TEAM Sigma Energy Efficiency Case Studies


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Sample Case studies from TEAM's global customer base and the benefits of using the TEAM Sigma Software Platform.

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TEAM Sigma Energy Efficiency Case Studies

  1. 1. Companies ThatImprove Energy Efficiency and Reduce GHG Emissions Using Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  2. 2. TEAM Sigma UsersEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  3. 3. Servicing Global Sustainable Cities ‘we will reduce our CO2 ‘set a carbon ‘the world’s most ‘40% reductions ‘reduce carbon intensity emissions per m2 by reduction target of sustainable major in CO2 levels of our global business 25% by 2012, against a 50% on 1990 levels retailer by 2015’ by 2020’ by 80 per cent by 2020’ 2005/06 baseline’ by 2025’• Different Clients across multiple sectors – Diverse Sigma Solutions – Municipalities • building performance ratings, environmental disclosure & compliance, consumption and cost comparisons – Commercial Real Estate • out of hours analysis, tenant Billing – Hospitals and Campus Built Environments • bespoke data collation , occupier engagement web dashboards – Retail Chains & Outlets • Centralised transactions and payment, end to end payment process automation, energy budgeting and accruals – Industrial and Data Centres • performance modelling and control, power efficiency, monitoring and targeting – Corporate Enterprise • sustainability reporting, greenhouse gas reporting and reduction – Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) • measurement & verification (M&V), project optimisation – Consultants & System Integrators • ISO50001 toolkits, waste identification, exception alarms and alerts, cross platform compatibilities Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  4. 4. Case Study - Public BuildingsMerseyside Maritime Museum  14 sites  M & T System (bills)  Installed AMR metering  Meter and Energy Surveys  7 acres, 10,234 sqm  Annual Cons & Cost: Elect : 2,450,000 kWh £82,490 Gas : 1,810,000 kWh £24,490 Water: 8,400 m3 £11,480Achievements Waste Identified• Energy, Carbon and Cost Savings in 7 months • 400kW demand during daytime, 280kW being used at – Electricity – 177,908 kWh (7%) night – Gas – 334,976 kWh (24%) • Chillers, Air Handling Units and Heating being run 24/7 – 163.5 Tons of CO2 to maintain temperature and humidity to – £ 24,085.00 requirements• Costs Solutions – £9000 • Electricity Submeters installed on all 3 chiller units – Metering, loggers, software, consultancy • Temperature/Humidity sensors installed• Payback • Humidifying control systems adjusted – Less than 6 months • Time switches installed on the AHUs Energy Survey Walkaround Pulsed outputs to loggers Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  5. 5. Case Study - TransportNorthern Rail Gareth Williams Energy Solutions Manager  Uks Largest Train Operator  463 Stations  4900 employees  15% energy reduction targetAchievements Challenges Faced7% energy/CO2 reduction • Managing Energy PaymentsISO50001 certified in 2012 • Extracting accurate energy data from 15000 annual billsAwarded Gold in the Business • Compliance with UK carbon reduction legislation (CRC)in the Community’s (BITC) 2012 • Shareholder ReportingCorporate Responsibility Index Adopted Sigma Solutions • Create site energy budgets and reduction targets • Automated receipt, processing validation and payment of energy bills • Weekly director progress reports • CRC compliance and annual carbon footprint reports Energy Saving Projects • Replacement of old analogue timers with 7 day digital timers Future Plans • Smart meter installations and improved analysis using Sigma • Web Dashboards to raise employee awareness • Extension of carbon footprinting data to train fuel Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  6. 6. Case Study - TelecomsBritish Telecom  Annual energy spend of £256m  TEAM user since 1989  6800 global sites (88% in UK)  20000+ Submeters  80% Reduction target by 2020*Achievements Challenges Faced60% energy/CO2 reduction* • Largest customer deployment of AMR meters in the world£1.8m annual billing error • Meter data management and data qualityrecoveries • Carbon Reporting across UK, US, Germany, Spain, Italy & HolandConsistently a top 10 UK • Management of standby generation assets • Aggregation of building energy control system data and controlssustainability performer • Energy and finance functions in the UK and India Adopted Sigma Solutions • Automated processing of 120000 annual utility invoices • Automated management of 20000 daily data streams • CRC compliance and annual carbon footprint reports • Winter peak demand monitoring • Monitoring and Targeting to identify waste • Tenant Billing from 9000 submeters for 7 tenants • System utilised by delivery teams based in UK and India * from 1997 levels Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  7. 