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A helpful presentation on party planning and dining etiquette!

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  • Stress on underlined parts to be filled by hand
  • Party planning

    1. 1. Stuti K JassalNov 2011
    3. 3. What kind of partyFormal Sit down dinnerFormal buffet dinnerCocktailsInformal DinnerGetting together with Course matesChildrenFestivalsBirthdays and AnniversariesThemes and Others
    4. 4. Date and timeCheck for days and times as per yours as well as your guests convenienceKids parties can be planned for early eveningStick to the time printed on the card incase of formal dinnersEnsure cocktails are over in 60-90 minTry to finish in time so as to not to disturb neighbors
    5. 5. Place/VenueIn houseOutdoors and LawnsMess/ Offrs’ InstituteFacts to considerSeating arrangementNumber of guestsType of guests
    6. 6. Guest listHave a happy mix of peopleKeep in mind the compatibility of the guestsDo not invite very junior and very senior people togetherThink of age factor, hobbies and other shared interestsKeep a fine balance between the official and personalpersonae of your guestsInvite a senior person only if he is very well known to you.Also, keep your guest list restricted so that the party isexclusive
    7. 7. Invitations & Dress CodeUse printed cards but fill in the details by handWhen inviting a senior person check for availability ofdates firstInvite seniors in person. Make sure you call as well asleave the cardAsk the guests about their food habits, allergies andother medical conditions to avoid inconvenienceInform your guests what to wear incase of a dresscode for formal occasions or a theme party
    8. 8. Prashant & Stuti Request the pleasure of the company of Casual Dinner Invitation   For Dinner on 20th July 2011Time: 8pm Venue: 443/2 Polo View, IMA   Dress: As you please Maj & Mrs Prashant Jassal Request the pleasure of the company of Formal Cocktails Invitation  _______________________   For Cocktails on 20th July 2011 Time: 7:30pm Venue: Offrs’ Mess   Dress: Lounge Suit/Combination
    9. 9. Food/Snacks/DrinksPlan the menu carefully to include both veg and nonveg dishesStrike a balance between the dishes in terms ofrichness and health benefitsNever try out any dish for the first time in any partyStick to tried and tested recipesDon’t mix different cuisines togetherKeep in mind the erratic electricity supply whenplanning you dishes
    10. 10. How much to cookMeat : 100 gms per headChicken: 8-12 pieces per six peoplePaneer: 200 gms per six personsRice: 2 cups (raw) for 10-12 peopleBreads: 2 per headDal: 1 cup (raw) for 8-10 peopleStick to fingers foods and nuts and chips for snacksMake sure you stock up on enough liquor, soft drinks,juices and ice
    11. 11. PreparationDo you have enough plates, glasses, cutlery, dessert bowls?~Buy or borrow moreOne day before~Stack enough ice trays in the freezer~Make room in your refrigerator for bottles, dessert, etc. ~If you are ordering food, have the menu ready.~If you are cooking, your ingredients should be readyMust-haves!~ Paper napkins~ A large dustbin
    12. 12. Music, Ambience and DécorPlay your favorite and keep some tapes or CDs on top so that guests too have a choiceAvoid blaring the music The best parties are driven by conversation and laughter.Stick to gazals and oldies for a formal eveningAdequate yet subtle yellow lighting sets the mood for evening partiesUse candles, lanterns and diyas to create a warm ambienceUse a mix of bedspreads, curtains and even sarees and your imagination to create a variety in the décorThe choice of linen in important- satin or damask for formal and lace or cotton for informal occasions
    13. 13.  Use fresh flowers to brighten up the room Spray an air freshener 5-10 min before your guests arrive Make sure you pay special attention to the entrance. It should be well lit. Place some plants and flowers for a welcoming look Make sure all rooms and corners of your house are clean and presentable Lay out the carpets, bedspreads and cushions for a warm, neat and welcoming look Games can be included to make your party fun especially when getting together with peers
    14. 14.  See that your bathroom is clean. It is the one place that is used most at a party~Keep a clean hand towel and box of tissues, hand wash and extra toilet roll~Put some flowers by the sink -- mogras in a bowl smell great~Scented candles bring that extra touch of warmth Finish off all your cooking before the guests arrive and ensure the kitchen sink is empty and trash can cleared~ Wipe all kitchen surfaces clean
    15. 15. Have and Good time and ENJOY!Be yourselfDress well and dress comfortablyGive undivided and individual attention to your guests.Each one is importantMake sure your hospitality is top classEnjoy yourself and your guests will enjoy tooMake sure your smile is genuine
    16. 16. Aide Memoire-Plan your guest list carefully-Invite first by phone and follow it up with awritten invitation-Invite well in advance-Prepare menu, shopping list, linen, crockery andcutlery in advance-Remember hospitality is more important thanentertainment-Relax and smile and every one else will too
    17. 17. TABLE SETTING
    18. 18. TableChoose a sturdy tableIf it wobbles, pad it discreetlyChoose the right size of table that canaccommodate all your guestsCover the dining table with a thick cloth- thishelps to protect the table from spills and alsocuts down the noise of the plates and cutlery
