. His tournaments run ontime, are properly managedand he is scrupulously fair.Mike is rightly recognisedinternationally as our topTournament Director”
  • “Phil runs the BackgammonFederation of CentralEngland and histournaments are alwaysreally well put together. Theteam tournaments are agreat format that isthoroughly enjoyable”
  • • Alexandra Llewellyn;• Crisloid;• Geoffrey Parker;• Genesis Naylor;• Hector Saxe.
  • “Alexandra makes the mostartistic boards in the UKtoday. She even makesbespoke boards that will tellyour life story”
  • “Crisloid boards representfantastic quality at afantastic price. They playbeautifully”
  • “Parker boards are theultimate in luxury boards. Ilove the feel of the boardand the way the checkersglide. If I could have anyboard in the world it wouldbe a Parker”
  • “Genesis has taken overfrom his father brilliantly. Noother boards have the samequality. They are justbeautiful.”
  • “For my money, HectorSaxe make the best boardsin the world. All of thecomponents are perfectlyrealised and it is a realprivilege to play on one.”
  • • Arthur Wright;• Chris Bray;• John Wright;• Ray Kershaw;• Richard Biddle.
  • “Arthur does a fantastic joborganising the internationaltournaments onDailyGammon. The amountof effort that goes into hisreports is phenomenal andmuch appreciated.”
  • “Chris does so much forbackgammon. His weeklycolumn in the Independentmakes the paper worthbuying. I also really like hisnew website.”
  • “John runs two fantastictournaments in Blackpooland in Liverpool. No-onedoes more to bring playerstogether.”
  • “Ray is a great guy and haswritten a wonderful newaddition to the backgammonliterature – BackgammonFunfair. For this alone heshould win the award!”
  • “Richard has done lots forbackgammon in the UK. HisLondon League is one ofthe best ways to playbackgammon in the Capital.He is always trying to pushbackgammon forward.”
  • • Mochi;• Phil Simborg;• Steen Gronbech;• Stick Rice;• Xavier Dufaure de Citres.
  • “Mochi contributes so muchto backgammon andlearning aboutbackgammon. His quizesand lectures are best inclass.”
  • “Phil has done much to promote the game everyyear including starting clubs at schools of all levels;donating his time to the USBGF; teaching kidsfree; giving free seminars on facebook severaltimes a week; he co-authored a new set of rulesand standards for the game and led the group thatwrote it for international adoption; he helpeddesign and promote Extreme Gammon andopening ceremony and a new web site dedicatedto teaching backgammon and he is the top teacherin the game with the most students. He writesarticles in several places and he lectures live morethan anyone in the world.”
  • “Steen runs the besttournament in the world –the Nordic Open. Thistournament has done somuch to contribute tobackgammon including theBeginners Tournament andDenmark Vs the WorldTournament”
  • “Stick is a fantasticbackgammon player,teacher and writer. Hisbgonline forums are a greatsource of knowledge aboutthe game and allow anyoneaccess to the thoughtprocesses of the bestplayers in the world.”
  • “Xavier deserves the awardfor the biggest contributionto internationalbackgammon for creatingExtreme Gammon – it hastaken backgammoncomputers to a new level. Itis both the strongest botand the easiest to use.”
  • • Alan Beckerson;• David Broomfield;• Lawrence Powell;• Mike Ireland;• Simon Morecroft.
  • “Alan is always agentleman. He is one of thenicest guys on thebackgammon scene.”
  • “David shows remarkable maturity,courtesy and patience over abackgammon board. He isALWAYS polite when asking for agame, and when playing, evenwhen the dice are very unkind tohim. He takes defeat VERYstoically for one so young. In myexperience he is much morecourteous, whether he wins orloses, than many adult players.”
  • “Nicest player on thecircuit!”
  • “Mike is the most friendlyplayer I know. He alwayshas a smile and a kind wordto say.”
  • “Whether winning or losingSimon is always courteousand friendly. He is anexample to all backgammonplayers.”
  • • Bob Koca;• Bob Wachtel;• Carter Mattig;• Michi Kageyama;• Ralf Jonas.
  • “Bob is one of the topplayers in the world AND hewins tournaments. Hisperformance at the WorldSeries of Backgammon hasgone down in legend.”
  • “Bob is one of the mosttravelled players on theinternational backgammoncircuit who always performswell playing at a very lowerror rate.”
  • “Carter is the biggestcharacter in backgammon.He is great fun to play andalways has a funny line.”
  • “I think that Michi is the bestplayer in the world rightnow. He has a fantasticwork ethic and is constantlyimproving his game. He isalso a really nice guy.”
  • “Ralf has had a fantastic runof tournament results thatdemonstrate just how goodhe is both technically and inmatch play. He is a toughopponent.”
  • "I thank every player in UK for giving me such a great award. Iencourage the development of the backgammon communityin the UK and all over the world. I hope that the backgammonstrategy book which Roland Herrera and I are publishing willhelp it."
  • Player of the Year Eric McAlpineMost Feared Opponent John HurstTournament Director of the Year Mike MainBoard Designer of the Year Geoffrey ParkerLargest Contributor to the Game Arthur WrightBiggest Contributor to International Backgammon Phil SimborgMost Courteous Player of the Year David BroomfieldInternational Player of the Year Michi KageyamaFriendliest Player Lawrence Powell