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Stu jay raj indic consonant compass 1.0 se asia
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Stu jay raj indic consonant compass 1.0 se asia


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See full description here - …

See full description here -

I devised this Chart with neutral phonic 'glyphs' (resembling Hangul) for people who would like to learn an Indic script- or for people who can read one script already and would like to learn another one easily through 1 to 1 (sometimes) conversion.

I recommend reading the full write-up about it in my blog for a deeper explanation.

Published in: Travel, Technology

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  • 1. Stuart Jay Raj’s Indic Script Consonant Compass v1.0 (SE Asia Series) Stopped Aspriated Voiced Voiced Nasal Voice Base Semi Vowel Sibilant ‘H’ Aspirate Throat Aspirated Start With Throat Opens Voice Resonates Voice Resonates Sound Directed Not Quite a Consonant ‘S’ Hissing Sound ‘H’ Sound Root Symbol Closed Throat ‘h’ puff over consonant Over Consonant Throat Opens - ‘h’ puff Through Nose Not Quite a Vowel Open Throat Signifying Voice k kH g gH N ɦ ?ə Gutteral Free Download Version 1.0 Jan 2009 visit Back of Throat tS tSH dZ dZH ɲ j a Colour Representation Palatal IPA Pronunciation of Base Devanagari Sound Key of This Letter’s Sound Shift Compared to Base Devanagari Consonant Devanagari Hindi, Marathi, Nepali ++ Flattened Tongue Khmer India, Nepal ++ Tamil India, Sri Lanka on * * * * Cambodia Singapore, Malaysia ++ Roof of Mouth (Palate) ʈ ʈH ɖ ɖH ɳ r S Panjabi India ++ Cerebral Thai Thailand Rolled Back (Retroflex) Tongue on * Javanese Roof of Mouth Java, Indonesia Burmese Burma Balinese t tH d dH n l s Faded Text Bali, Indonesia Indicates Letter Used When Substituting Stu Jay Raj’s * * * * Sanskrit Letter Indic Sound ‘Glyphs’ Dental Color Code (See Explanations at each Symbol Key) for Base Devanagari Consonant Tongue on Teeth * * Additional Pronunciation Glyphs Not Represented in Base Devanagari Consonants * = /z/ * = /sH/ * = /T/ * = /D/ p pH b bH m ʋ * = /f/ Labial ** Javanese Letter Order * * While Javanese letters are based on the Indic Sound System, there is a more common letter order used to assist remembering the letters Lips ha na c a ra ka Visit Stuart Jay Raj’s Language Blog at da ta sa wa la pa dha ja ya nya Email: 5x5 Indic Consonant Base - Phonetic Map of the Human Mouth ma ga ba tha nga © 2009 By Stuart Jay Raj – All Rights Reserved