7. Case Study - Defence Qinetiq  Europe’s largest research organisation  9,000 staff on 43 sites  Reference site – 80 acres  2,500 occupants • Elec – 26GWh • Gas – 20Gwh Jim Edwards • Water – 80k m3 Energy Manager, AmeyAchievements Challenges Faced Energy Projects Adopted Sigma Solutions20% cost reductions £48k pa • Reduce energy costs and increase  Install half hourly meters of  Tenant BillingAs a result of change in internal efficiency electricity and gas  Benchmarkingcharging policy, HVAC control • Improve working environment  Implement Sigma Monitoring  Monthly Exception Reportsstrategy changed from dew point toreturn air control, resulting in: and Targeting for energy • No ability to determine where reduction  Energy Analysis50% gas/water savings energy/costs are  Tenant Billing to give tenants  Waste Detection10% elec saving • No energy accountability visibility of their consumption  Monitoring & TargetingProject Costs • Wide variety of building and costs efficiencies/operations  Verification of savingsMetering, outstations, M&T system  Energy Awareness – Web£76K • Changing estate (2 large new reporting offices) Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  8. 8. Case Study – Industrial / Manufacturing REXAM  20 Locations across Europe & Asia  3 Energy Intensive Production Lines  Produce 4M alu cans per day • Elec/Gas – 30GWh per year • Water – 145600m3 per yearAchievements Challenges Faced Energy Projects Adopted Sigma Solutions3% reduction in energy per tonne of • 10% energy/carbon reduction target  Submetering of all oven gas  Benchmarkingproduction in 2011 by 2013 burners.  Exception ReportsSystem successfully connected to • Poor energy performing sites  Implement Sigma Monitoring  Energy Analysisexisting and new meters. and Targeting for energy£40k annual gas waste prevented • Inclusion of existing metering assets reduction  Waste Detectionby exception reporting. • Production lines consuming different  Repair of faulty as valves  Monitoring & TargetingSpecific Energy Requirement volumes of water highlighted by Sigma  Verification of savings(SER) calculated per batch andused for ongoing process  Installation of low pressure airmonitoring. compressors  Automated washer shutdown during maintenance periods. Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  9. 9. Case Study – Education University of Central Lancashire  35000 staff & students  £120m new buildings & facilities planned  Largest UK Uni solar panel array • Elec/Gas – 30GWh per year • Water – 145600m3 per yearAchievements Challenges Faced Energy Projects Adopted Sigma Solutions 1st Class award in UK Uni Green • 48% energy/carbon reduction target  HH metering of gas ,electricity and  Benchmarking League by 2020 (25% by 2012) water in all buildings  Energy Analysis Monthly, quarterly & annual KPIs • 50% Increase in energy prices  Energy audits of all buildings  Monitoring & Targeting produced by Team Sigma since 2004 Web dashboard launched to  Refectory new boiler and CHP  Web dashboards 32000 students in 2012  Boiler optimisation & replacements  BMS/Controls system review and improvements  85 energy/carbon saving projects identified Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  10. 10. TEAM Sigma Software Platform OverviewBuilding Energy Efficiency Certification ISO 50001 Compliant Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) Measurement and Verification (M&V) Exception based waste detection Benchmarking Tenant Billing Web Dashboards Carbon Footprinting Green House Gas (GHG) Reporting Energy / Carbon Accounting Project ModellingEnterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  11. 11. Wanted – Global Partners!• Value Added Resellers – property asset management, system integrators, device and hardware manufacturers, M&E/HVAC contractors, document management, CDM finance and project managers• Product Distributors – IT support centres, software/interface developers, OEM solution providers.• Service Providers – Outsourced service providers, utility suppliers, consultants, facilities management companies, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), billing and transaction services, green building rating consultants Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
  12. 12. Thankyou! For more information or a software demonstration please contact Skype: sturvey62Enterprise Energy and Carbon Management Solutions
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