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  • Engage key stakeholders graduate employability extends beyond the responsibility of the Careers Service – students, the Students’ Union, departments and support services are all needed to help develop the extra dimension; students need to be engaged as early as possible in their university careers to ensure maximum preparation time; the majority of students rather than the current minority need to be engaged with the Careers Service; employers need to be engaged at a strategic level to build our reputation in meeting their graduate recruitment needs; the expertise of staff needs to be utilised to contextualise and support the employability message; alumni and parents need to be engaged appropriately to ensure the full breadth of our networks are utilised to good effect. Offer increased opportunities there need to be more opportunities for students to develop the extra dimension, as such we will scale-up our interventions to provide increased opportunity; students only need to focus on one primary intervention in order to develop the extra dimension, as such we will increase access to opportunities by restricting access to multiple interventions; the curriculum for all courses will include compulsory lectures (as a minimum) in all years covering relevant careers and employability information and advice. Provide enhanced support each intervention will be accompanied by before and after support to ensure that students are appropriately prepared and effectively followed up; access to interventions will be made a competitive process to identify the best candidates and simulate selection processes. Those unsuccessful can be signposted to alternatives and helped via the Careers Service to address students’ weaknesses.
  • Employability at Leicester

    1. 1. Employability at LeicesterStuart JohnsonDeputy Director of Careers Service
    2. 2. Outline1. Aim2. Context3. Vision4. Principles5. What employers look for
    3. 3. Aim “To ensure our graduates have the extra dimension in order to make them the stand out choice for employers”
    4. 4. Context: University strategy
    5. 5. Context: labour market “The jobless total for 16 to 24-year-olds hit a record high of 991,000 in the quarter, a jobless rate of 21.3%”1 1 www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15271800
    6. 6. Context: graduate labour market 100% More applications in 60 2010 than 2008 Average number of applicants per vacancy >60% Graduates get a 2:1 or better 400,000 £18-25k New graduatesAverage graduate salary each year
    7. 7. Context: employable graduates Degree = employment Degree + extracurricular = employment UCAS tariff + 2:1 degree + good university + extracurricular + work experience = employment    Higher UCAS tariff + 2:1 degree + top university + Now extracurricular + work experience of measurable value + own personal brand = employment
    8. 8. Vision
    9. 9. Principles• Engage key stakeholders• Offer increased opportunities• Provide enhanced support
    10. 10. Engage: studentsThem coming to us – Careers Zone, website Us coming to them – curriculum, ‘pop-up’, social media
    11. 11. Engage: employers
    12. 12. Opportunities: curricular• Minimum programme (Oct, Nov, Dec / 3, 2, 1)• Employability modules (Geography)• Modules with employability applications (Maths)• Employability of the curriculum (History)
    13. 13. Opportunities: extra-curricular Clubs, Student Earn and World and Societies and VolunteeringChampions Learn Media Events Part-time Jobs, Newspaper Clubs and Students in Course Rep Internships and Journalist and Societies Officer Classrooms * * vacation work * Photographer * Student Student Enterprise Radio Journalist Volunteering Engagement Ambassador Award and Broadcaster Projects * * Team * Clubs and Student Student Volunteering Mentor Societies Exchange Ambassador Award * Member * * Programmes * Sabbatical Languages at Officer Leicester Students in Classrooms * * = Leicester Award Programme
    14. 14. Course RepBenefits•Represent your fellow students•Influence University decisions•Learn about University structures and governance•Meet students from other courses Skills you could develop You could develop many skills but particularly: •planning and organising •leadership and supervising •communication •teamwork <<
    15. 15. Radio Journalist and BroadcasterBenefits•Gain essential experience•Make vital media contacts•Gain technical skills•Inform and inspire others Skills you could develop You could develop many skills but particularly: •using technology •communication •teamwork •planning and organising <<
    16. 16. Opportunities: co-curricular
    17. 17. Support• Before, during and after• No prep, no entry• Competitive process
    18. 18. What employers look for Higher UCAS tariff + 2:1 degree + top university + Now extracurricular + work experience of measurable value + own personal brand = employment
    19. 19. Development of transferable skills• Teamwork • Defining work objectives and outcomes• Communication • Managing time and priorities• Analysing • Developing a realistic action plan• Problem solving • Using project management methodology• Planning and organising • Liaising with a range of stakeholders• Leadership and supervision • Identifying, assessing and weighing risks• Using technology • Developing a contingency plan• Initiative and creativity • Allocating resources to tasks• Self management • Carrying projects through to successful completion• Learning
    20. 20. So… Come to Leicester – we’ll help you become a graduate with the extra dimension!