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Breakfast Around the world
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Breakfast Around the world



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  • 1. Breakfast Around the World On the Menu: China Britian Peru Turkey Ethiopia
  • 2. China
      • In china there breakfasts are very different compared to ours
      • The Chinese usually have pancakes, soup, doughnut, bun or, noodles. 
      • They also have street vendors that usually start selling at 6 Am and stop around 8 Am.
      • The reason breakfast starts so early is because they need to go to work early to finish at a decent time.
  • 3. Britian
      • People in Britain usually enjoy a nice hot breakfast that includes eggs, bacon, and sausages, accompanied by toast and tea or coffee.
      • There are also many other items that can eaten with your breakfast but these are the main food and staples.
      • Another food they have for breakfast is a morning wrap
    •        that consists of kedgeree, grilled or fr ed tomatoes, black  pudding or white   pudding, baked beans, fried sliced bread, various types of fried potatoes and mushrooms.
  • 4. Peru
      • Just like in China they too, have street vendors that sell a vary of breakfast items but they are not every where in Peru.
      • Usually the wife wakes up at dawn and makes a herbal tea. 
      • She then makes a light breakfast and may include triangle shaped rolls, roasted wheat kernels, mote (boiled dried corn), bread, and tea or coffee.
  • 5. Turkey
      • Turkey's breakfast can vary depending were you are. 
      • This food list is what some breakfasts include fresh white sourdough bread, white cheese, yellow cheese, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, black and/or green olives, butter, honey, clotted water buffalo cream, peserves, soujouk, salami, pastirma and a boiled egg.
      • But all breakfasts include bread, cheese, olives and tea.
  • 6. Ehtiopia
      • FirFir or FitFit is one of the typical breakfasts in Ethiopia. It is made from shredded injeria and then spices are added to give it flavour. 
      • Another breakfast is dulet. It is made from spiced tripe, peppers, liver , and beef with injera. 
      • The last most common breakfast in Ethiopia is fatira. Fatira is like a big pancake fired and made with flour and then eaten with honey.
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