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Stu's Sos

  1. 1. Human rights Human Rights abuse in clothing manufacturing
  2. 2. Contents / Questions Q1: How does clothing manufacturing abuse human rights? Q2: What brands are guilty of abusing human rights? Q3: What human rights are being abused in manufacturing? Bibliography
  3. 3. How does clothing manufacturing abuse human rights? Some brands abuse human rights by: - Violating minimum wage - Forcing workers to work overtime - The factories they work in are unsafe - The factories are very small so the workers are cramped when working eg: In India in a Nike factory there are 320 men to one tin shed and 26 men to a room.
  4. 4. How does clothing manufacturing abuse human rights? - forced labour - Abused when working to slow - Exposed to serious illness and disease - Sexual assaulted
  5. 5. What brands are guilty of abusing human rights? - Nike - Adidas - Reebok - Puma - New Balance - Asics
  6. 6. Nike Nike is the worlds #1 shoemaker. They also make sports apparel and sports equipment for all most everything. It sells its products to over 200 countries.
  7. 7. Nike Most Nike factories are located in Asia. Countries like Indonesia, China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. Nike try to disclose most information about how they produce there products.
  8. 8. Nike Fair trade organisations have released many accusations about Nike abusing human rights and workers rights in the sweatshops they use. They have been accused of forced labour, working overtime, paying very little wages and abusing their workers. There is a lot of evidence that Nike is abusing human rights.
  9. 9. Adidas Adidas is a worldwide sports manufacturer like Nike. It sells its products all over the world. It sponsors many major sports teams all over the world.
  10. 10. Adidas Adidas had been criticised for abusing human rights and workers rights. They are guilty of making workers work overtime sometimes 16-18 hour days. The wages are well below what is needed to survive. Adidas contracted workers have to work in unsafe factories.
  11. 11. Puma Puma is global sportswear manufacturer. That’s products range from cricket to boxing. Puma main product is shoes, street shoes to sport shoes. Puma is one of the few brands that have not been proven to abuse human rights.
  12. 12. Puma However there has been many accusations that Puma has abused their workers by forcing them to work overtime, 120-180 hours overtime a month without extra pay which is against the law.
  13. 13. Reebok Reebok (RBK) is a sportswear company closely linked with giants Adidas. Reebok has been found using Asian sweatshops to produce their products. The conditions in the sweatshops are dangerous to workers. Since Reebok has been investigated they claim they follow each and every human right.
  14. 14. New Balance New Balance is a worldwide shoe Manufacturer. Its factories like many other brands are based in Asia. Fair trade organisations have criticised New Balance For employing young children, paying low wages and dangerous working conditions for their workers.
  15. 15. Asics Asics is a Japanese Shoe company that has recently been top seller all over the world. Asics has been linked with other brands using sweatshops to produce their products.
  16. 16. What human rights are being abused in manufacturing? UDHR: #3: Right to freedom and safety. #4: Right to not be held as a slave. #5: Right to not be hurt or tortured. #8: Right for legal help when your rights are being abused. #23: Right to work, choose your work, get a salary that can support your family and leave work when you choose.
  17. 17. What human rights are being abused in manufacturing? #24: Right to work days being a reasonable length since everyone has the right to rest. #26: Right to an education. #30: All over the world, no society, no human should take it upon themselves to break each and every human right.
  18. 18. bibliography Websites: resources/plain.asp
  19. 19. Bibliography content/nike-human-rights-investigation-0 Is a news article about the Nike sweatshops by Channel Seven in Australia. Images: Google images By stuart