Uncommon Paradigm


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All art works are made with free or lowcost digital tools.
Instead of reading, the story is narrated through realistic 3D pictures.

Download this beautifully made science fiction pictorial and be bought to a different world and time.

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Uncommon Paradigm

  1. 1. 2nd Edition (Revision 3E)Sim Pern Chong
  2. 2. Through the eyes of a fictitious space traveller, I realise my minds visions.Copyright © 2010 Sim Pern Chong. All rights reserved.Storyline and artworks by the author.This book is permitted for free distribution as a digital PDFfile, provided the following terms and conditions areadhered to:1. It must be distributed in its entirety.2. It must not be modified3. It must not be soldNo designs or ideas presented in this book is to beduplicated without prior written agreement with the author.
  3. 3. About the AuthorSim Pern Chong has been in the design profession since 1995.Traditionally, his training background is in the field of Industrial Design.As part of the training, industrial design exposed Pern Chong to thewonderful world of 3D graphics and modelling. Since then, digital 3Dcreation has grown into a passion.Pern Chong is available to provide 3D-graphics and product designrelated services.He is also available to teach 3D modelling. As of this writing, he hasextensive teaching experience having taught in Singapore as well asoverseas (in China).Phone: +65 97101546 (Singapore)Contact Info: sim@studiorola.comWebsite: www.studiorola.com
  4. 4. Introduction ................ 6The equipments .......... 7The Journal..... 15 Planet Taikro .............. 17 Planet Bellovix ........... 37Concept Development 52Sketches ....................Bonus Chapter ........... 60 The World of perception. Is it really outside of oneself? Could it be occurring in ones consciousness?
  5. 5. Uncommon ParadigmIntroductionUncommon Paradigm documents thephotographic captures of Tacharia.Tacharia is a Space Traveller.This book captures the images asseen through his travels to otherworlds.The photos are accompaniedby his narrations. studiorola.com
  6. 6. Uncommon Paradigm TheequipmentsThis section describes some of themachinery and gadgets used for theexploration. studiorola.com
  7. 7. Uncommon ParadigmFlight MachinesThe flight inventory consists of 2 main machines. They are the InterspaceTransporter and Cloud Splitter.The Interspace Transporter is designed to cover vast distances of space. Onthe other hand, the Cloud splitter is a jet and rocket propelled aircraft that isprimarily designed to travel within a planetary environment.The Interspace Transporters engine is not physical-based. Instead, it works onthe Holographic Reality level energetics. Physical-based engines rely solely onbrute force and will not be able to break through the light-speed barrier.For long distance galactic travel, the Cloud Splitter docks onto the InterspaceTransporter.The Interspace Transporter works by moving from one vacuumed spatiallocation to another. As such, it will not work within an environment with anatmosphere such as a planet.Once it has arrived at the designated location in space near the destinationplanet, the Cloud Splitter will be put into action for planetary entry. studiorola.com
  8. 8. Uncommon ParadigmSpace Travel ConfigurationInterspace Transporter Cloud Splitter studiorola.com
  9. 9. Uncommon ParadigmThe Cloud Splitter is my personal craft for travellingwithin an environment with atmosphere. studiorola.com
  10. 10. Uncommon ParadigmCloud SplitterThis Cloud Splitter is not the standard off-the-shelf model. It is modified andoptimised for performing photographic role.Unlike most jets of your time, this machine is capable of landing and taking off ina vertical manner.Atmospheric Test Probe CameraCamera Storage compartment Air Intake Shield studiorola.com
  11. 11. Uncommon Paradigm Hands-free Camera No, what you are seeing is not eyewear. It is a handsfree camera. In our time, electronics have shrunk, allowing many gadgets to become truly hands-free. The camera detects the eyes focus to determine its own focusing parameters. There are a pair of camera lense system, one on each side of the frame. Camera can be programed to shoot either by voice command or eye-blink sequence. Camera Lens Sensor monitors eyes focusFlash studiorola.com
  12. 12. Uncommon ParadigmHolographic Navigation DeviceThis handheld Navigation Device consists of a main body and a holographic overlay. Theholographic overlay superimposes graphical imageries over the field-of-vision to providedirectional indications and important data. Although it is entirely possible to navigateusing only the screen on the main body, the holographic overlay provides a moreindicative way of doing so.HolographicOverlayTouchscreenInterfaceLine-of-sightgauge Screen Scroller studiorola.com
