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S23 Columbia

  1. 1. 1ce.columbia.edu
  2. 2. Who We Are• The best people for your job• Tailored team of professionals• Unique skills for all phases of the project• A broad range of experience• One point of contact ce.columbia.edu
  3. 3. Our Experience• Agency.com • History Channel • Slim Jim• American Express • IBM • Ogilvy• American Federation of Arts • International Peace Institute • Radical Media• American Museum of Natural History • JP Morgan Chase • ReCourses.com• AugustJackson.com • The Jewish Theological Seminary • RIPTA.com• Beginning with Children Foundation • Johnson & Johnson • SwissArmyKnife.com• Black Public Media • List College • The University of the Arts• Brahmin.com • MesaGlobal • VermontCreamery.com• Bronx Zoo • National Coffee Association • Wechsler Ross & Partners• Cisco • New York Law School• The College of New Jersey • Original Champions of Design• The Direct Marketing Association • Pontifical Mission Societies• HBO • Pratt Institute• Helen Marie • NBC Universal ce.columbia.edu
  4. 4. Our Approach• Discovery and Architecture• Content Strategy• Design and User Interface• Site Development and Testing• Maintenance and Support ce.columbia.edu
  5. 5. Adrian MendozaDiscovery and Architecture• Discovery and Architecture• Content Strategy• Design and User Interface• Site Development and Testing• Maintenance and Support ce.columbia.edu
  6. 6. Mark O’BrienContent Strategy• Define the key audience types who Why Content ? will be consuming content, and understand what content platforms they prefer• Understand how much content you will be able to create as an organization on a monthly basis• Determine which content strategy platforms are right for you, based on your audience personas and content creation abilities ce.columbia.edu
  7. 7. Mark O’BrienContent Strategy Who are you speaking to? • Discover how to integrate your content strategy platforms into the overall site experience • Define the calls to action throughout the site which will be built around the content strategy • Determine who within your organization would be ideal to contribute to your content strategy ce.columbia.edu
  8. 8. Mark O’BrienContent Strategy Scaling the Content Mountain• Suggest an effective editorial calendar approach to keep your content strategy on track• Review SEO best practices which will allow your content to reach the widest audiences possible• Review how to best promote your content through social media channels ce.columbia.edu
  9. 9. Lee Willett / David OrmesUser Interface Design• Create a site that is intuitive to navigate• Design to anticipate user needs• Utilize today’s technologies and anticipate tomorrow’s• Foster the Columbia SCE brand• Avoid the poor practices of other higher- education sites ce.columbia.edu
  10. 10. Lee Willett / David OrmesUser Interface Design • Insure level AA accessibility for the site • Create a site that works on desktop and touch-based devices • Use and promote social media tools to develop a community • Anticipate future needs of the SCE programs ce.columbia.edu
  11. 11. Lee Willett / David OrmesUser Interface Design ce.columbia.edu
  12. 12. Russell DeLaCour/Alex OutmanSite Development and Testing• Experienced in building sites for education and non-profitTCNJ.EDU• Completing a Drupal 7 build for multiple departments of The College of New JerseySTUDIOMUSEUM.ORG• Completed Drupal website updates on studiomuseum.org and customized Wordpress exhibition for The Bearden Project ce.columbia.edu
  13. 13. Russell DeLaCour/Alex OutmanSite Development and TestingLarge, complex sitesTRYENGINEERING.ORG/IEEEGHN.ORG• Tasked with production and launch, retained for ongoing development, maintenance and support.• Developed a number of websites to advance engineering in education and humanitarian aid• A resource for students, parents, and teachers interested in pursuing careers in engineering – Website internationalization (9 languages) – Drupal conversion with custom modules• A custom Wiki dedicated to documenting and archiving the history of electro-technology. ce.columbia.edu
  14. 14. Russell DeLaCour/Alex OutmanSite Development and TestingECE.DREXEL.EDU• Drexel University’s ECE department to public website, content management system, and faculty administration intranet• Content management customization• Content migration ce.columbia.edu
  15. 15. Russell DeLaCour/Alex OutmanSite Development and Testing• VH1’s Save the Music Foundation (STM)• Established systems for managing data and automating processes essential to the organizations support for music programs in public schools.• We provided consulting, database, and website development services towards the creation of the STM database and Intranet.• Authenticated multi-user tiered privileges• Flexible reporting system: predefined and dynamically generated database• Personalized email and print letter generation• Advanced database searches ce.columbia.edu
  16. 16. Maintenance and Support• We’ll work with your steak-holders to transition the site post-launch• Provide weekly check-in for four weeks• Semi-monthly check-ins for two additional months• We’re principals. We’re not going anywhere. ce.columbia.edu
  17. 17. Your Goals• Attract prospective students• Engage current students• Create a community for alumni• Reach out to a larger community• Fosterthe promise that Columbia SCE is a leader and innovator in higher education ce.columbia.edu
  18. 18. Timeline• Enter timeline ce.columbia.edu