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The Royal Time Machine Proposal
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The Royal Time Machine Proposal


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Disclaimer: The sender of this email is registered with as StudioThirstyCrow using StudioThirstycrow services. The responsibility of checking the authenticity of offers/correspondence …

Disclaimer: The sender of this email is registered with as StudioThirstyCrow using StudioThirstycrow services. The responsibility of checking the authenticity of offers/correspondence lies with you. This is not an offer, invitation or solicitation of any kind to buy or sell any products or services of studio ThirstyCrow or any of its group companies and is not intended to create any rights or obligations.The use of any information set out herein is entirely at the recipient's own risk.

Published in: Business, Travel
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  • 1. Marketing & Design Strategies For : The Royal Time Machine By : Studio ThirstyCrow
  • 2. ‘ Experience your romance with history ’ Brand Positioning Key Words : ✦ Luxury Tourism ✦ Culture & Heritage ✦ Chartered travel experience
  • 3. Fact Sheet : Cultural Tourism ✦ Domestic or foreign travelers traffic is over 60% . ✦ 80% of foreign tourists visiting India prefer Golden Triangle ( Delhi - Jaipur-Agra ) ✦ 5 Million foreign & 400 million domestic tourists visit heritage sites in India ✦ Ministry of Tourism, Foreign Tourism from January to March in 2009 was 1.461 million. ✦ Tourist inflow in 2009 was 8 million & predicted 10 million for 2010. ✦ Commonwealth Games 2010 Forecast : 2 million foreign tourists and 3.5 million domestic tourists in Delhi.
  • 4. Studio ThirstyCrow Proposals 1. Online Marketing 2. Social Media Promotion 3. Design Collaterals 4. Strategic Partnerships
  • 5. Key Factors influencing the proposals : ✦ Curated consumption : Concierges drive luxury. ✦ Social responsibility : Showing genuine sensitivity to community. ✦ Technology is the key to connection: Reservations,distribution channels,brand loyalty, customer relationship management. ✦ Broadcasting brand identity : Web2 Tools
  • 6. ✦ VP : ‘ The online travel industry will grow to US$ 6 billion by 2010. India registered a 40% penetration in 3 years and is showing the fastest shift to online travel globally. ✦ reports that over 2/3rds of hotel booking in the US will be influenced by internet this year. 1. Online Marketing Travelers use Internet for everything from mapping the route,to finding local food joints before they start their vacation
  • 7. 1. Online Marketing Promoting on-line presence on : ✦ International booking sites like Expedia ( Eg :promote deals & online booking ) ✦ Travel blogs ( Eg : Lonely Planet ) ✦ Private Travel Agents ✦ Indian Communities abroad ( Eg : chamber of commerce )
  • 8. 1. Online Marketing CrowdSourcing : Call for writers,photographers,students and travel enthusiasts to post experiences with RTM online on company blog. Promoting posts and connecting to a wider untapped market like : ✦ International Students ✦ International NGOs/MNCs ✦ Independent travelers ✦ Travel & Tourism channels on web
  • 9. 1. Online Marketing The more attractive More items draw the 'channel' is for more shoppers and product donors support a good cause looking to reach new especially if the items are unique and they customers get a good deal The more shoppers placing bids, the more money the charity makes E Charity Market : Multiple Referral Effect
  • 10. 1. Online Marketing Charity Auctions : This is an exceptional promotional channel for marketers to reach the affluent mass. It is a community of over 100,000 active bidders and attracts visitors with income in excess of $120,000. : Some of the vendors who regularly donate items/deals include Kimpton Hotels Boston, Legoland , Limoliner, Reebok Outlet Stores, The Taj Hotels, Premier Cancun Vacations. : 5000 customers solely for org engaged in fundraising for non-profit causes. Booked $1.3 million in advertising in 2008 and tracking $9 million for 2009 in marketing commitments. It allows large and small org to optimize their auction fundraising model.
  • 11. 1. Online Marketing Applications ✦ Market Research ✦ Communication Material ✦ Facilitating interaction design for building customer relationship ✦ Upgrading website ✦ Online press materials ✦ Online Adverts ✦ Co-ordinating and designing online tie-ups ✦ Moderating information ✦ Upgrading online booking ✦ Online sales promotion ✦ Accelerating distribution channels
  • 12. 2. Social Media Promotion ✦Key tool in strengthening brand and increasing distribution. ✦Maximizing productivity by online promotion & word of mouth. ✦ 62 % of travelers would check reviews over asking a friend or an online community for a recommendation.
  • 13. 2. Social Media Promotion a. Travels plan & search f. Passing on the positive b. Browsing experience to destination friends & family & activity Social Media e. Sharing pics & info on online c. Booking community hotels, tours & attractions d. Return from vacations & upload travel experience online
  • 14. • 2. Social Media Promotion Souvenirs • Key Tools & Benefits Newsletters • Coffee table- book ✦ Facebook Six degrees of separation Linkedin - Corporate promotion • In-house shoppingand awareness ✦ ✦ Blog - Educate catalogue ✦ Newsletter - Update business info • Customers surprise gifts ✦ Twitter - Destination management
  • 15. 2. Social Media promotion Applications ✦ Strategic Design ✦ Content Development ✦ Data Management ✦ Art Direction ✦ Creative Direction ✦ Talent Management ✦ Information moderation ✦ Communication Design ✦ Interaction Design ✦ Social Media Analytics
  • 16. 3. Design Collaterals Bookmarking experiences by tapping alternative interests of travelers and potential customers. Displaying luxury outwardly via tangible brand networks. Applications ✦ Souvenirs : Eg Diaries ✦ Coffee Table Books ✦ Newsletter Handout ✦ Postcards :Eg Tickets ✦ In-house shopping catalogue. ✦ Curating art & lifestyle products ✦ Tour brochure ( Using info graphics ) ✦ Exhibition & promotion design at Mumbai International Tourism Exhibit Jan 2010
  • 17. 4. Strategic Tie-Ups Tie-ups,liaisons and partnering with companies and organizations which would directly and indirectly promote customer base for the luxury travel coach. Exploring tie-ups with alternative business models driven by the elite and the influential from social stand point , can help accelerate the overall networking.
  • 18. 4. Strategic Tie-Ups ✦ Complimentary Tourism companies around India like :Palace on Wheels ,Golden Chariot, Fairy Queen ✦Heritage hotels in the golden triangle of Delhi-Agra- Jaipur ✦ Promoting corporate packages Eg : Sunday rejuvenation package to employee of the month, delegate’s package ✦ Internationals Org like British Council Text ✦ Museums & Curators ✦ Wedding planners/companies ✦ International Student Exchange Org ✦ International festivals like Jaipur Virasat Foundation ✦ Luxury concierge management groups
  • 19. Studio Thirsty Crow Team In house : Designer , Copywriter , Conceptualizer, Market researcher , Illustrator Vendor based : Programmer , PR agent , Blogger , Photographers
  • 20. Thanks