Composition Of Air
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  • 1. Nitrogen Composition of Air 78% Carbon Dioxide, Water Oxygen Vapour and 21% other Gases 1%
  • 2. Oxygen • makes up 21% of the air. • it is essential to for most living things. • plants and animals take in oxygen during the process of respiration. • not only can it be found in air, it is also found in water and soil. • is needed for burning.
  • 3. Respiration The process when living things take in oxygen in order to break down digested food to produce energy. Oxygen Digested Energy + Food Carbon dioxide
  • 4. Nitrogen • makes up 78% of the air. • is not used by most living things except for – • nitrogen-fixing bacteria in the soil • the roots of some plants to use it to form nitrates, e.g. peanuts • absorbed by plant as nitrates to make plant protein.
  • 5. Carbon dioxide • is essential to green plants for the process of photosynthesis. • is combined together with water and the energy from the sunlight, to make food or simple sugars. Oxygen is produced in the process.
  • 6. Water Vapour • plays an important part in the water cycle. • helps to form the clouds in the sky. • returns to the Earth in the form of rain, snow, hale or sleet.
  • 7. Rare Gases • includes argon, helium, neon, krypton and xenon. • are inert, meaning they do not take part in reactions under normal circumstances.
  • 8. A Healthy Balance Carbon Oxygen dioxide produced used by from plants the plants