  13. 13. Uncommon Paradigm When not in use, the two flexible antenae-like light emitters of the Holographic Overlay can be retracted as shown below. To withstand wears and tears, the navigation device is paddedThe screen can be used to with a ruggedizedplot travelling route as well as shock absorber.provide visual feedbacks onpositions.RetractedHolographiclight emitterRuggedizedShock Absorber studiorola.com
  14. 14. Uncommon Paradigm TheJournal studiorola.com
  15. 15. Uncommon Paradigm The first two planets that I will be visiting are PlanetsTaikro and Bellovix respectively. The planets reside in Solar System 6041 which consists of a main star and X Interspace Gate 2 a minor twin star. BellovixAnteinix X Interspace Gate 1 Taikro Minor Twin Star System 6041 Main StarThe Ship will useInterspace Gate 1 & 2respectively for entry toTaikro and Bellovix. Overview of Solar System 6041 studiorola.com
  16. 16. Uncommon ParadigmExiting from Interspace Gate 1, the craft enters the vicinity of Planet Taikro. Heres the view before entry into the Planets atmosphere. studiorola.com
  17. 17. Uncommon ParadigmBeing heavily-polluted, the once pristine atmosphere ofthe Planet is now unbreathable to its inhabitants.Because of the atmospheric toxicity, all residents mustlive within self-contained enclosures. studiorola.com
  18. 18. Uncommon ParadigmThe spikey formations are the results of ahuge blast that laid this place anaesthetically interesting (but toxic)wasteland. studiorola.com
  19. 19. Uncommon ParadigmFew people venture out into the exposed environment without a vehicle. To do that, you will have to wear heavily insulated suits that offer protection from the atmospheric toxicity. studiorola.com
  20. 20. Uncommon ParadigmClose up view of anunmanned reconnaisancecraft. studiorola.com
  21. 21. Uncommon Paradigm As the atmosphere is largely toxic, some of the crafts that perform reconnaissance functions are unmanned.Here, a pair of such craft are warming up for an early dawn mission. studiorola.com
  22. 22. Uncommon Paradigm What once stood as land civilisations are now part of the ocean. In place of some of these civilisations are floating cities. Because of the scarcity of resources, each city operates like a fortress that is defended against other similarly-structured cities.The photo above shows one of the floatingcities, as its patrolling crafts approach myaircraft. This particular city is call Pikodo. studiorola.com
  23. 23. Uncommon Paradigm My craft is being escorted by an air-borne patrol craft to the landing zone of this floating city.As a routine practice, a lady officer inspectsmy craft. When she was thoroughly sure thatmy craft was unarmed, I was escorted to myaccomodation. studiorola.com
  24. 24. Uncommon ParadigmMy next stop was Musa. It is a port connecting the landsettlements to the ocean-based floating cities. Musa is amassive structure spanning 15 kilometresin diameter. studiorola.com
  25. 25. Uncommon ParadigmSleeping pods are acommon sight. Anti-gravitytechnologies allow the userto sleep in an uprightposition. studiorola.com
  26. 26. Uncommon ParadigmMusa does not have permanent housings. It is an intermediate port fortravellers going seawards and vice versa. For an economic overnight stay, atraveller can opt for the sleeping pod. Pod cabs in a queue. Pod cabs are the cheapest mode of transportation in Musa. studiorola.com
  27. 27. Uncommon ParadigmThe crafts that ventures into theouter atmosphere must be air-tightand pressurised. The most common form of suchtransport is a hover craft that operates by interactingwith the planets gravitation field. They are used toferry travellers from one domed structure to another. studiorola.com
  28. 28. Uncommon ParadigmHow is my craft able to cover vast distances of space ?In my time (which is your future) the way the physical universe is understood is vastlydifferent from yours. In my time, the Universe as a Holographic Reality is a known fact.In your time, you understood the Universe as having distance, location, space andtime. In my time, the Universe is understood as having no real distance, location,space and time. Instead, whatever that appear as physical and solid is mereappearance of being such.Let me elaborate a bit further.All the realms that comprises the universe, in actuality, are manifestingsimultaneously. However, because our senses are human-based in terms ofcharacteristics, we only see the human world as well as those of other Beings thatshared similar resonating conditions. But nevertheless, the other realms ofexistences are not located apart elsewhere in some other places.In reality, what we think of as places or localities are really just consciousness.Furthermore, there is no solidity in any realm whatsoever. Even our touch sense is justthat. The touch sense gives an impression of feeling something that is physical andthree-dimensional. But there is really no solid self-existing object there. Instead, it issimply the sensation that gives the impression of physical solidity and form.The Principle of Holographic Nature is what enables my space craft to coverapparently vast distances. For in truth, no distance has been covered. studiorola.com