    19. 19. Table cloth and LinenChoose the correct tablecloth~ Crisply starched damask or linen for formal events~ Plaids/cotton checks, printed for informal occasionsThe tablecloth should not be frayed at the edges or stainedIt should fall somewhere around 13-16 inches on the sideServiettes or napkins should match the table clothOnly fabric napkins for formal occasionsPaper napkins maybe used for informal eventsIf your linen is plain use colorful china and vice versaTry to follow a definite color scheme- match the china, coversand candles
    20. 20. Centerpiece-flowers/candlesThis is absolutely essential for every partyIf using candles, they must be always litWhen using flowers, make sure they are not highly scentedAvoid artificial or dry arrangementsThe correct height for the centerpiece depends on the sizeof the table and the number of people seatedFor smaller tables, the centerpiece should be low so as topermit general conversation
    21. 21. Menu card & Place cards/Seating planWhen hosting a formal dinner ensure that you have menucard with each dish listed carefullyA five course meal generally consists of-~ Soup~ Hors d’oeuvres/starters~ Entrée/first course~ Main course~ Dessert
    22. 22.  Place cards are put directly in front of the service plate The names of the guests should be written in running hand and not block letters The seating plan should be drawn up carefully. It should be displayed outside the dining room either on a board or placed on a table so that the guests know their appointed place Seating plan for large official dinner Man 8 7 Woman Woman 6 5 Man Man 4 3 Woman Woman 2 1 Man HOST HOSTESS Woman 1 2 Man Man 3 4 Woman Woman 5 6 Man Man 7 8 Woman
    23. 23. Crockery, Cutlery and GlassesAll crockery should be spotlessly clean and free from chipsCutlery should be polished and glass sparklingA complete set of silver, china, linen and glassware for oneperson is called a “Cover”Each cover should form a balanced definite unit but notlook crowdedThe cover should not exceed 24 inches in length and 15inches in width
    24. 24. China/Crockery :1. Dinner plate2. Salad plate3. Cup4. Saucer5. Bread & butter plate6. Charger7. Dessert plate8. Soup bowl
    25. 25. Flatware/Cutlery : 1. Salad fork 2. Dinner fork 3. Dinner knife 4. Soupspoon 5. Teaspoon 6. Butter knife 7. Fish fork 8. Fish knife 9. Dessert forkGlassware :1. Water glass2. Red-wine glass3. White-wine glass4. Champagne flute5. All-purpose glass
    26. 26. LayoutThe correct placing of silver, glass and china is importantPlace only the required itemsExtra items should be kept on the sideboard for anyemergencySequence of all spoons, forks and knives are from outside tothe inside, in the order they are to be usedAll knives face inwards, the prongs of the forks upwardsAll forks are laid to the left and the knives and spoons to theright of the plate. The only exception is the cocktail forkwhich is placed outside the spoonsThe dessert fork and spoon are placed at the top of the plate.They should face each other-the fork pointing to the right andthe spoon to the left
    27. 27.  The Cover should be in place when dinner is served The quarter plate is placed on the left of the forks and is used for breads Incase there are no starters or hors d’oeuvres, the soup plate is placed on the table from the left Soup must be hot and steaming unless its a cold soup A maximum of 4 glasses, which include dessert wine or champagne glass and wine glasses , may be placed The glasses should coincide with the cutlery so that each glass or drink goes with that particular course The water glass is to be set at the front of the dinner knife The wine glasses are placed to the right of the water goblet in a line or triangle
    28. 28. Casual Table LayoutFormal Table Layout
    29. 29.  The butter dish is also placed at the tip of the fork Fine silver or crystal salt and pepper shakers are also placed on the table as appropriate Napkins can be placed on a service plate or in fancy ways on the quarter plate or glass Paper napkins are never used for formal dinners
    30. 30. Formal Sit-down DinnerDinner Buffet Tea Table
    31. 31. ServiceThe waiters must be impeccably turned outA waiter should wear gloves and soft padded shoesWhen mess waiters are used at a private party, they areexpected to be either in regimental mufti or a civilian dressand not in mess uniformA tray is never used while serving. The dish is held at thebase and squarely balanced on the palmServing always begins from left and moves in a clockwisedirection starting from the chief guestThe food is also always served from the leftThe plates are cleared from the right
    32. 32.  The wine glasses are expected to be refilled unless the guest declines A plate should remain in front of the guest throughout the meal In winters, the plates are warmed before placing Plates are changed for every course The table is completely cleared before serving the dessert When using finger bowls, make sure it contains warm, not hot, water with a wedge of lime Port, cognac, liqueur or coffee and chocolates are offered after dessert
    33. 33. Aide MemoireChoose the correct table linenHave a definite color scheme or themeAs a thumb rule, forks go to the left of the plateKnives and spoons go to the right of the plateServing always begins from left in a clockwise directionUsed plated are cleared from the rightBeverages are served from the right as wellSequence of cutlery is from the outside to inside, in theorder they are to be usedA tray is never used for serving foodThe table should be completely cleared before serving thedessert