People profiling

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  • NEW TOPICWhat is it?Why use it?How can it make positive and negative outcomes based on what we feel?ie client sounds off on the phone etcLets talk about a different way to profile our customers!!!
  • What is it?Why use it?Practical Demonstration, with answers from around room on flipchartHow can we use it to assist our conversations with the client?
  • The Broad ConceptHow can we Judge PeopleBuying is emotionalBuyers RemorseBuying signalsThe four twelve's
  • So what does this mean……..75% percent of clients are AmiableThe easy to speak to types!Most likely to gain from our sales model25% more business is available if you want it.Now lets look at each other, where do we think we fit on the scale…..
  • Exercise to work out where we are on this scale.


  • 1. People Profiling
  • 2. The Line of Life2070Buy a carStart a familyGet MarriedBuy a second carKids start schoolChange jobsStart own businessExtend propertyMove houseKids go to universityKids buy a houseDivorceBuy another propertyHoliday homeRetirementDownsizeMake a list of the ‘milestones’of peoples’ lives
  • 3. Personality Profiling
  • 4. The Broad Concept• There are over 5,000 personality traits• It is impossible to establish the trait within afew minutes of meeting a client• Concentrate on the 4 broad personalities• This is a two stage process• You have to calculate where your client sits onthe following two scales…..
  • 5. Introvert or Extrovert• Where does your client sit on the followingscale?• This is the easier of the two decisions• However the most significant decisionIntrovert Extrovert
  • 6. Task or People Orientated• What degree your client is task or peopleorientated• The most difficult of the two decisions.• Task orientated people tend to be logical,objective and analytical• People orientated tend to be moreemotional. Subjective and personalPeople orientated Task Orientated
  • 7. The Four Client TypesExpressive DriverAmiable AnalyticalPeople orientated Task OrientatedIntrovertExtrovert
  • 8. The DriverExpressive DriverAmiable AnalyticalPeople orientated Task OrientatedIntrovertExtrovertPersonalityPsycologists call them choleric or driversStrong willedAssertiveDon’t Listen if it means backing downBull headedWhat makes them buyThey want things done now!They want them done wellThey are not interested in excusesDon’t try any sales techniques asthey will sense them early on
  • 9. The AnalyticalAnalyticalPersonalityPsychologists call them phlegmatic oranalyticalCool and detachedObservers rather than participantsCautious and self disciplinedTypically accountantsWhat makes them buyMust be factualThese people love numbersPreparation is keyNot interested in emotive salestechniques
  • 10. The ExpressiveExpressivePersonalityPsychologists call them sanguine oroptimistsEnthusiastic and expressivePersuasive and CheerfulMany famous personalities fall into thiscategoryTypically in sales and marketingWhat makes them buyEnthusiasm is very persuasive as theyfind this endearingCannot be sold to unless they like youIf they like you they will find you acompelling salesperson
  • 11. The AmiableAmiablePersonalityPsychologists call them melancholic r amiableCaring and loyalLacking drive and determinationPatient and steadyPrefer close relationships with a few ratherthan loose relationships with many peopleWhat makes them buyThey want lasting solutions that will protectthem against:-Feeling as though they are taking a riskFeeling as thought they are making largechangesFeeling as though you are not trustworthy orcredible
  • 12. Personality CakeCarer75%Analyser5%Socialite15%Acheiver5%
  • 13. Where do we fit on the scaleSocialite AchieverCarer AnalyserPeople orientated Task OrientatedIntrovertExtrovert