  29. 29. Uncommon ParadigmInterestingly, Taikro consists of 2 ancient continents: Muloriaand Taikroin. For millenia, the inhabitants of the two pieces ofland developed independently. Taikroin Muloria Ocean However, with the degradation of the atmosphere by the inhabitants of Taikroin, the living conditions of the people on both continents have became similarly affected. Illustration of Planet Taikro studiorola.com
  30. 30. Uncommon ParadigmThis planet has a unique case of twin evolution. The planet houses 2indigenous types of intelligent sentient Beings. One is of the typicalhumanoid form while the other is an amphibian-type Being known asMulorians.Unlike Earth, Taikro had 2 ancient continents. Mulorians are said to haveevolved on one of the ancient continent which had a marshy biotope. Thiscontinent had no humanoid inhabitants and the predecessors of theamphibious Mulorians evolved unmolested.As a culture, Mulorians follow a strictly hierarchical social structure. studiorola.com
  31. 31. Uncommon ParadigmAs the surface atmosphere of the Planet is bad, modern Mulorianslive in underground settlements. Here is the watery entrance to oneof their underground towns. studiorola.com
  32. 32. Uncommon ParadigmComing out of the watery entrance, one isgreeted by the alien spendour of aMulorian Town. studiorola.com
  33. 33. Uncommon ParadigmBeing amphibious, Mulorians start life as aquatic babies. Here, a Mulorian shares a telepathic communion with his baby who looks on through the transparent wall of the nursery tank. studiorola.com
  34. 34. Uncommon ParadigmIn the past, inhabitants on one continent cannot interactwith those on the other due to limitation in transportationtechnology. They are able to do so nowthanks to intercontinental flights. studiorola.com
  35. 35. Uncommon ParadigmThe Cloud Splitter is now on its way to re-join with the Interspace Tranporter. Heres the view in outer space. The dimming twin star of the solar system loams ahead. The next destination is Bellovix. studiorola.com
  36. 36. Uncommon ParadigmBellovix is a planet residing in the same solar system asTaikro.Unlike Taikro, Bellovix never loses its lushness andpristine purity. studiorola.com
  37. 37. Uncommon Paradigm Bellovix has some really stunning natural landforms that are vaguely symmetrical and geometrical. Could these landforms be the remains of some glorious civilisations of an ancient time?The 5 structures below are mud hutsbelonging to the indigeneouspopulation studiorola.com
  38. 38. Uncommon ParadigmHere a Tribesman is kindenough to allow me to takephotos of him while he ishunting for fishes the way heknows best, the instinctive way. studiorola.com
  39. 39. Uncommon ParadigmA common animal found around the household of these natives is the Fire-back Dragonite. It is a palm- size animal that somewhatresembles a dragon. Back on Earth, its equivalent will be the house lizard. studiorola.com
  40. 40. Uncommon ParadigmA female recce scout.The role of scouts is infinding new places ofsettlement for the tribe. studiorola.com
  41. 41. Uncommon ParadigmTribespeople alway try to make peace with theanimals that they share their residence with. Here atribesman pose a harmless stance in front of a largearthropod in order to establish a friendly relationshipwith it. studiorola.com
  42. 42. Uncommon ParadigmA precariously suspended bridge provides a surrealistic view between two rocky formations. studiorola.com
  43. 43. Uncommon ParadigmThe Natives on Bellovix have a saying: " Nature is the best designer"Their culture revolves around this concept.The rationale is that Nature will always evolve into the most optimumdesign for any given condition. Any human intervention aka invention willnever be able to compete with nature in terms of thoroughnessof integration. studiorola.com
  44. 44. Uncommon ParadigmAn iridiscent-coloured Deva fish is being surrounded by juvenile blue tedras. Deva fishes are slow moving creatures exuding a refined gracefulness. studiorola.com
  45. 45. Uncommon ParadigmA Mini village. These folks are not the original inhabitants of Bellovix. Their ancestors werestranded on this planet generations ago. At only half-a foot tall, they are a stark contrast in termof size to the indigenous tribal people.As the ancestors were spacefaring, these folks inherited some of their predecessors technology.For example, the luminous green tubular network is really an irrigation technology. studiorola.com
  46. 46. Uncommon ParadigmThis is a sacred shrine for the minivillagers. Behind thiswall is the remnant ofthe original spaceshipthat brought theirancestors ontothis planet. studiorola.com
