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Studio Europe is Australia’s leading online retailer of women's & men's designer underwear, shapewear, activewear, swimwear and sleepwear. Over 2000 different styles of ladies lingerie, bras, panties, G String, underwear, shapewear, nightwear, loungewear and sleepwear are in stock at Studio Europe from premium Australian and European lingerie & sleepwear brands including Pleasure State, Simone Perele, Lola Luna and ID Sarrieri.

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Buy Lingerie, Bras, Sleepwear, Underwear & Shapewear Online

  1. 1. LINGERIE - THE LATEST LINGERIE TRENDS July 1, 2012Lingerie - The Latest Lingerie Trends Written & Published By Studio Europe Team Written & Published by Page 1
  2. 2. LINGERIE - THE LATEST LINGERIE TRENDS July 1, 2012You want to feel comfortable, confident and sexy. This is possible only if you wear the right kindof lingerie. With so many products available on the market, it becomes extremely difficult tomake the right choice. Consider the current trends in lingerie to make the right decisions everytime you go shopping.DesignsComfort is the main trend in lingerie designs. Women have to feel comfortable above all. This,however, does not mean that there are no intricate decorative details. Quite the opposite, manymodels are adorned with lace, playful colour patterns and flirty ribbons. Underwire bras remaintrendy as always. They provide excellent support and comfort. They shape the bust nicelypushing it up gently so that you can look perfect in any type of attire.The balconette bras are a true hit at present. The current models have been inspired by the vintagestyle and by the film noir. Lace is the most natural and most attractive decoration to thesemesmerising designs.Every woman should have at least one bustier or corset in her wardrobe. The trendiest models areinspired by the fascination of designers with the 1930s and the black and white movies. You canexpect elegant silhouettes that follow nicely the natural curves of the body. The lace boasts withintricate feminine patterns with stylized motifs.Minimalism is the latest trend in panties. No matter whether you are fond of bikini, brief, boyshorts or g-strings, you can expect simple designs that cover as little of your body as possible.Freedom of movement and comfort are the two main things which you can expect. Written & Published by Page 2
  3. 3. LINGERIE - THE LATEST LINGERIE TRENDS July 1, 2012Many of the minimalistic designs come with beautiful adornments. Lace and ribbons are trueclassics that will never come out of fashion. In addition to these, designers use crystals and pearlsmore boldly to add an extra touch of extravagance and natural radiance to the skin.Colours and PatternsThe bright colours are the preferred choices for lingerie at present. Red, pink in all its variations,orange, yellow and lime are among the top pricks. These lovely vibrant colours have a naturalcharm that will fascinate you and your partner.Black is certainly one of the trendiest colours. Black lace, in particular, is the ultimate choice forunderwear inspired by the vintage era. Surprisingly or not, black often comes in combinationwith white, tan and beige. The created contrast is truly attractive and elegant. Black bikini and braadorned with tan or white lace are the ideal undergarments for all sorts of occasions.Lingerie is and has always been inspired by romance. As a result, colours such as tan, soft pinkand peach never go out of fashion. These colours complement superbly the vintage styleunderwire bras and the laced bikini that are worn in combination with them.Elegance is achieved with colours such as grey and mint blue which often come in combinationwith white. There is nothing more sophisticated than a mint blue bra adorned with gentle andfeminie white lace. It can be combined with bikini, thongs and even Brazilian briefs in matchingcolours and style.The floral patterns are inseparable part of elegant lingerie. You can go for panties, bra or corsetwith intricate stylized flora patterns in a single colour. These are gentle and feminine. They will Written & Published by Page 3
  4. 4. LINGERIE - THE LATEST LINGERIE TRENDS July 1, 2012add a natural touch of sophistication plus a pinch of playfulness.The colourful floral patterns have taken their rightful place under the spotlights at present. Thetrendiest colour combinations include purple, red, orange, yellow and pink and a little bit ofbeige, tan and brown where appropriate. You can readily go for a bra and panties in anycombination of these colours. However, they are ideal for complementing black. Black lingerieadorned with floral patterns in these colours is super sexy to say the least.FabricsThe fabrics used by lingerie designers at present are soft, comfortable and breathable. Cotton isthe ideal choice of fabric for sports and casual underwear. The stretchy fabrics will do an equallygood job especially when it comes to panties.The glossy and smooth fabrics undoubtedly add elegance and sophistication to lingerie. The sameis true about lace which has made a huge comeback in recent years. It is part of the main designespecially of bras, bustier and corset models, Brazilian briefs and thongs. It is used for decoratingbras and bikini as well.Sheer materials have been quite trendy for the past couple of years and the trend remains. Theseallow for lovely patterns and decorations to be used by designers. Besides, they leave little roomto the imagination. You can see sheers more widely used in bras and panties even though theyhave been traditionally reserved for bustier tops, corsets and camisoles. It is important to note thatlingerie made from sheer fabrics follows the shape of your body instead of shaping it.Your Unique StyleTrends are there not to be followed strictly but to inspire you to find lingerie that complementsyour figure and which matches your individual style perfectly. Consider what you like and whatwill fit you best. You should not hesitate to experiment with different designs, colours, patternsand fabrics. Set your imagination free and try different items.You can readily use your sense of style and fashion to create lovely bra and panties combinations.Choose at least one corset to go with your hottest panties. Sleepwear can be equally attractive. Itis a good idea to add a lovely sexy chemise made from silk, stain or lace to your wardrobe.Sometimes, wearing underwear that shapes your body is required for the perfect look. Get the Written & Published by Page 4
  5. 5. LINGERIE - THE LATEST LINGERIE TRENDS July 1, 2012items that you need to carve your figure. You can expect the good quality models to becomfortable, breathable and totally invisible under your garments.Follow the latest lingerie trends and pick the items that match your individual preferences,requirements and style. Choose from a huge selection of top quality bras, panties, knickers,corsets, sleepwear and shapewear at Take full advantage of thecreations of the trendiest designers working for the best brands. Be daring and do not hesitate toshow your feminine side. Written & Published by Page 5