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  • 1. How to
    Insert a
    To a blog post
    The NOT-So-Simple guide 
  • 2. Very Important!
    If you are using PowerPoint ver. 2007, you’ll need to save the file in a 2003 format in order to see HEBREW in your presentation…
  • 3. First things first… browse to:
    On the right click “LogIn”
    Username: studioBMBR
    Password: studio
  • 4. In the main menu (top):
    1. MySlidespace – is where all the uploaded presentations and files are stored.
    2. Upload – is where you choose a file to be uploaded to the server
    To continue click UPLOAD!
  • 5. Click on:
    Browse and select files…
    And choose the file you want to upload
    In case you see nothing there, you can click on:
    Having trouble using bulk upload?
    And use the simple form to select a file from your computer and add all the necessary information…
  • 6. 1
    This is where you wait a bit…
    Should hit 100% in no time…
    When you’re done – click PUBLISH
    Here you can see that the file was uploaded correctly
    Nothing special here – you can leave it as is…
    Give it a title and make it special – just for fun…
    HEBREW is acceptable (I think)
  • 7. Now we wait for a few sec. as the system is redirecting to the MySlidespace page and converting the file to a web format.
    This shouldn't take more then a minute or so…
    Go get a drink or something…
  • 8. Choose My Slidespace in the menu or refresh the page to see the new converted presentation…
    Click on the presentation you want to insert into the blog and you’ll be redirected to a new page (see next slide)
  • 9. This is the part of the page that interest us the most…
    First, click on WordPress – this is the admin software behind our blog…
    This will appear:
    Wordpress Embed
    Click in the first text box (The one that start with <div style=….)
    It will turn blue – now copy the code (Ctrl + C)
  • 10. Log into our blog using your username and password… and write a new post
    Insert title and stuff you want to write about…
    Note on the left that you are using “the visual editor”
    When you are done and ready to embed the presentation, click on the HTML tab on the left (3)…
    Everything should look the same other then the icons…
  • 11. Start a new line after your text, where you want you presentation to appear and paste the code from SlideShare… (The one you copied 2 slides a go)
    Don’t forget – all this is done in HTML mode!
    Click Publish on the left and enjoy!!!! Yey!!!
    Another, more simple way is to email me (etgalim@gmail.com) your presentation and I’ll do the dirty work for you…
    But try it at least once – it’s fun (in a special and twisted way)