  47. 47. Uncommon ParadigmThis place is littered with gigantic bonesand skeletons. Judging from the size ofthe skeletal remains, very largecreatures must have once roamed thisregion. studiorola.com
  48. 48. Uncommon ParadigmThis pretty pendant caught my attention. Itis worn by some of the local tribesmenand women. It appears to be made ofsome kind of casted metal. studiorola.com
  49. 49. Uncommon ParadigmBidding the Locals a fond farewell, I made the ascending climb towards theouter atmosphere of the planet, towards the Interspace Transporter hovering above the planet. Below me, lies the amazing arial view of the Bellovixian land formations. studiorola.com
  50. 50. Uncommon ParadigmInter Global MassCrossing Looking out from the aircrafts canopy, I can see an interplanetary Passenger Liner heading towards the Bellovixian land below. Bellovix should remain untouched and its pristine purity be a demonstration of natural balance. studiorola.com
  51. 51. Uncommon ParadigmConcept DevelopmentSketches This section takes a peep into some of the initial developmental works done prior to the 3D modelling stage. studiorola.com
  52. 52. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  53. 53. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  54. 54. Uncommon Paradigm studiorola.com
  55. 55. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  56. 56. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  57. 57. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  58. 58. Uncommon Paradigmstudiorola.com
  59. 59. Uncommon ParadigmBonusChapter studiorola.com
  60. 60. Uncommon ParadigmOne of the aims of this project was to demonstrate thefeasibility of using free and/or low-budget software for thecreation of compelling 3D art.During the course of making the Uncommon Paradigm, I did notinvest much in software acquisition. The bulk of the investmentwas in learning the tools and creating the concepts.Many people think that in order to produce sophisticatedartworks, costly 3D software must be used. In the past, this maybe true. However, it is not so nowadays. There are even free 3Dsoftware available through the internet. One such program isBlender 3D. It is a powerful 3D applications that is opensourceand free. In fact, much of the artworks in Uncommon Paradigmare created using this piece of software. For instance, the maincharacter, Zacharia was created inside Blender (as shownbelow). studiorola.com
  61. 61. Uncommon ParadigmHowever, Blender really does have a formidable learningcurve.If you want to easily create natural landscapes, pose anduse ready-made human characters, Carrara Pro is a goodtool. Carrara, to a great extent, make its very easy to createentire worlds filled with stuffs such as plants, trees,awesome landforms, oceans and realistic skies. Many of thelandscape scenes in Uncommon Paradigm were createdusing Carrara Pro.Click here for more information on Carrara Pro. Carrara Pro screenshot studiorola.com
  62. 62. Uncommon ParadigmNow, creating 3D humans is one of the most difficult part of3D modelling. Fret not ! There are in fact free 3D softwarethat enables the user to easily and quickly populate his/herartwork with digital people.One of the best of such software is DAZ Studio.Click here to get the free DAZ Studio ! DAZ Studio screenshot studiorola.com
  63. 63. Uncommon ParadigmAs of this writing, DAZ Studio is from the same maker asCarrara. As such, there is some integration between the two.For instance Carrara can load and manipulate 3D contentsand models being shared with DAZ Studio.Beside 3D programs, a good image editor is alsoindispensible for digital 3D artwork creation. You will needthe image editor for texture-making as well as post-renderimage editing. GIMP is one of the best of the free imageeditors and is the one being used for all the 2D bitmap-related works.For creating 2D vector-based illustrations, a good opensource/free program is Inkscape. Inkscape was used tomake diagrams for this book.Well, thats all. Hope that it is of help to you. studiorola.com
  64. 64. Uncommon ParadigmThe making of Uncommon ParadigmWork on Uncommon Paradigm started in 2001. It wascreated during the spare times. The idea was to produce sci-fi imageries as seen through the eyes of a fictitious spacetraveller.Most of the illustrations were created using the followingsoftware: Blender 3D Sculptris Mypaint Carrara Pro Inkscape GIMP studiorola.com
  65. 65. Uncommon ParadigmTo bring added realism to some of the pictures, externalrendering engines were used. Many of the image createdwithin Blender are rendered using Yafaray. Yafaray is anopen-source rendering engine that sports Global Illuminationcapabilites. Some of the older images are rendered usingPOV-ray.Below screenshot shows Yafaray integrated with Blender 3D. studiorola.com
  66. 66. Uncommon Paradigm studiorola.com
  67. 67. Uncommon ParadigmThanks for reading studiorola.com