Fill Your Sales Pipeline: The Value of Content Marketing


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Nanette Newbry of Studio 2055 discusses the rise in content marketing.

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  • Fill your sales pipeline: the value of content marketing
  • Today we will discuss the components of content marketing and how they can fill your sales pipeline and grow your leads.
  • For the purposes of building credibility, position your company as thought-leaders…you’re ahead of the game. This drives people to your company. It’s PULL MARKETING. You’re sending a message out to pull consumers and buyers toward you rather than tradtional PUSH marketing such as advertising.
  • Start the conversation. Exceptional and valuable content induces conversations and insights and promotes people to want to share the information. This is a opportunity to create a tone for your company that reflects your brands. Blogs and social are more casual and conversation and newsletters are more factual and formal.
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  • You want to reach people in a number of ways and channels.
  • Social media is the number one channel for content marketing growth followed by website content, enewsletters, and video is ranking very high these days. This is where the ability for people to find you online through SEO as your message and brand spreads throughout the internet.
  • Convenient: mobile
    Knowledge that the buyer is gaining that they don’t have already.
  • Brand building: trust, places in you in a leadership position. Keeps customers engaged regularly.
    Less expensive than advertising. Again: pull marketing rather than push.
  • What are the fundementals to get started.
  • Content marketing is most effective when it is written, designed and distributed for a specific reader, such as a predetermined business persona, a prospect facing a challenge, or an active lead that meets certain criteria.
    What does your prospect need? What do they want? Do they want a special offer, stories about your company, its values, unique characteristics, product offers, product evaluations.
  • The plan is to fill the sales pipeline and generate leads through your CRM. Start with the inner circle of knowing your audience and planning your objectives. Then your deliver your messge by using the outside circle: create, publish, promote (social), monitor (hootsuite), analyze. In doing so, you create engagement, discussion, participation and loyalty.
  • Determine who is going to write your content. Allocate resources for posting to blogs and social media. Measure often, compare and share results with sales and marketing staff.
  • The best recognize that their sales force as a FORCE that can extend the reach, life and overall effectiveness of
  • Netbreeze integrates into microsoft CRM Dynamics to enable social analytics and monitoring
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  • Fill Your Sales Pipeline: The Value of Content Marketing

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