Role of Design


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This presentation addresses the need for better awareness and understanding of design in Indian sub-continent, especially in the IT industry.

It also discusses the role of design in productizing innovation? How can you visualize and validate an idea? What is the design process like?

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Role of Design

  1. 1. Start
  2. 2. Jeevan JonasProduct InterfaceDesign, Usability &Visual Validation15 October, 2011
  3. 3. How little known Indianentrepreneurs are makingmillions by designingglobally hit appsEconomic Times 26 June, 2011
  4. 4. Developers agreethat design is anIndian app weaknessEconomic Times 26 June, 2011
  5. 5. "Most Indian companies dont want toinnovate. Give them the idea, they makethe product. en American and Europeancompanies make millions from the app. Wecan be more than the technical back-end ofdevelopers abroad. We can make our ownsuccessful apps."Vishal Gondal, Indiagames Economic Times
  6. 6. "e presentation must be world class. eAmericans build user-friendly interfaces.e French make beautiful apps. If Indiandevelopers can also learn the art, moreglobal hits will come from here"Mathers, Nokia
  7. 7. Technology Design Business
  8. 8. Technology Design in India Business
  9. 9. DesignBusiness
  10. 10. Technology Design
  11. 11. german for engineeringontwerpe and design Design + Engineering
  12. 12. “Design drivestechnology not theother way around” Johnathan Ive
  13. 13. What is the role ofdesign in productising innovation?
  14. 14. Interaction Designers strive to createmeaningful relationships between peopleand the products and services that they
  15. 15. Designers humanise a product ey make technology accessible to humans
  16. 16. What is good design
  17. 17. Durability Utility BeautyRobust Functional Aestheticlong-lasting Usefulness Uplift the spirits Vitruvius, 3 BC
  18. 18. Why design matters Reduce Development Cost Improved efficiency Cut support costs Differentiate a product
  19. 19. $300,000,000 button
  20. 20. EmailPassword Forgot Password? Login Register
  21. 21. EmailPassword Forgot Password? Login Continue You do not need to create an account to make purchases on our site. Simply click Continue to proceed to checkout. To make your future purchases even faster, you can create an account during checkout.Credit: Jared Spool
  22. 22. Sales up by 45%$15 million in first month $300 million in a year Credit: Jared Spool
  23. 23. Visual ValidationI’ve a killer idea, how do I ensure it works well?
  24. 24. Visual ValidationHow can I present it well to my stakeholders and get buy-in?
  25. 25. Evaluation Our product isn’t doing well,I’m not sure what went wrong?
  26. 26. Visualising an Idea
  27. 27. Interaction DesignThe Process
  28. 28. Research People & Product
  29. 29. Modeling Storyboards
  30. 30. Modeling Wireframes
  31. 31. Interactive Mockups Evaluation & Testing
  32. 32. focus groups vs usability testing
  33. 33. Design Process
  34. 34. Design ProcessResearch PersonasStoryboards
  35. 35. Design ProcessResearch Modeling Personas WireframesStoryboards Paper prototypes
  36. 36. Design ProcessResearch Modeling Test Personas WireframesStoryboards Paper prototypes
  37. 37. Design ProcessResearch Modeling Specs Test Personas Wireframes Hi-FiStoryboards Paper prototypes prototypes
  38. 38. Conclusion
  39. 39. Design Matters
  40. 40. Good Design = Good Business